Brazil’s Lula Comes in Defense of Ahmadinejad’s Nuclear Program

Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad In New York, after having addressed the world from the UN podium and before flying back to Brazil, Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, defended Iran's right to maintain and develop its own nuclear program and stressed that the Iranian government hasn't committed any crime.

"I believe in negotiations," said Lula, adding, "Nobody should be punished in advance. If the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wants to enrich uranium and deal with the nuclear issue in a peaceful manner as Brazil is doing, this is Iran's right."

The president reminded reporters that all countries in the world are subject to UN's control and once again expressed his support for Ahmadinejad: "Heretofore, Iran has not committed any crime against UN's resolutions in regard to nuclear weapons."

Earlier Lula had showed optimism over negotiations with the United States and the European Union on farm subsidies in the context of the World Trade Organization's Doha round : "We are now closer to a negotiation than in any other historical period. It is still going to be difficult, but I am convinced that we will get to a voting before the end of the year," stated Lula.

Talking at the opening of the  62nd UN's General Assembly, this Tuesday morning, right after the session was opened by the secretary general Ban Ki-moon, the Brazilian president stressed the importance of the environment and its relation with wealth distribution around the world.

"The world," said Lula,  "will not modify its irresponsible relation with nature unless it modifies the relation with development and the sharing of riches."

Lula also used the UN platform to pat himself on the back: "Brazilians' standard of living got better, job offer and income increased, the minimum wage's purchase power also went up. Our resources are scarce, but we still obtained surprising results.

"The Bolsa Famí­lia (Family Voucher) program, flagship of Zero Hunger, guarantees a minimum income to more than 11 million Brazilian families. With good food, people recover their dignity, are healthier, learn better.

And he went on: "To set resources aside for the social area is not expenditure, it is investment. If we were able to do so much in Brazil, imagine what could be done in a global scale if the fight against hunger and poverty became, in fact, a priority for the international community.

"Where there is hunger there is no hope, there is instead desolation and pain. Hunger feeds violence and fanaticism and a world of starving people will never be a safe place."

The Brazilian chief of state offered Brazil to once again host an international environmental conference to be held in 2012. Rio hosted Echo 92, which is also known as Rio 92. In 2002 South Africa opened its doors to the participants of Rio+10.


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  • shoailkhan

    you send any think

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Has the brasilian government thought this through?

    Last I heard was that the brasilian government did think through and made a deal with Mr.Harper to send expat brasilians like you to Afghanistan. Are you ready to go to Kabul?

  • Kleber

    Has the brasilian government thought this through?
    71 Canadian soldiers have been killed in afghanistan along wih other NATO soldiers. Canadians are fighting in the most dangerous part of afghanistan where other NATO countries are unwilling to go..take wild guess who is supplying the Taliban with bombs and weapons to kill NATO soldiers?…IRAN….who is supplying Hammas and Syria…IRAN…has LULA thought this through…if Iran goes nuclear who do you think is next to receive Irans generosity…you think Mahmoud and Chaves do group hugs and air kisses for nothing…Iran and Venezuela are developing close is not out of the realm of impossibility that iran can share nuclear weapons/technology with Venezuela (if it is not happening already)..if this happens Brasil’s power will disappear longer the dominant force in south america..LULA doesnt realize this and is putting brasil in jeapordy by supporting Iran….

  • ch.c.

    In defense of South Africa
    But South Africa has a higher murder rate than Brazil !
    Sadly….true !

    Another Lula insanity, in the same same Bloomberg article :
    ““No government in the world buys the amount of books that we buy for the public education,”

    How come ? More than the USA, China and India ?
    More than doubtful….obviously.
    Lula is really syringe addicted to……ethanol !!!!

  • João da Silva

    In defense of South Africa
    [quote]the poorest one-fifth of Brazilians account for 2.4 percent of the national income, making the country second to South Africa in income inequality.”

