For the First Time in 2007 Brazil Exports Outperform Imports

Brazilian exports Brazilian exports last week totaled US$ 3.038 billion, a 4% increase compared with sales during the previous week. In the same period, from April 16th to 20th, imports reached US$ 1.8 billion, a 10.76% decrease over purchases from April 9th to 13th, as shown by the bulletin of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade.

This was the first time this year that exports performed better than imports, enabling a trade balance of US$ 1.238 billion for the week, an increase of 36.95% over the balance for the previous week, and a record high average of US$ 247.6 million per day.

Consequently, the surplus for the month stands at US$ 3.001 billion, and since there are still five business days left before the end of April, the trade balance for the month should easily surpass the US$ 3.071 billion recorded during the same month last year.

The accumulated surplus for the year rose to US$ 11.699 billion, a 1.20% increase over the surplus for last year. This is the first time that this happened in 2007, because until now comparisons have always shown stronger figures in 2006.

The surplus for the year is the result of total exports of US$ 42.406 billion (+ 16,29%), against imports of US$ 30.707 billion (+ 23,30%) compared with the same period in 2006.



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  • AES

    Ch.c: And another thing. . .
    Your tendency to denegrate billions of dollars into hundreds of dollars by dividing the population figure is meaningless. The fact that Brazil possesses billions of dollars in surpluses exists irrespective of dividing it by the number of grains of sand on the beach at Ipanema. Billions of dollars are singularly the country’s asset value. It is what guarantees payment of debts, ie bonds, it what generates income production.

    You also denegrate the Aeronautics sales, 15 billion in orders as irrelevant, and on and on. Yours is a minority opinion. Brazil is the largest exporter of cattle in the world, as well as iron ore, the establisher of the global price of steel along with China. It is the 10% that employ the 90%. It is their wealth that produces wealth. You cannot employ people if you are not selling product. There is, the re establishment of a middle class in Brazil after 20 years. It takes 9 months to have a baby. How long does it take to have a viable, rational economy? 20 years? Are you going to say that the last baby died so this baby will die as well. That Brazil cannot because it has not? Well the data supports that the baby is about to be born, because of conservative fiscal policy over the past 12 years. A lot has changed in the past 20 years, perhaps not human nature, but certainly technology, and the realization that Brazil sits in an economic ‘catbird seat’. Brazil’s universities are of a sufficient standard to produce engineers that are capable of designing one of the most profitible airline manufacturing operatins in the world, they can certainly produce MBA’s on a par with any university in the world. You do not have to be either a crook, a failure, or an idiot to be Brazilian, you could be Swiss. 2.4% of the population of Switzerland owns 45% of the wealth, that is similar to the income distribution in Brazil. But Switzerland’s economy is static, shrinking and the gap between rich and poor growing. Enron had billions of individuals dollars they were holding in trust. That is one of the definitions of what a bank does. Do you think I thought Enron was Bradesco? You are inclined to underestimate. If you had invested in Bovespa three months ago you would be ahead 10% you would extrapolating make 50% on your investment. Most banks pay 3% a year, on a savings account. You can always sell. But you will never by because you do not do research. You are convinced of the validity of your own opinion. And truth is not a matter of opinion. You are the kind of personality that buys at $825 as global fundamentals change, and you finally sell at $275. Just because you lost once doesnt mean that you will lose again. A loser is someone that believes themselves to be a loser. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, it is all about averaging, and winning and losing are often about information and rational thought. Making money is often about intelligence not luck. Keeping it is often about luck.

  • AES

    Ch.c: Blackrock says Brazil best Latin American stock bet. Do some research.
    NG KONG (Reuters) – Investors in Latin American stocks should favour Brazil over its regional peers, given the market’s lower valuation and the economy’s strong prospects, a Blackrock fund manager said on Monday.

    Investors should also be overweight Latin American consumer, financial and industrial stocks, and underweight energy and materials plays, said William Landers, manager of the $4 billion (2 billion pound) MLIIF Latin American Fund.

    “Almost 70 percent of our assets are invested in non-commodity, non-energy stocks. It’s really a domestic story,” he told a media briefing in Hong Kong during a marketing visit.

    “That’s how we’re trying to position the fund, to benefit from the re-emergence of the middle class that had been declining in size because of the inflationary years.”

    Blackrock said class A shares of the fund priced in U.S. dollars (60004192HK.LP: Quote, Profile, Research) rose 198 percent in the three years to February 28, compared with a 180.6 percent rise of the MSCI EM Latin America index (.MSNRLA=U: Quote, Profile, Research), though it has lagged the benchmark more recently.

    The fund’s largest exposure was in Brazil, which accounted for 61 percent of holdings at the end of February, followed by Mexico at 27.8 percent and Chile at 6.4 percent.

    Landers, a Brazilian who manages the fund from the United States, said the fund was overweight Brazilian companies relative to the index, while underweight Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Columbia and Peru.

    Valuations in Mexico have gotten a little bit ahead of themselves we think, beyond fair value,” he said.

