241 Routes Feed Brazil’s Women and Minors Sex Slavery Trade

Shelter for abused women in Brazil Human trafficking, one of the modern forms of slavery, victimizes close to 2.5 million people around the world.  Although there is no national statistic in Brazil, according to educated guesses, the majority of those affected – about 70% – are women and youth of African descent. 

The principal victims, women and minors with falsified documents, are normally lured into sexual exploitation or slave labor. 

According to data from the Research on the Trafficking of Women, Children, and Youth for the End of Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Brazil (Pestraf), 241 human trafficking routes pass through Brazil: 110 routes of internal trafficking (78 inter-state routes and 32 inter-municipal routes) and 131 international trafficking routes. 

The inter-state and inter-municipal routes are used for connections with the borders of South America, especially in the trafficking of youth and children, who later leave the region in planes, ships, or small boats. 

The country which receives the most Brazilians is Spain – between the two countries there are 32 trafficking routes.  The criminal organization "Iberian Connection", which has numerous connections including one with the Russian Mafia, is responsible for the majority of transports to the European country.

After Spain, the countries which have the most trafficking routes with Brazil are: Holland (11), Venezuela (10), Italy (9), Portugal (8), Paraguay (7), Switzerland (6), USA (5), Germany (5), Suriname (5).  The lack of a work force and the social construction of inferiority are, according to Pestraf, the principal reasons that women are victims of this kind of violence.

The profile of these women shows that they normally work in domestic services or in shops (store clerk, waitress), are poorly paid, do not have workers rights or guarantees.  They come, for the most part, from the poorer classes, have low levels of education, and live in the urban peripheries, which include a lack of sanitation.

The youth come from cities of low socio-economic development in the rural areas of the country.  Many have already been victims of intra-family violence (sexual abuse, rape, seduction, negligence). 

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the victims of human trafficking – men and women of all ages – are from 127 different nationalities, in 137 countries, and Brazil is one source of victims. 

The organization says that between 600 and 800 thousand people are still trafficked through international borders each year. 

The crimes committed by agents of international human trafficking (trafficking, activities and goods produced by the victims) generate US$ 32 billion per year and is the third largest illegal activity in the world,  behind the trafficking of drugs and arms.  It is, however, the one which is growing the most.

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  • Thaddeus Gregory Blanchette

    That should be “…abusing kiddies” up there, not “…abusing tourists”.

  • Thaddeus Gregory Blanchette

    An addendum
    I should also point out – for those of you who think that “gringos are stealing our women” – that what numbers we do have indicate that the vast majority of trafficking and child sexual abuse is done by – TA DA! – Brazilians.

    In 1997, the federal government set up a disque denÀƒ»nica hotline which sought to get citizens to drop a dime on sexual tourists who were abusing tourists. Over the last 10 years, some 50,000 denunciations have been phoned in. For the 23,000 or so of which we have records, on 1500 (that’s right, about 6%) of the denunciations actually involved sexual abuse of minors. Of these, only 15 (IIRC) involved foreigners. Around 6% of the cases involved member of the clergy, however.

    So by the Brazilian government’s own stats, clergymen are 5-6 times more likely to be caught sexually abusing minors than gringos of any kind, tourists or no.

  • Thaddeus Gregory Blanchette

    Reasoned critique of PESTRAF
    Hello. I am an anthropologist who has been studying trafficing in Brazil for several years now. PESTRAF is a very compromised study – compromised by political agendas and by simple, piss-poor scientific methodology. Worse, the study’s faults have been greatly exagerated by the article above.

    In the first place, there’s no such thing as an “educated guess” regarding trafficking in Brazil. We simply have no solid data. At all. The stat “70% African descended and youth victims” is a bit of a laugh because, between one thing and another, “youths” and “African descended” people make up AT LEAST 70% of the country. So all the fabricator of that original stat did was project normal national population percentages onto trafficking. Sure sounds much more threatening in the article, though, doesn’t it?

    Secondly, the count of “241 routes” was arrived at by research into newspaper articles. AFAIK, no attempt was made to qualify the articles’ information as true or not. One could just as easily release a report regarding the number of “UFO transit routes” in Brazil using the same methodology. Newspapers deal with reports of trafficking in sensationalist fashion. Their info on this subject should always be suspect, at best, but PESTRAF takes it as the gospel truth because – in the words of FÀƒ¡tima Leal, one of the study’s cordinators – “if we didn’t use newspaper reports, we’d have no data at all”. In other words, the data here was fabricated cut to order.

    Third, PESTRAF apparently counts all or most movements of sex trade workers as “trafficking victims”. It’s principal organizers consider all forms of prostitution to be analogous to slavery and thus, ipso facto, “trafficking”. Counting whores as victims – whether or not their human rights have been violated – has been the main way in which PESTRAF apparently managed to pad its count of routes.

