Shaken with Air Tragedy Brazil Tells the World to Mind Own Business

Infraero's president José Carlos Pereira Brigadier José Carlos Pereira, the president of the Brazilian airport authority, Infraero, seemed annoyed this Monday, July 23, when reacting to the suggestion by Ifatca (International Federation of Air Traffic Controller’s Associations) that the international community should intervene to help Brazil solve its air transportation crisis.

Ifatca has stated that the Brazilian government doesn't have the capacity to get out of this mess without international assistance.

"There are some morons out there willing to interfere," said Pereira, irritated. "Brazil doesn't need international help. They should look after their own air space and we will take care of ours."

The brigadier, however, admitted that the Brazilian authorities have made some mistakes while trying to solve the Brazil's air crisis,  which became evident on September 29, when a Boeing 737 collided with a Legacy executive jet over the Amazon killing all 154 people aboard the Boeing. The situation just exacerbated last Tuesday, July 16, when another plane accident left at least 200 dead.

Infraero president said that he knows that authorities will have to deal with their own mistakes. And added: "It certainly was a tragedy, but it was our tragedy. For sure we've made mistakes, but we are going to solve them cutting our own flesh."

Pereira also dismissed the criticism to the reopening of Congonhas to traffic just a few hours after the tragedy:  "It's easy to blame the Congonhas airport for the accident. The plane can't brake and the culprit is the runway." He also protested against an action by the Public Prosecutor's Office demanding that Congonhas be closed: "This just disrupts air traffic even more."

Meanwhile, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva reiterated today that in 90 days, the Conac (Civil Aviation Council) will present a proposal and a location to build a new airport in São Paulo. As for the causes of the accident, he stated that "there is no chance that the truth won't come to light."

For the president, it's still too early to point fingers and people should wait for an analysis of the black boxes contents that have been sent to the United States.

Lula called on Brazilians to not recklessly judge anyone. "I think," said Lula, "that all premature judgment is, I would say, almost irresponsible. In a time such as this, when there is a tragedy, the best thing we have to have is prudence to investigate correctly instead of start making inferences, blaming someone or acquitting someone else".

Lula also repeated that Congonhas should have less flights and that all connection flight there should end. "We will try to make a new airport to lower the chances of a new tragedy," he said.


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  • No Name

    History Lesson
    See O Velhinho, theres my lack of Brazilian history knowledge again. Thanks for the enlightenment… Gotta look this guy up now…

  • No Name

    Here we go again!
    looks like Pereira is the Pires of this situation. Cut your own flesh? Does that mean more innocent Brazilian people have to pay with their lives until Mr. Pereira and company “figure it out”? Well thats pretty insensitive! Interfere isn’t what the international community wants to do, they want to HELP!. Just like Cuba did when Katrina hit New Orleans but we (the US) were stupid enough to turn them down because of pride. Don’t make that same mistake!

    The plane can’t brake and the culprit is the runway… he says sarcastically

    So the plane couldn’t break (reverse thrusters), but it was allowed to fly anyway (problem #1)…. into an airport with a notoriously short runway (problem #2)? Is that what you call cutting your own flesh? So yes the runway was the culprit as well “mr. absolutely no common sense” Pereira! They let a plane with a breaking problem fly in there, IN THE RAIN on an incomplete runway (grooves) with a drainage problem (problem #3)! And now he’s offended that people are (how dare they) talking about it? AAAAAAAAA! 🙁

  • Norman Kemble

    Reverse thrust is not considered when determining landing distances in the US. The landing distance therefore is shorter when using reverse thrust, if it is available. The fact that the one thrust reverser was disabled would not be a factor in this crash. Unless upon landing the working one was used and asymmetrical reverse thrust caused the veering of the aircraft. The real factor by what I have read is the faster than normal approach speed of the Airbus. Many landing accidents occur because of a non stable approach, including higher than normal approach speeds. The FAA has considered reverse thrust use in some transport category such as later model Boeing 737ˢ۪s but not for dispatch purposes. Instead it allowed a reverse thrust credit for enroute landing distances at the intended airport. However, the accident at Chicago Midway has made the FAA change its mind and issue a proposal for all Turbo Jet operators, not just 121 operators, to use an added 15% rule in determining landing distance at airports. Which for 135 operators and 91 as well who followed this rule itˢ۪s the wet runway requirement.

    The fact that the inoperative reverse thrust is continued to be an issue just shows that even the so called informed À¢€œaviation expertsÀ¢€Â posting are less than so.