    “There’s a deeper, more liquid and more interesting market in Brazil than in Mexico at this point.”

    The fund manager said Brazilian stocks were trading at about 10.5 times estimated 2007 earnings, compared with 16.7 times in Mexico and 17.5 times in Chile, and 12 times across Latin American markets.

    While prices are getting lofty in some markets, Landers said it was tough to make the case the region as a whole is approaching any sort of bubble, particularly given earnings growth.

    “Valuations are still very low. Growth is still coming through. And we’re talking about real companies with real assets growing at very fast rates,” he said.


  • AES

    A.Br: The prosperity of Brazil is Brazil’s, the country, the entire citizenry.
    This is the Chinese paradigm. In any business the object is to sell more than you buy. What you do with this will determine the economic future of this neuvo economics, an economics of profit instead of one of loss. The police strike has not been spoken of in a week. The Operation Hurricane and the results instead of achieving ‘Watergate’ status have been relegated to a ‘black hole’ in news coverage in this country. This is begining to appear like fiascos like Enron and the Nixon administration. To squander momentum is tantamount to the stupidity of arrogance. Either their are ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ or this is a pony ride. Where is the money, exactly, who gets the interest from its being placed in the Central Bank. Why is not even the interest proposed to be used for the civic good ie. paying the police’s pledged December salary increase. Why has this all stopped, what happened to the Interpol investigation: if there is no follow through there is a perscription for failure. Economic prosperity and the prosecution of the Law are not mutually exclusive events, they are tied together. Crime is a parasite, a tapeworm on the country itself. It is an infection. And nobody in the world wants to be around an infection. It is self evidently contagious. To do business with criminality is to abet the crime. Law is the underpining to economics. Who would put their money in a bank operated by the old dead jailed CEO’s of Enron? Business ultimately is about trust. Trust is about honor. If there is no honor there is no sustainable economic, possibility of long range international economic engagement. If the foundation of the judicial system is built on a foundation of criminality the country will become dwarfed by its choices. The people will not benefit from this national harvest of economic wealth. No schools, no roads, no infrastructure. The moment is prescient. Brazil either stands or it crawls. The time is now. The moment is now. It is Brazil’s moment in the Sun, it is Brazil’s time on the world stage; the world is coming to Brazil in ninety days, to Rio. Will it engender respect, honor, trust? Or will it be perceived as a tragedy a failure, a comedy of lies. The Pope is coming, how will we honor the Pope with an escort of croneyism and dishonor? The least we can do is clean the place and honor him. God knows we have enough maids. God knows we now have the money. Does Brazil have the faith. You know a man by his deeds not by his words.

  • Ric

    I havenÀ‚´t studied it at all. But he theory that global warming is mainly man-made seems to me to be a reach. I have to smile at the assertion that the melting of water-supported ice formations will cause a significant rise in sea level, since it seems to contradict physics. In other words, the North Pole, no; the South Pole, yes. But each year Glacier ParkÀ‚´s glaciers do shrink.

    But I have been reading a lot on the subject lately, and one article that caught my eye was in the April Atlantic Monthly, “Global Warm,ing-Who Loses and Who Wins?” by Gregg Easterbrook. ItÀ‚´s not a scientific paper, but interesting.

    He says that losers would be the latitudes closer to the equator and the winners, those far from it. A look at the globe shows that there is not much land mass in the southern temperate zone, but a lot of it in the northern. And Arizona and New Mexico would have a real estate bust. Much of Florida would be under water.

    Losers would be Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Brazil. Winners, the high-latitude land mass-which is mainly in the northern hemisphere-Alaska. Canada, Greenland, Scandinavia. The Laurentide Mountains north of Montreal could become the New Poconos.

    Current trends indicate that there may someday be viable shipping lanes over the North Pole, challenging the importance of some current stops such as Singapore. And there may be oil under the icy waters that are at present under ice.

    UK treasury dept. estimates a possible hit of 20% in the global GNP, due to rising seas and the associated problems thereof.

    Says he.

    So the worldwide effect would be a negative, but “ItÀ‚´s an ill wind that blows well for no one”. Some would profit.

    I have always wondered if someday an earthquake would unite the Gulf of Mexico with the Salton Sea. Maybe Global warming will instead. As people with property in Brazil, L.A. and Montana I guess my familyÀ‚´s bets are, tho inadvertantly, properly hedged.

  • JC

    Sorry Ric,
    Ric, I believe in global warming and have being studying it since 1978…but guess what? You didn’t get one single fact right on your comment. Your theory is similar to the one of À¢€œjumping up before the plane hits the ground and nothing would happen to youÀ¢€Â.
    Try it again…this time concentrate on the impact of global warming on the north hemisphere, particularly from latitude 42 and up.

  • Ric

    Do it right and do it now while you still can
    Brazil had better make hay while the sun shines. If global warming is a fact, whatever the cause, Brazil comes out on the short end. The plot thickens as the sea level rises:

    MarajÀƒ³ simply disappears; the ocean tides reach up to Manaus instead of just Santarem; places in the NE that even now get so hot you can fry eggs on the sidewalk, become uninhabitable; many coastal cities shrink or disappear.

