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American Dollars Are Paying for Defecting Cubans in Brazil

Defecting Cuban boxer Guillermo Rigondeaux Ortiz A short while ago I was telling about the brain drain, that is disgusting. A bit later, a good offensive player on the Cuban handball team showed up wearing the uniform of a professional São Paulo, Brazil, team. Betrayal for money is one of the favorite weapons the United States uses to destroy Cuba's resistance.

The athlete was a higher education student; he would be a graduate with a degree in Physical Education and Sport, an honorable job. His income is modest, but his professional training is highly appreciated; whatever the sport or specialty, if they attract a large audience and commercial publicity or none at all they are still useful for human growth.

Those who applied for asylum in Brazil are doing it after the United States declared recently that it would not be fulfilling the exact quotas of the migratory agreements signed with our country. Suffice it to say that of the almost two hundred athletes and coaches who participated in the first week of Pan American competition, we went missing one handball player and one gymnastics coach.

I am not going to say, for that reason, that the Cuban handball team was better than the excellent Brazilian team and its formidable athletes, but the Cuban delegation received a low moral blow in the Pan American Games with these pleas for political asylum. The Cuban team was thus knocked out even before the match for gold began.

Last Sunday, July 22, around noon, the sad news was received that two of the most outstanding athletes in boxing, Guillermo Rigondeaux Ortiz and Erislandy Lara Santoya did not show up for the weigh-in. Very simply they were knocked out by a punch to the chin, paid with American bills. No countdown was needed.

Watching those first matches in Rio, I exclaimed that our boxers were fighting with such elegance and technical mastery that they had transformed their rough sport into an art form.

In Germany, there is a Mafia devoted to selecting, buying and promoting Cuban boxers in international boxing matches. It uses sophisticated psychological methods and many millions of dollars.

A mere three hours later, the victory of the Cuban Mariela González Torres in the marathon, a classic Olympic sport which took her on a course of more than 40 kilometers, more than compensated for the treasons and her feat was engraved with golden letters in the annals of sports history of her country.

The Cuban people must pay tribute to the heroic example of Mariela, born in the eastern province of Granma, where the rates of infant and maternal mortality were, in 2006, 4.4 per each thousand live births and 11 per 100 thousand deliveries, better than the figures in the United States. In her municipality, Rí­o Cauto, with a population of 47,918, the figure was zero on both counts.

After all, Cuba has thousands of good coaches who work abroad with athletes who very often win gold medals in competitions against our own athletes. Another fact: there is an International School for Professors of Physical Education and Sport where more than 1300 students from the Third World are taking their higher education courses.

A few days ago, 247 graduated. We do not encourage chauvinism or any superiority complex. We work with science and knowledge and on this basis we struggle to create the ethical values of a healthy mind in a healthy body.

It is totally unjustified to seek political asylum. If Brazil is not the final marketplace, it makes little difference. There are wealthy countries in the First World who would pay much more.

The Brazilian authorities have declared that whoever wishes to defect must prove the real necessity for seeking asylum. It is impossible to prove the opposite.

Even beforehand, we know their final destination as mercenary athletes within a consumer society.

I think that they have offended Brazil by using the Pan American Games as the pretext for their self-promotion. In any case, we consider the declarations of the authorities to be useful.

We would like Brazil, a sister nation in Latin America and the Third World, to have the honor of hosting the Olympics.

Fidel Castro Ruz is the president of Cuba.


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  • Jose E. Cabrera Guerra

    Raul – chupame la morronga
    Que estupido eres – sabiendo que tu pais lo haz destruido y las familias que has separados, Dios no tiene perdon para estas cosas. Lo que te espera…maricon, hijo de puta!

    El dinero que tienes no te compra el perdon del pueblo…

  • forrest Brown

    not in one place did i see a money trail
    there it goes blame the US for people trying to get out of cuba
    when i was there the cuban police came on my boat and looked in every hole to see if i was hiding someone
    before i left .
    with no way to leve cuba as soon as a chance comes they take it , i have see many on the open water and now they are hedding to a rock just off the coast of
    haiti that is US soil and also mona island just or DR ,
    see they get a free pass once they get dry feet in the US along with $5.000 usd to set up a house till they get a job
    whitch means they stand in the welfare line for 2 years or more .

    and when i put the storie about the roamdeep on this site i had to reright it several times as they wanted proff of what i said was true
    so fedil dont print more lies
    you and chaves and lula need to grow up

  • ch.c.

    “The USA didnÀ‚´t try to keep me there. We have a saying there, “ItÀ‚´s a free country.”
    Do you believe that Brazil try to keep its citizens in the country ?
    They prefer they leave and bring some good US$, even if it becomes more and more a monkey currency !

  • Rocky

    Isn’t their a filter on this website
    Well if this isn’t Fidel’s writing we shouldn’t see something attributed to him. If this is truly Fidel – then what a sad sad state to have a country run by someone so completely diluted of any type of sanity. That he thinks the US is the one causing everyone to try and escape his tyrannical control shows how sadly he is misinformed, probably by the other nut job – by the few of his “advisors” that know how to tell him what he wants to hear (also explains why they are still alive and “advising” him), and the other Looney Tunes Hugo.

  • William P

    Why don’t you let people leave your country if they want to? And by the way, if you use the internet, why don’t you let ordinary Cubans do so as well?

  • bo

    Hey Fidel…
    [b]Fuck Off![/b]

  • doggydaddy

    Ric your right!! But not sure who really wrote the above article?? Does not sound like Fidel to be making public comments via the NET. Brazil and Cuba have good economic relations with now Brazilians traveling there also as tourists. Brazil has some very big contracts to supply motor coaches to Cuba. Brazilians always like the underdog as you know and any faca they can use to take a stab at the good olde USA, they will.

  • Ric

    Why do the few able to travel abroad for events like this have to wait until an opportunity presents itself to leave? Why canÀ‚´t citizens choose where they want to live as in other countries? I left the states and live in Brazil. The USA didnÀ‚´t try to keep me there. We have a saying there, “ItÀ‚´s a free country.”

    With all due respect, I think your government should consider the possibility that its policies have created this situation instead of looking elsewhere for answers. The answer may not be money at all.

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