    For an excellent article written about the Southwest Chicago Midway accident the Flight Safety Foundation has an article published in the December 2006 issue by Mark V. Rosenker. The link is as follow for the article

  • bo

    was that Jr. or Sr.? 😉

  • Simpleton

    International help can be obtained for free. That’s the problem. Suica see no profit in it so won’t let anybody go there.

  • Ric

    Hank Williams, Verses 2 and 5
    Oh, the woman on our party lineÀ‚´s the nosiest thing
    She picks up my receiver when she knows itÀ‚´s my ring
    Why donÀ‚´t you mind your own business
    Mind your own business
    Well, if you mind your business, then you wonÀ‚´t be mindinÀ‚´mine.

    MindinÀ‚´other peopleÀ‚´s business seems to be high toned
    I got all that I can do just to mind my own
    Why donÀ‚´t you mind your own business
    Mind your own business
    If you mind your own business, youÀ‚´ll stay busy all the time.

  • Osvaldo Coelho

    This is my boy!
    This is my boy! Bush should have reacted this way when the world critricized about Katrina. After all we are not offering help to solve the summer’s passport mess in the US, are we?

  • conceicao

    The government must be supremely confident the Brasil will be awarded the World Cup no matter what the circumstances. All we have to hear is a little smoke about a Euro country trying to use the
    aviation problems to challenge Brasil’s bid and we should know that the threat is pretty far along.

  • O Velhinho

    [quote]Authorities seem to be reckless, no one is taking responsibility over this very important issue, I would like to help BRAZIL on this, but the answer when I tried to speak to someone in ANAC was, we do not have CONCURSO available, all employment is through the government… [/quote]

    Being an Ex-FAB , it must have been very difficult for you to swallow the insult when you contacted ANAC. Good that you left Brazil.Unfortunately, it has become very fashionable these days for our politicians to bash our Armed Forces and undermine their leadership.

    You are right,this is not the end,but beginning of a Tragic Saga.It could be quickly solved,not by ANAC,but by our FAB personnel,but I dont think the government is interested in giving free hand nor adequate resources to them.

  • brazeagle

    Not to mention that, It is an act of irresponsibility of our AVIATION SAFETY SYSTEM, I am not here to blame anyone, SPECIALLY our President LULA, who got involved in this SAGA, that is obviously a LATENT problem since late 80’s and not part of his presidency.

    No one is to be blamed, we have to keep in mind that BRAZIL HAS ALREADY A “BLAME CULTURE” and nothing gets done… Remember once at the beginning of this year I said!
    _This is not the end, this is just the beginning of our AIRSPACE TRAGEDIES” and unfortunately there will be more to come.

    Authorities seem to be reckless, no one is taking responsibility over this very important issue, I would like to help BRAZIL on this, but the answer when I tried to speak to someone in ANAC was, we do not have CONCURSO available, all employment is through the government… anyway, I do not wish to live in BRAZIL anymore, since I left the Airforce in Brazil, I am very happy to be in the USA and hopefully PROUDLY become a AMERICAN CITIZEN SOON.

    Come on Brazil, you have potential, give opportunities to people with international experience, hire efficient people to do the JOB.

    Sorry for the families who lost their loved ones.

    Flight Safety Officer for an International Organization

  • bob

    send back the black box
    If Brazil does not want any help then WHY did they send the black box to the USA????
    In the first send they send a piece of the engine and had to be told by the USA to send to correct black box.
    If they want to do it themselves then lets them stop tourist and all outsiders and let them kill their own people.

  • forrest Brown

    blog all places
    let people know not fly to SP only to RIO . STOP THE MONEY

    tell people not to fly from or over the amazon ,STOP THE MONEY

    if you want to make brasilians listentake away the money

    fly to Columbia, Mexico, Chili

  • bo

    Prideful Indignation….
    kills. Brazil would rather lose 20,000 more citizens than accept international help. That in itself tells a lot.

  • O Velhinho

    [quote]Pereira, irritated. “Brazil doesn’t need international help. They should look after their own air space and we will take care of ours.”

    Good ole Brig.Pereira is easily irritable,but a very friendly person.He doesnt approve of the behaviour of the civilian subordinates of his. He has that cutting sense of humor that many dont understand. The ole boy can easily subsitute Pires as the Minister of Defense.

