Weak Dollar Brings Brazil to the Rescue of Industry

US dollar and Brazilian real The commercial dollar recovered a little ground today in Brazil after the Brazilian currency, the real, set a record high, this Wednesday, May 16, closing at 1,957 per US dollar. The real hadn't been that strong since January 16, 2001. It was the fourth consecutive day that the dollar dropped.

This despite the action of the central bank, which intervened twice to cool the real's heat. Today, in less of 30 minutes of activities the real had fallen to 1.935 for purchase and 1.950 for sale.
Stocks, which also hit record highs yesterday – Bovespa, the São Paulo's stock exchange ended the Wednesday up 2.41% and a record 51,737 points – were in retreat today.

Both the real and the stock market benefited from Standard & Poor's announcement that it had upgraded Brazil's credit score from BB to BB+ just one notch below investment grade. Fitch had already done the same last week.

Government to Help

The Brazilian government announced that is going to develop an emergency industrial policy for five sectors directly affected by the depreciation of the dollar against the Brazilian real. This depreciation harms Brazilian exporters.

The sectors to be helped will be the textile, shoe, furniture, naval and automotive. They should receive reductions of taxes on the payroll and financing with fast payment by the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES).

According to the minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, Miguel Jorge, the government is also studying the possibility of increasing the Import Tax on some products to make competition with Brazilian products harder.


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  • AES

    Brazil is already an investment grade economy.

    By some measures Brazil is already an investment grade economy. Standard & Poor’s yesterday raised its local currency sovereign rating by two notches to investment grade, although the foreign currency rating matters more to analysts and investors.

    Fitch’s “country ceiling” – the general upper limit on ratings for non-government issuers – is also at investment grade.

    Several private issuers, mostly big industrial groups and banks, already have investment grade ratings, some even higher than Fitch’s country ceiling. There is little mystery about what has driven the recent upgrades.

    Brazil’s macroeconomic “fundamentals” – its trade balance and balance of payments, inflation, the profile of public debt – have all improved steadily in recent years. This year alone Brazil has accumulated more than $35bn in foreign reserves bringing the total to more than $120b

  • AES

    The Criminality of Switzerland, purveyors of blood money
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  • Jony

    Wow, this is institutionalized corruption on massive scale, in Switzerland!
    (Money Laundering Reporting Office of Switzerland reached 619 in 2006 À¢€“ down more than 15% on the previous year.)

    That’s right folks Switzerland a country that supposedly made their money thru good banking practices is now by European standards one of the most corrupted countries out of a list of 95 countries!!! The scale of the problem is such that the Swiss now feels good with only 619 official reports in 2006…laugh laugh laugh…imagine the REAL un-official stats… but heyÀ¢€¦ this was much better than 2005 with 712 official complains!!! Notice that none of the articles mentioned prosecution, indictment or jail of
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    What do you think AES?

  • me

    “According to the minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, Miguel Jorge, the government is also studying the possibility of increasing the Import Tax on some products to make competition with Brazilian products harder.”

    The short-term effect of this policy (in conjunction with the other putative policies described above) would be to make the Real stronger, as imports are reduced but exports are supported. The long-term effect would be to make the Brazilian products even less competitive in the world market.

  • swiss pride laugh laugh laugh!!!

    You must respond to this CH.C!!! This is not an isolated case…this is your country!!! Your people!!!
    Here are some of the headlines from the Swissinfo. Money Laudering is a 1.9 billion bussines for the Swiss Banks and they are very proud of it!!! Is corruption to a level of perfection no other country in the world can compare to. All the banks act like they didn’t know the money was blood tinted coming from Ferdinand Marcos or Saddan Husein… Ohhh well we did get cought so what??? We are not fighters we are bankers!!!

    Earlier this month the Swiss government released $84 million blocked in a corruption case into an independently monitored fund for the benefit of needy children in Kazakhstan.

    But just last week the Swiss federal prosecutor abandoned an investigation into suspected money laundering involving the former prime minister of Madagascar.

    As a result a Swiss bank will refund SFr2.8 million ($2.3 million) to Tantely Andrianarivo, a move that has “disappointed and shocked” the Madagascan government, which has demanded the money back.
    Total tinted money passed thru the Swiss banks 1.9 billion.
    À‚·The number of reports on suspicious transactions submitted to the Money Laundering Reporting Office of Switzerland reached 619 in 2006 À¢€“ down more than 15% on the previous year.
    À‚·But in 2006 assets amounting to SFr815 million Swiss francs were blocked, up 19.7% from about SFr681 million in 2005.

    À‚·Swiss foreign ministry
    À‚·Money Laundering Reporting Office Switzerland
    À‚·Dictators’ assets
    Money Laundering Reporting Office Switzerland – All-time High in Number of Reports on Suspicious Financial Transactions in Banking Sector
    Press Release, fedpol, 17.04.2007
    Berne. While the Money Laundering Reporting Office Switzerland (MROS) received fewer reports on suspicious transactions in 2006 than in the previous year, the quality of reports improved. However, reports from the banking sector on suspicious financial transactions reached an all-time high in the year under review. MROS is an agency at the Federal Office of Police.
    À‚·Suspicious banking dealings hit record high
    À‚·Nigeria denies misuse of Abacha money
    À‚·Money laundering regulations fail to meet targets

  • ch.c.

    should read 4’000’000’000’000
    I just put 3 zeroes….too much
    Sorry !!!!!!


    good record high ? Not in my view !

  • ch.c.

    Record high ? Record high ?
    A 5 or 6 year high is not a record high !
    Forgotten that despite the currency recent strength…….it is STILL DOWN 50 % since it has been issued at the end of 1994 ???????

    OHHHH this is only for your last currency. Because otherwise your currencies whatever its name was is still down well over 99.90 % over the last 50 years !!!!!!

    It is like a company stock price that went from Us$ 100.- to below 10 cents.
    And now you are singing like chicken how good yaou are because the price went from 10 to 20 cents !!!!!!!

    Do your own maths, down 99,90 % is still very generous….from me !
    Reality being that you need 4’000’000’000’000’000…..Yesssss 4 trillion not billion…..of your 1930 currency….to get the equivalent of
    ONE actual Real !!!!!

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