Brazilian Police Get Out in Force and Arrest Over 2,500

Operation Strike In a little more than 10 hours – from 6 am to 5 pm – this Thursday, June 14, the Civilian police of São Paulo, Brazil, arrested 2,532 people, among them over 1,400 who were wanted by the courts, common criminals and police criminals. 160 of them were minors.

Operation Strike took place simultaneously in 645 municipalities. Together with the criminals authorities also seized 180 weapons, 234 lbs of drugs, over 250 vehicles and 2,967 illegal slot machines. Eleven bingo places had their doors shut down.

Following what seems to be a new trend, the police action got an English name: Strike. The operation's final data were released at the end of the day by São Paulo Civilian Police's chief, Mário Jordão Toledo Leme.

Leme indicated that at least 1,400 of those arrested will be kept in jail for an unspecified time. His men carried out over 1230 search and seizure warrants.

The operation command monitored and controlled everything from the Civilian Police's situation room in downtown São Paulo, where the action was being broadcast in two big screens.

About 20 police chiefs using notebooks kept in touch with police districts across the state via radio.

A gang of about a dozen private detectives was nabbed charged with doing wiretapping without a Justice warrant. "They had a giant bugging scheme throughout the state of São Paulo," explained the police chief.

The police was celebrating the capture of a gang whose specialty was to steal car fuel in the interior of the state. Among the policemen detained there were a fire department soldier, a corporal from the military police air division and a bank guard.

While, yesterday, was the day of reckoning, Operation Strike started April 25 as a broad action against a wide variety of gangs including those specialized in bank robbery, car theft, drug trafficking, cargo stealing.

He promised that São Paulo will keep doing this kind of giant operation that nabs hundreds of criminals and gets ample exposition in the media. For him one of the positive factor of this kind of action is the motivation of the police force.

"The corporation that gets together gets also motivated. We conduct a big intelligence operation. Everybody gets involved and is motivated. In April, during a similar operation, the population came to the policemen to hug them."

According to authorities, 18,217 civilian policemen, about 800 criminal experts from the Crime Institute, plus scores of military policemen took part in Operation Strike. They descended upon auto part stores, airports, ports, hotels and restaurants in a concerted effort. They were also prepared to release people being kept as hostages.


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  • AES

    “Out of control police state”, spoken like a true criminal.
    It is only the criminal that has to fear the police, or paranoids, fearing a loss of imagined power. Usually its the IRS that people fear. Brazil would do well to become like the U.S. Then it could work on the color of the uniforms, and other details they might modify or reform. “Out of control police state”, spoken like a true criminal.

  • AES

    Its like throwing sand in the machine. Its a pain in the ass. Each success creates esprit de corps, no matter how small, the two thousand five hundred. Its a hastle for criminal enterprise to have to change such a perfect working machine. Sure its a three day hastle, incarceration, then a five day and then a five year and a ten year, and then the Department of Justice recreates itself. Its practice. Moving up the Darwinian criminal ladder one rung at a time. ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ The police have begun walking, then runing then tackling. The success is not nothing. It as an accumulative effect. One drop of justice at a time.

  • Sandra_pernambuco

    Actually….according to statistics
    Actually according to stats on the following link… Brazil is not even in the U.N. list of crime stats:
    see link…and then read the responses to the stats.
    I know my response is late, but I feel that stats are used to motivate, trick, influence and or hide from what the real truth is. 1 murder is 1 too many no matter in what nation it occurs. So the idea of finger pointing is absurd. Get rid of corrupt companies, politicians, religious leaders and become more self governing with mutual respect for each other and this will put to rest the notion of “police state.” We can do it. It is our nature to self governing and sovereign.

  • Ryan-NYC

    CHarlie Channg, shut up already you stupid, brainless slob!

    Anyone who’s ignorant enough to compare Brazil with the US is just a complete nincampoop.

    Why don’t you go learn some proper English so when you try to wax eloquent you don’t endup sounding like a little crying bitch?

  • João da Silva

    [quote]They cant think longer than 2 seconds and are unable to use a basic …….hand calculator [/quote]

    Why dont you give us a free course on “How to extend your attention span to 4 seconds and use a calculator”?

  • ch.c..

    continued ……for the junkies…….
    Being quite sure that the junkies have been unable to answer the above equation, the answer is that Brazil has a crime rate slighty higher
    than 6 times the USA crime rate….per 100’000 capita !!!!!!!!

    Can any junkie still say that there is a higher crime rate in the USA than in Brazil ?
    Many Brazilians are so dumb, that many will still say…YESSSSS.
    As I said a few times, Brazilians will remain idiots for….eternity !!!!!
    Proof ? They cant think longer than 2 seconds and are unable to use a basic …….hand calculator !

  • ch.c..

    One day Brasil will become an out of control police state just as big daddy U.S. !!!!!
    Ohhhh yessssssss….stupid junkie !
    Brazil : population 185 millions, annual killing rate : 55’000
    USA : population 300 millions, annual killing rate : 14’000

    Now if you can use a simple hand calculator, you could eventually find out who is the most OUT OF CONTROL COUNTRY !!!!

    Reality being that today Brazil is already :
    – an out of control country !
    – a country at war…..with itself !
    – a country in a state of anarchy !!!!
    – more killings in Brazil than in Iraq !!!!!!!

    And if you disagree, please try, if you can, to substantiate your arguments and disagreeements….with facts and stats !!!!!

    Soooooo……simple !


  • steve2

    Imitating he US again
    Here we go again. Law enforcemet is out of control. One day Brasil will become an out of control police state just as big daddy U.S.

  • Ric

    Pathetic comments
    So much negativity. DonÀ‚´t arrest the perps, give Àƒ©m socialized medicine (already got it), free education (already got it), and a friendly smile. Then complain some more when terrified citizens approve of hit squads. Like it both ways, would you? Kate and Edith as well?

  • forest Brown

    what again
    As you said all show no go ,
    just picking up the small fish no big ones .

    let us see them in the halls of congress and the Senate ,get them for all there stealing
    going to all the agencies that people bribe to get illegal permits , ibama payoffs ,
    police on the take ,
    prison guards smuggling drugs and cell phones into the prison .
    military personal selling off arms ,
    the roidaferiafederalofficer’s taking bribes from the smugglers on the buses from Prague .
    the mail pilots that carry drugs from the south to the north and back .
    the port authority that take money not to search containers .
    the postal workers that rob the mail
    the customsofficers that just do as they wish

    take them to jail and make them stay pay there fines and loose there jobs .there money , spare homes , cars , land ,

    then i will believe you are trying Brazil

  • João da Silva

    [quote] Arresting a couple of thousand low level criminals out of tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands and then writing an article about it is nonsense. This is all done to make the news on Globo and make believe to the good citizens that the police are really doing something about it…pathetic.[/quote]

    De acordo.Really pathetic.

  • Gty

    Big fucking deal…does anyone really think that this is the solution to Brazil’s problems. How about education, opportunity, health services, equality and social justice. Arresting a couple of thousand low level criminals out of tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands and then writing an article about it is nonsense. This is all done to make the news on Globo and make believe to the good citizens that the police are really doing something about it…pathetic. If they really did arrest any high level drug lords, the police will be hiding in bunkers as over the next few days, the criminals will retailiate by blowing up and shooting up police stations in broad daylight…and there is nothing that can stop them…might even burn up a bus or two as well. Same old thing, same old thing.

  • Jc


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