With US$ 6.5 Billion in Foreign Investment Brazil Breaks Record

US dollars According to the Brazilian Central Bank (BC), foreign direct investment (FDI) in Brazil should total, in the month of June, the historic record of US$ 6.5 billion. The figures, however, have not yet been consolidated by the team of technicians at the BC.

For the adjunct head of the Economic Department at the Bank, Túlio Maciel, the data collected indicated that, until June 22, US$ 3 billion were invested in the country.

"The figures are not yet official [consolidated] for us to be able to point out exactly where these investments came from, but estimates lead us to believe that FDI will total US$ 6.5 billion," he said.

Maciel ascribes the increase in FDI to "the solid foundations of the Brazilian economy," which has been attracting investors into the country. Records started being kept in 1947.

Coffee Export

On another ecomomic front, Brazilian coffee exports yielded US$ 3.7 billion in the 2006-2007 crop year, which ended in June, a 27.8% increase compared with the 2005-2006 crop year.

Shipments totaled 29.2 million 60 kilogram bags of coffee, an increase of 19.1%. The data were disclosed by the Brazilian Coffee Exporter Council (CeCafé). The average price per bag exported rose from US$ 118 to US$ 126.

In the month of June alone, foreign sales of coffee totaled US$ 275.44 million, an increase of 32.5% over the same month last year. The amount shipped was slightly more than 2 million bags, an increase of 16.9%.

From January until June, 13.5 million bags were exported, 16.2% more than in the first half of 2006, generating revenues of US$ 1.81 billion, an increase of 28.8%. Germany continues to be the main destination for Brazilian coffee, followed by the United States and Italy.




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