Second Brazilian in a Month Dies While in US Custody

Massachusetts General Hospital For the second time in a month a Brazilian has died while in the custody of American authorities. Maxsuel Medeiros, 25, an illegal immigrant living in the state of Massachusetts, who was arrested Friday, September 7, after the car in which he was a passenger was stopped for a traffic violation, has died yesterday, September 11.

His death occurred in the Massachusetts General Hospital from an unknown cause, according to the Essex's District Attorney's office.

On August 7, Edimar Alves Araújo, 34, a Brazilian from Minas Gerais state,  had died in Woonsocket, in Rhode Island state, also after have been arrested due to a traffic violation. Araújo died after having been handed to the ICE (Immigration and Custom Enforcement) for deportation to Brazil. Both victims had warrants against them.

Medeiros, who entered the US through Mexico, about eight years ago, worked as a roofer in Framingham, Massachusetts. The District Attorney informed that the state police had stopped the car he was in after a lane change violation on Interstate 497, at 5:20 pm. Even though the car belonged to Medeiros it was a friend of his who was driving it.

Authorities found then that the Brazilian had several aliases and two state warrants. Maxwell Pires and Maxeel Campos were some of the other names he used. Authorities, however, haven't revealed what the warrants against Medeiros were for.

He was at a cell at the Andover state police barracks when he fell ill on September 7. Authorities called 911 and he was immediately taken to Lawrence General Hospital. He was transferred later to the Massachusetts General Hospital where he ended up dying this Tuesday at about 6 am.

In an interview to the Boston Globe, Medeiros aunt, Meire Medeiros, lamented the young man's death. "He came here to have a better life. He never had any problems with his health; he was a young man," she said.

The aunt revealed that she and the family were told on Saturday that Maxsuel had apparently suffered a heart attack and was on a coma. The family decided to donate his organs.

Meire also told the newspaper that she has another nephew, Lucas, who is being deported to Brazil after having been detained by ICE last month in Framingham.


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  • bo

    [b]Cocaine found in man who died in police custody
    Cause of death awaits lab results[/b]

    By John C. Drake, Globe Staff | September 14, 2007

    A 25-year-old Brazilian immigrant who died in State Police custody Tuesday had cocaine in his system at the time of his death, preliminary medical reports show.
    Article Tools

    Steve O’Connell, a spokesman for Essex District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett, said it is too early to determine whether the drug played a role in the death of Maxsuel Medeiros of Framingham.

    Officials will release a cause of death after the results of a toxicology examination. O’Connell said he did not know when those results would be available.

    About 5 p.m. on Aug. 31, Medeiros was a passenger in a car driven by Justin Sawyer, 30, of Marlborough, which State Police pulled over on Interstate 495 in Andover. Sawyer was stopped for a lane-change violation and was allowed to leave.

    But Medeiros, the car’s owner, was arrested on outstanding warrants in Framingham District Court charging him with possession with intent to distribute cocaine, the DA’s office said.

    Later that evening, Medeiros fell ill while in custody at the State Police barracks in Andover. He was sent first to Lawrence General Hospital and then to Massachusetts General Hospital.

    Medeiros, who had aliases of Maxeel Campos and Maxwell Pires, died at 6 a.m. Tuesday after being taken off life support.

    Blodgett’s office said that medical information from Lawrence General Hospital and the New England Organ Bank revealed the cocaine in Medeiros’ system. An autopsy revealed no signs of physical trauma to the body, and officials said foul play is not suspected in his death.

    Relatives told the Globe this week that Medeiros entered the United States through Mexico eight years ago. He worked for a roofing company.

    Medeiros’s family declined to comment yesterday. Sawyer did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

    *Sound familiar?? They ALL work for roofing companies.

    Yeah, right. One could just substitute that kids name for the Araujo guy….same fucking thing.


    Very sad situation
    The problem here is not about immigration or Brazillians who are undocumented. Drugs affect all people in this country Brazilian or not. If these two men died because of drugs, it is a tradgedy. To blame Brazilians for the drug problems is not right because thousands of Americans die every month and they are Legal. The solution to this problem is giving your life to Jesus Christ who can deliver all people from addictions.The devil is having his way and judging these two men who passed away is not the solution. If you see someone you love struggling with drugs and alcohol, bring them to your nearest Church and the Pastors will help them out. Complaining about it does not solve the problem.Drugs kill, Jesus Saves. It is your choice. Instead of writing nasty emails, do something about it. Giving your life to Christ and the help of your Church is the way to help someone who is in trouble with drugs and alcohol. God Bless You!

  • Ric

    Thanks, I feel better already
    Is the general feeling that drug use and conspiracy are mutually exclusive? Makes sense.

