Families of Plane Crash Victims in Brazil Accuse Government of Insensitivity

Families protest against TAM In São Paulo, relatives of the victims of Brazil's latest and deadliest air accident joined the families of the 154 people – second worst air crash – who were killed on September 29 in an air accident over the Amazon, to protest what they call "authorities neglect."

They read a manifesto condemning the homages and decorations given employees of the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) when the nation was still officially mourning the about 200 victims of the new air crash. In the document, the group revealed that ANAC's officials refused to receive the families for a meeting and only accepted to get together with six of them after considerable pressure.

"In the first meeting," says the statement, Denise Abreu, one of the ANAC's official who was honored, received the relatives saying: "You are smart, the plane fell from a height of 36,000 feet, at 250 miles an hour and what do you expect? Bodies?"

The document accuses ANAC's employees of being insensitive, aggressive and disrespectful.

"These same people are still in the same position getting decorations. We are disappointed with our country," said Angelita De Marchi, president of the association that gathers the families of the Gol's accident victims.

Meanwhile families of those killed in the latest crash are getting mad at the time that's taking to identify the bodies. The coroner's office has already warned that the identification work may take months. Some are accusing authorities of rushing to identify celebrities like the House Representative who was in the plane and forgetting the rest.

Osório Pereira, a doctor, whose son, Guilherme Pereira, died in the TAM crash blames his son's death on irresponsibility. Citing press reports, he reminded that two airplanes had skidded off the Congonhas runway the day before the accident and besides, he says, the aircraft should not fly without a non-working thrust reverser as it was admitted by the airline. 

"The blame belongs to TAM. If the tarmac is not good the plane cannot land. If there is something wrong with the aircraft, it should not fly. And the blame also belongs to the government. They are all irresponsible. When is this going to stop?" the bereaved father asks. 

He doesn't want to get the crackers, the cheese, the free tickets and psychologists, he says. And he accuses TAM of not caring and being interested only in making more money, adding:

"I don't want everybody to lose his trust in the country, but I lost mine. It died together with my son."


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  • Julius Ezurike

    take care of your own
    I may not be a victim or related to any of the families involved but i feel a strong sence of what they are going through and i say to the Brazillian govenment please take care of your own.

  • O Velhinho

    [quote]what a great letter that was!! Brazil needs a nation of people just like that lady!!

    Yes Indeed,it was a great letter. She was expressing our thoughts in writing and in elegant Portuguese. Unfortunately she lost her son because of the self denial on the part of our govrnment, in spite of the writing being on the wall for quite sometime.Brazil has hundreds of thousand of people like her,but the intellegencia is being muzzled and being treated like a bunch of clowns.

    I posted this link for the both Brazilians and foreign expats who visit this site. I am happy to see that you are the first one to read and come out with a comment.It is good that you took the time to read it in Portuguese and appreciated the contents.Thanks.

  • Norman Kemble

    Reverse thrust is not considered when determining landing distances in the US. The landing distance therefore is shorter when using reverse thrust, if it is available. The fact that the one thrust reverser was disabled would not be a factor in this crash. Unless upon landing the working one was used and asymmetrical reverse thrust caused the veering of the aircraft. The real factor by what I have read is the faster than normal approach speed of the Airbus. Many landing accidents occur because of a non stable approach, including higher than normal approach speeds. The FAA has considered reverse thrust use in some transport category such as later model Boeing 737ˢ۪s but not for dispatch purposes. Instead it allowed a reverse thrust credit for enroute landing distances at the intended airport. However, the accident at Chicago Midway has made the FAA change its mind and issue a proposal for all Turbo Jet operators, not just 121 operators, to use an added 15% rule in determining landing distance at airports. Which for 135 operators and 91 as well who followed this rule itˢ۪s the wet runway requirement.

    The fact that the inoperative reverse thrust is continued to be an issue just shows that even the so called informed À¢€œaviation expertsÀ¢€Â posting are less than so.

    For an excellent article written about the Southwest Chicago Midway accident the Flight Safety Foundation has an article published in the December 2006 issue by Mark V. Rosenker. The link is as follow for the article


  • bo

    O Velhino..
    what a great letter that was!! Brazil needs a nation of people just like that lady!!

  • O Velhinho

    MÀƒ£e de vÀƒ­tima critica Lula em carta ao governo
    For those of you who understand Portuguese, posting the following link:


  • bo

    Hear, hear Scott!!
    No question a great point! Not only should brazilians refuse to use Congonhas, but pilots as well. And the internationally community should stop flying to brazil alltogether for a few months, that would shake people up!