    1) Johannesburg Airport is well organized and clean. The customs and Immigrations authorities are friendly.

    2) SAA flights have large 747 Jumbos with plenty of leg rooms. Crewed by good people,regardless of color. Of course, there are some South African members of the crew that speak English with Sandhurst accent. The Afrikanner crew speak English with a guttural SWISS accent. Then we have the lovely Zulu ladies and gentlemen who speak with their own accent.Plenty of food,wine and beer served,which I really did not mind.

    3) As for your statement that Brazil has the second most in income inequality. Dont bet on it. S.Africa is going to overtake us very soon. They dont like to brag about themselves (or carres their navels,in your language).But they are very good.

    I think that my next vacation is going to be in S.Africa (again). Great folks.

  • ch.c.

    “its relation with wealth distribution around the world”
    Such a contradictory and full of lies statement coming from the mouth of a country President…..with the WORLD SECOND WORST COUNTRY…….after South Africa…….. for INCOME INEQUALITY…. as per the World Bank stats.

    Published not later than today… Bloomberg
    “the poorest one-fifth of Brazilians account for 2.4 percent of the national income, making the country second to South Africa in income inequality.”


  • João da Silva

    [quote]maybe he is saying this to get more exports to the middle east[/quote]

    Here you got it right.btw, what do the Canadians think about Iran?

  • Ric

    Cut Thru the Rhetoric
    Depends on how one defines the word, “right”. Despite lots of words and agreements and hand wringing, might still makes right and the law of the most powerful canÀ‚´t be PCÀ‚´d aside.

    In other words, if IranÀ‚´s nuclear program continues to go forward and they build powerplants and warheads, they had the right to do so, as did Pakistan.

    If they continue developing and talking as they are now, and get bombed, which is likely, they didnÀ‚´t have the right.

    Is that so difficult?

  • Kleber

    did brazil threaten to wipe out a state of the face of the earth?
    no comparisson can be made in comparing Iran to Brazil in the nuclear issue…there should be no doubt that the first nuke Iran obtains will be to use Israel as targeting practice… sure brasil needs nuclear power instead of flooding the amzon..but what Iran is doing is to enrich uranium to weapos grade.. Lula is clearly out of his league on this one…maybe he is saying this to get more exports to the middle east..but what a way to do…threatening the human race

  • James in Philly

    Crazy Talk
    Condoning putting Nuclear Weapons in the hands of a Madman is just plain Crazy Talk.

  • aes

    “Our resources are scarce, but we still obtained surprising results” Brazil’s resources are not scarce. The results he optained are surprisingly poor, given the massive wealth and potential for change that exists.

    And he went on: “To set resources aside for the social area is not expenditure, it is investment. If we were able to do so much in Brazil, imagine what could be done in a global scale if the fight against hunger and poverty became, in fact, a priority for the international community.

    If the world did as much as Brazil has done for its poor it would still be poor. Nothing or nearly nothing would be changed.

    Delusions of grandiosity, prattle, puffery.

    Self appointed importance. Oblivious to the villaney of Iran of its state sponsored terrorism. Naive in his belief as to the nuclear intentions of Iran. To equate Brazil with Iran is to equate China with Ethiopia. . .or Catholicism with an Islamic caliphate. Catholicism has a generosity of spirit, it is about life. Islam is not. The cry of Islam is “Islam or death”. There is only Islam, nothing else. It is the primary tenet of Islam. The world must submit to shariya law or die. It is not peaceful electricity that Iran seeks.

    How many satellites does Lula have to formulate an opinion. Upon what does Lula reach these conclusions? What are Lula’s intellegence assets on the ground in Iran that he conjures these conclusions? Break out your ‘brown shirts’ there will be dancing in Poland. If you do not learn from history you are damned to repeat it. Of course you need a critical eye to differentiate information from propaganda. I think that is the function of U.S. satellite reconaissance. . .to provide a critical eye.

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