  • colin

    sorry, no conspiracy
    Both Brazlians, who died in police custody in Rhode Island and Massachusetts had cocaine in their systems. The guy who died in ICE custody had a serious seizure disorder along with hydroxyzine and cocaine in his system.

    Sorry, no conspiracy.

  • Ric

    And did you notice that these guys are going to jail because they are riding in cars the drivers of which commit traffic violations? Are these drivers also Brazilian? Can they either stay out of cars driven by Brazilians or can one of the compassionate, pro-undocumented worker people like that smarmy bearded Mexican wearing an expensive suit who shows up on Fox news every week with a big smile and makes me want to puke, organize a driving school for illegal Mineiros in Mass.?

  • Ric

    Medeiros died on Sept. 11. Does that date bring anything in particular to mind?

  • Yowser

    What’s the point of the article?
    I don’t see the point in the article. As if there’s any correlation between the various law enforcement entities and illegal immigrant deaths.

  • aes

    Criminal trespass is not immigration.
    62 people in 36 months; that is about 2 people a month out of tens of thousands that died while in custoday without stipulating whether the cause was ICE. If it were ICE that was responsible every amulance chasing lawyer and left wing bleeding heart liberal would be all over it like white on rice. The aunt should be arrested for aiding and abetting. For 8 years this criminal benefited from the generosity of the U.S. he had the temerity to repay it by the commision of two warrentable offenses. He was a fugitive. The autopsy will undoubtedly prove the cause to be unrelated to any untoward treatment by ICE.

  • Roberrrrrt

    let’s make a deal Bo-shiter
    Hey Bo how about this…62 immigrants have mysteriously died while in police custody since 2004 !!! Wow what a coincidence huhhh asshole!!!!

    In other developments, the Washington Post reported yesterday that Araujo was one of three detainees who died within weeks of each other while in ICE custody. According to the Post, the other two people were a pregnant Mexican woman who lost consciousness at an ICE facility in El Paso, Texas, and a Mexican AIDS patient À¢€œwhose condition steadily deterioratedÀ¢€Â while in custody in San Pedro, Calif..

    Recent published reports state that 62 immigrants have died in ICE administrative custody since 2004.

    SO letÀ¢€™s make a deal… We will ask for the Brazilian police to knock your ass fat out over there!!!

  • Yowser

    Illegal Brazilians in the USA
    I would like to meet some female illegal Brazilians in the U.S….those slender long legged ones…..haha

  • conceicao

    Very hard for anyone who saw the Brasil – Mexico game last night to argue that the Brasilian population in Massachusetts is oppressed culturally or otherwise.

  • a black american

    now I understand why everybody calls you ” Bo – shitter”
    You must live in LA -LA land to say that there’s no police brutality in the US. Are you fucking crazy? 🙁

  • Ric

    If this story is true, the next victim will be the third.

  • bo

    One more thing…
    isn`t it unreal how many illegal brazilians there are in the U.S.? Everytime you read about one he`s illegal!

  • bo

    [quote]The state medical examiner’s office plans to conduct an autopsy today, and the district attorney’s office will investigate, O’Connell said. State Police refused to release the police report yesterday because the matter is under investigation.[/quote]

    Can`t wait until those results come out! Stay tuned!

    Believe me folks, I know many policemen here in the U.S., have also been arrested here, many years ago, numerous times. There are camera`s everywhere, all throughout the jails, in the police cars, everywhere. These police aren`t mistreating these people. There is something very wrong here, and from the history of the Araujo guy it doesn`t take Dick Tracy to figure out what happened there. But don`t worry, autopsies and toxicology reports don`t lie.

  • bo

    Hey EF..
    are you that fucking stupid?? Do you know why the Brazilian died two months ago??? He swallowed cocaine that he had on him! He was a known drug dealer with various arrests! They did a toxicology report and he unquestionably died of a cocaine overdose!! Don`t you wonder why the press in Brazil never reported on it? They only reported on the story UNTIL they discored he was a known drug dealer that had previously been arrested for drugs in the U.S.

    Just like the brazilian press, they only want to make americans and the american authorities look to be “predjudiced” against brazilians….yeah, right! Why don`t you tell your brothers to first of all, stop coming to the U.S. via coyotes and/or overstaying their visas by ten fucking years, and most of all, [b]we don`t want your fucking drug dealing criminals![/b] Real nice how the guy had TWO aliases?? WTF is that? Only criminals carry around fake ID`s and have aliases….only people that are HIDING something.

    I`ll lay anyone 10-1 odds that this kid swallowed drugs as well.

  • EF Araújo

    “Fell ill” my ass. Disgusting what they’re doing to immigrants in the US these days. Blame the Republicans, though!

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