    Agriculture now possible in previously untilled areas ceases and they lie fallow once again and Brazil looks enviously at the Argentine Pampas as a possibility, whilst northern climes are the Big Winners, Canada, USA, Russia and much of Northern Europe except, of course……..The Nederlands.

  • Andreas Andreou

    Ch. C., you know nothing.
    Apparently you really know how to troll, bash and spill out untrue comments. Nobody is taking you seriously anymore so it would be wise to just quit it. Go bash another country.

    You seem to be stuck at how much exports per capita Brazil is making. Only the Swiss posters so far keep on pointing that out. But Switzerland lies in the heart of Europe with three of the largest economies right next to its borders with whom it has excellent relations. France, Germany and Italy. You say you have no access to the sea but you still export more. Transferring goods and services to three of the worlds biggest economies via road in the Free Trade of Europe is much easier and cheaper than exporting across the atlantic ocean with trade barriers, isnt it? lol Needless to say Switzerland has a way lower trade surplus.

    Moreover Switzerland was founded since the middle ages(1499), contrary to Brazil, and being in the centre of Europe’s economies has helped you mature your economy way faster and easier than Brazil. But I guess when recent discovered documents show that Switzerland secretely helped both Nazist Germany and Fascist Italy in WWII it is no surprise how you prospered while retaining your ”neutrality.” And its funny how Switzerland’s GDP is 50500 per capita but the actual purchasing power stands only at 32300. If you knew of economics you would know why.

    Anyway. I probably dont know what I am talking about right Ch. C.?

  • Chico

    Ch.c., You must do better than this!!!
    Ch.c show me your knowledge on the Brazilian Economy, provide the following information:
    a) You said, À¢€œThey have failed already 20 timesÀ¢€¦at least!À¢€Â
    Provide all dates and names of minister of economy during these failures starting with Delphin NetoÀ¢€¦ and the names of the politicians that made such statement blaming the industrialized world (which by the way you do not belong to).
    b)You said, À¢€œBrazilian Banks taken over by the governmentÀ¢€Â as a normal occurrence!
    Please provide the names of all banks that you positively know that were taken over by the Brazilian government. Provide sites that confirm your statement. It can be in English, Portuguese, French or German.
    c)You said À¢€œNever heard that many Brazilian states, including Sao Paulo, went bankrupt not later than in 1995 ?À¢€Â
    Please provide evidence showing the dates, the names of the states, and the original state budgets at the time of the bankrupt and the reason they couldnˢ۪t balance the budget for that particular fiscal year and the amount of money they received from the federal government.
    d)You said, À¢€œNever heard that the Brazilian Government confiscated ALL banks accounts ?????? À¢€œ
    Please provide you source of information and what were the circumstances other than À¢€œmoney laundryÀ¢€Â with the help of Swiss Banks used by corrupted people.

    Last but not least Ch.c you seam to be stuck reading yesterdayÀ¢€™s newspaper when it comes to the Brazilian economy. Open your eyes and ears but most important close your mouth to Mr. AES commentsÀ¢€¦ and maybe you too can get ahead in your pathetic life.

  • ch.c.

    The least we can do is clean the place and honor him !!!!!
    And when he will be gone, everything will be back….to normal !!!!!!!

    Laugh….laugh….laugh !

    And to my knowledge Enron was not a bank !

    Ohhhh…..AES……the financial expert, never heard of Brazilian Banks taken over….by the government ?
    Guess why !
    Never heard that many Brazilian states, including Sao Paulo, went bankrupt not later than in 1995 ?
    Never heard that the Brazilian Government confiscated ALL banks accounts ??????

    If there is more money, some legally but most illegally, leaving the country, there is a very good reason….which is in opposition to your
    rosy explanations !

    Yessss Brazil is shining with their exports ! Their total exports are equivalent to US$ 800.-….PER CAPITA !!!!!

    Nothing to be proud of ! This is just a drop of what developed countries do !
    Better yet, most of their exports are made of basic agricultural products, iron ore and charcoal, and low value added industrial products.

    Viva Brazil, Viva their shining ethanol, so profitable !
    Sugar is the only commodity that lost over 50 % in 1 year !!!!!!
    Impressive….isnt it ?
    More poverty lies ahead, guaranteed !

  • ch.c.

    The time is now. The moment is now. It is Brazil’s moment in the Sun, it is Brazil’s time on the world stage ??????
    But this is exactly what Brazilians have repeated time and again, every time their economy performed well !

    They failed ALREADY 20 TIMES ….at least !

    During economic recoveries, brazilians sing like chicken. And during recessions they accuse the developed world that they are the ones responsible !!!!!

    Why do you believe that Brazil is nicknamed a BOOM AND BUST ECONOMY ?

    the sun has been shining for several centuries in Brazil……but only for a few !

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