Brazil’s Agribusiness Exports Grow 13% to Almost US$ 6 Billion in August

Cow with calf in Brazil Brazil's agribusiness export revenues in the month of August reached US$ 5.8 billion. The value represented growth of 13% over the month of August in 2006 and is also a historic record. Imports, however, grew more: 35% to US$ 824 million. The trade balance surplus in the month was US$ 5.03 billion.

According to figures supplied by Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, the sectors that most contributed to the performance were soy, cereals and meats. In the case of soy and meats, there was an increase mainly due to high prices, as the volume of exports of both products dropped.

Sales of products in the sugar and alcohol sector, in turn, dropped 17.9% in value when compared with the same month in 2006. Exports of sugar dropped 13.6% in terms of value, but rose 23.3% in volume. Alcohol export revenues dropped 29.3%, due to a 7.5% reduction in the volume shipped and a 23.5% reduction in values.

Trade Surplus

The Brazilian balance of trade recorded a surplus of US$ 1.204 billion in the first week of September, which included four business days. Foreign sales from Brazil reached US$ 3.482 billion and purchases, US$ 2.278 billion. Average exports per business day stood at US$ 870.5 million, and imports, US$ 569.5 million.
The accumulated result for the year rose up to US$ 28.717 billion, with exports at US$ 105.9 billion and imports at US$ 77.199 billion. There was an increase of 18.8% in exports compared with the accumulated result for January-September 2006 until the first week. On the other hand, imports recorded a much greater increase by the same basis for comparison, at 30.9%.

According to information disclosed in the Focus bulletin, edited by the Brazilian Central Bank, financial analysts already estimate a reduction in the trade surplus, down from US$ 42.7 billion to US$ 42.3 billion.




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