    As for his comment on having enough duct tape,bailing wire ,chewing wire, etc; he is typical Airforce . There is a famous saying in Portuguese (Actually among the Brazilian Engineers) that says ” Let the plane take off first and if there are problems later, we will repair during the flight. It really doesnt refer to aviation,but to new ideas. When a new idea is launched,dont question,but test it out and try to make it viable,by available resources (like duct tape,chewing gum,nail,etc). I dont know where the inspiration came from,but I think out of the movie “Apollo 13”

    So Good ole Pereira is not a clown,but a very serious guy.

  • forrest Brown

    in europ the ATC let one russian plane run into another
    because they doing maintence on equipment .

    3 years later a father stabed to death the person held to be the one responsable .
    so at that rate a brasilian would never killed as no one is responsable , but every one is incharge ?

    i guess if it is not on a beach more than half nude and drunk it is not considered a probluem

  • aes

    Technology held together with chewing gum, tape and bailing wire
    Pereira, irritated. “Brazil doesn’t need international help. They should look after their own air space and we will take care of ours.”

    We have duct tape, Pereira said, plenty of it, adding that he had requisitioned enough bailing wire and chewing gum to fix anything.

  • O Velhinho

    To:No Nmae
    [quote]looks like Pereira is the Pires of this situation.[/quote]

    Not really. Brig.Pereira is not certainly not in the same situation like Pires. He has sharp tongue and doesnt give a shit about Military haters like Pires or those two jerks who got the medals. The good Brigadier can easily retire and go and live in Angra or Cabo Frio. I like old Pereira.The dirty politics is new to him and the old coot would never be a politician.

    In the meantime, you just keep a watch if Pires is reading some good books on Strategic Defence to keep his job.

  • Ric

    JezebelÀ‚´s 400 prophets of Baal cut their own flesh too, but it did them no good.

  • Ric

    When the Airbus left the runway and veered left, it took out the concrete drainage ditch. At the present time it is raining on Congonhas and the whole side of the damaged hill is eroding, dirt and mud filling the street, which is now closed to traffic. Maintenance personnel plan to attempt to put a tarp over the landslide. It appears that the retaining wall was also damaged. Just when you think it canÀ‚´t get curiouser, it does anyway. Will the whole hill give way? Will the wall fail? Will the main runway be reopened in the morning even if the drainage ditch is still unrepaired? Dunno.

  • aes

    “there is no chance that the truth won’t come to light.”

    Of course there is a chance the truth wont come out, in fact it is a probability. if not a certainty the truth wont come out.

  • João da Silva

    TomorrowÀ‚´s Headline News in Brazil
    This eveningÀ‚´s headline news at is:”Gonzales vows to stay, fix Justice’s image”

    TomorowÀ‚´s Breaking News in the Brazilian Media would be: “Pires Vows to stay in the Governement to fix the problems with the Brazilian Air traffic and strengthen the defence of our Patria”.

    I guess the politicians are the same all over the world.All they want is Power.To hell with the voters.

  • aes

    The inmates are runing the asylum.

  • ch.c..

    ” As for the causes of the accident, Lulastated that “there is no chance that the truth won’t come to light.”
    If so why even bother having opened the investigations ?

    What does he know that he doesnt want to say ?

    Infraero president also said : “we are going to cut our own flesh”

    Texto the same phrase Lula used during the vote buying scandal ! End results : very little flesh was cut….!!!!
    Those guilty were almost all pardoned, in a secret vote……of course, by the other politicians as much corrupted as the ones
    they pardoned.

    Its is only the young women who steal a tube of butter who deserve…4 YEARS IN JAIL !!!!
    True story….sadly !!!!

  • João Pinga

    [quote]Lula called on Brazilians to not recklessly judge anyone. “I think,” said Lula, “that all premature judgment is, I would say, almost irresponsible.” [/quote]

    Reading between the lines you can add: “unless Americans are involved, then IÀ‚´ll use my Minister of Defense to fan the flames of speculation!”
    “There are some morons out there willing to interfere,” said Pereira, irritated. “Brazil doesn’t need international help. They should look after their own air space and we will take care of ours.”[/quote]

    If it walks like a third world nation and talks like a third world nation…

  • Joseph

    Brigadier JosÀƒ© Carlos Pereira is part of the problem
    Brigadier JosÀƒ© Carlos Pereira has shown time and time again that he will listen to no one expect his own bad judgement. Brazil needs international help not because its a poor inept country but because its citizens deserve to fly safely through the skies without turbulent political pride. Every modern country (including the USA) has some sector that they welcome help, to turn down assistance is just stupid and is playing with the lives of thousands.

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