  • Scott

    economic impact
    Protests help and should surely be done in numbers and with vigor, but economics unfortunately are often more effective. If everyone refuses to use Congonhas, they will have no choice but to close it down. I for one will never fly into there again. These accidents, and real or perceived condition of the airline industry, will have an effect on business and tourism travel and profits to the airlines… and overall money to the country and government from tourism. If peoples lives are not important enough to reform things, which sadly it looks like, isn’t it obvious to these idiots that it makes economic sense as well?!

  • João Pinga

    Bo’s right again!
    Too true, Bo. The government is COUNTING on people to forget about this soonest. The only reason Lula came out and said anything after 3 days was that he was forced out; people werenÀ¢€™t about to let it go. Lula was counting on a few gold medals at PAN to sidetrack the nation’s attention. NO SUCH LUCK.

    With added pressure, and a continued and sustained protest maybe, JUST MAYBE, something may get done and maybe, JUST MAYBE, the teflon Pres. will be held accountable to the bumbling and corrupt administration under his control.

    Throwing a few extra reais at the poor may not be able to save him this time.

  • ch.c.

    Ohhhh….and I bet……
    …that the familiespof the victims WONT SUE ANYONE, as opposed to the previous plane crash !

    Guess why !

  • bo

    [quote]Agora os protestos estao comecando a ficar RIDICuLOS
    written by REM, 2007-07-23 00:34:51 [/quote]

    You couldn’t be more WRONG!! This country needs those type of protests multiplied by ONE MILLION!! These politicians here don’t and won’t understand anything except indignation. The people of Brazil need to stand up and loudly proclaim, “We won’t take it anymore”, over and over, until things begin to change.

  • forrest Brown

    is that what was said after the last crash ?
    the only thing that changed was the leaders awarwed themselves with medals
    at a dinner the taxpayers paid for .
    so you are robed , and have to blead for them , and yet they see nothing rong
    with that .

    brasils goverment is only two steps ahead of the US goverment

    lets take them all out at one time and start over again
    same idea different band

  • REM

    Agora os protestos estao comecando a ficar RIDICuLOS
    Ja ta tudo um bagunca e agora comeca esses protestos ridiculos que nao vao resolver nada. Gente, que babaquice esses protestos no aeroporto. Bola pra frente, nada vai trazer as vitimas de volta. Parem com a palhacada e se comportem como adultos.

  • jc

    I send my deepest apologizes to the victims and their families, unfortunately this will finally wake up the people responsible for not taking action when it was necessary and appropriate .


  • Simpleton

    Gov rules honored and followed?
    Ric, you are right relating to the government lincensing / liability issue. The ops procedures, maintenance procedures, continued airworthiness rules, etc., etc., for the A320 with thrust reverser problems are undoubtedly published and approved by more than just the government. Runway length vs runway conditions, landing speed curves, emergency ops with one in-op / two in-op thrst rev, etc., etc. are all undoubtedly subjects in the books and training programs. Not having time to review / read and make neccessary last minute adjustments on final puts the experience, skill and critical judgement of the human(s) at the controls on the line, nothing more.

  • aes

    “Also, just because the government licenses an activity does not make the government liable for subsequent losses associated with that activity.”

    If the government irroneously permits the 320 to land at an airport whose runway is unfinished, presenting conditions, in rain that are unsafe for any plane, but in particular the 320, then the government must bear a portion of the responsibility for the resultant accident.

  • Ric

    BrazilÀ‚´s Viet Nam Experience
    The Airbus that crashed at Congonhas left the factory in 1998 as FWWDT. It was re-registered as N454TA in Los Angeles, operated by TACA (Central American). From 2003 until this year it flew in the service of Viet Nam as VNA168. A picture in that configuration is online at http://www.planepictures.net/netshow.php?id=274704. The picture shows it landing at Tan Son Nhut, an airport generously provided by the taxpayers of the USA. The national airline is Pacific Airlines, or Hang Khong Vietnam.

    Earlier this year it was registered in Brazil as PR-MBK.

    Here in Brazil when we buy used vehicles or airplanes and something goes wrong before the year is out, we often seek redress from the previous owner. Why not do that in this case?

    Also, just because the government licenses an activity does not make the government liable for subsequent losses associated with that activity.

  • forest Brown

    beer & dogs for presdent cheese & craskers for the death of a loved one
    when death comes to the fore front in brasil
    the goverment goes fishing

    no one though to place the seat numbers on the bodie bags when taking them off the plane

    there were tons of pic from the golo flight , bodies burned and dismembered .all over the internet

    at least this crash was more controled by the police and fewer pic were taken .

    may whom ever there famileys pray too grant them piece

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