    I say “apparently” here because in over three years of asking for PESTRAF’s raw data regarding their newspaper research, we have received nothing, in spite of repeated promises by the study organizers. This, in and of itself, is a breach of scientific ethics and etiquette.

    PESTRAF, in the final analysis, is not a scientific work: it is “research” carried out by people with a clear moral and political agenda. Said people claim to be socialists and see all sex work under capitalism to be “exploitation” and all sex workers as thus “victims of exploitation”. They use this sophist dodge to count sex workers in movement as trafficking victims and thus obfuscate the true dimensions of the problem while creating the political and moral conditions for a crackdown on prostitution.

    Now, whether or not you think prostitution needs to be banned, I think that we can both agree that an adult woman who leaves Brazil to go work in a titty bar in Madrid and maybe turn tricks on the side, who is subject to no other coersion but that of the market, is NOT in the same category as a 14 year old girl who is kidnapped from her family, raped and sold into sexual slavery.

    By conflating the one with the other, PESTRAF has actually contributed to the obfuscation of trafficking and has helped Brazilian officials to switch resources from combatting true trafficking to combatting prostitution.

    Is conclusion, PESTRAF should not be accepted as a reasonable source of information by anyone who is truly interested in either combatting trafficking or discovering its true dimensions as an international problem.

    UNDOC itself says it has no solid info on the dimensions or profits of people trafficking. That 32 billion dollar ammount, taken from UNDOC’s webpage, is a real “blue sky” estimate – a fact which UNDOC responsibly admits and many so-called journalists and researchers consistently forget to point out. The truth of the matter is this: the UN’s own estimates of trafficking victims worldwide range from 250,000 to upwards of 100 million. With a range of numbers like that, any estimate at all about the profits involved in trafficking is simply ridiculous. The fact is that we don’t know how many people are being trafficked or what profits are involved in this and studies like PESTRAF, which intentionally blur the boundaries between sex work and trafficking, do not let us come any closer to setting numbers on these sort of things.

  • ch.c.

    “The profile of these women shows that they normally work in domestic services or in shops (store clerk, waitress” and are poorly paid !!!!!!! Laugh….laugh….laugh…..!!!!

    In Switzerland you wont find an illegal maid….not being paid CHF 25.- per hour (slighlty over US$ 20.- per hour) OR Brazilian Reals
    35.- or so….. hourly !!!
    And an illegal full time worker in a shop or restaurant, paid on monthly basis, will earn a minimum of Brazilian Reals 4000.- but usually around 5000.-……if unskilled.
    On social coverage, the answer is quite simple, if the salary is declared, then there is social coverage AND taxes ! MORE SIMPLE AND NORMAL, THERE IS NOT !

    Finally I can only suppose They are certainly better paid and treated in Brazil, arent they, explaining why they chose to come here !
    Hmmmm…things dont converge…in my view ! Laugh…laugh…laugh !!!!!

    Most illegal foreigners in my country entered the country through the help of an existing family member or friends, already in the country either legally or illegally.
    And the new entrants live with their family/family relations/friends in more than decent appartments !!!! And not in Brazilian favelas style.
    There is no need to have “an illegal route” to enter Switzerland for a Brazilian. Just take a flight ticket, have a family/friends connection here, and you pass the customs……LEGALLY !!!!! A BRAZILIAN DONT EVEN NEED A VISA….TO ENTER SWITZERLAND !!!!


    In my city, Geneva, we have thousands and thousands of brazilians, mostly illegals.
    And they are dreaming to stay in the country for ever, rather than being obliged to return to Brazil, except for vacations to see their family and offering them tens of gifts, they could not have otherwise afforded…while working or not working in Brazil !

    And curiously millions of brazilians are dreaming to exit their own fucking country and go anywhere as long as it is elsewhere !

    The sad truth is that Brazilians find decent jobs in the EU, Switzerland, the EU, when they have been unable to find a decent job in their own country. But Brazilians as dumb as they are, dont recognize this fact.

    Even Rolex have a shortage of unskilled workers. They will train them. The starting salary is 7000.- Brazilian Reals….per month !!!!!

    Finally strangely enough, despite our apparent higher costs of living, PCs, Iphone/Ipods, cars, etc etc are CHEAPER than in Brazil, without even taking the PPP !!!!!!!! and even cheaper when using a leasing, since our rates are within the world lowest !!!!!!


    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • ch.c.

    To Simpleton and the guest !
    IF YOU CAN……read the articles to the left site of this page and what you will realize is :

    – 60 % of children sex abuses in Brazil is DOMESTIC IN THEIR OWN FAMILY.
    – 930 municipalities offer children prostitution. (That is on top of children sex abuses…in their own families…of course)
    – 2 contradiciting Brazilians articles : A) Each Year 70,000 or 10% of the World’s Human Traffic Cases Occur in Brazil B) 33% of 23,000 Brazilians Deported Are Women, Many Victims of Sex Rings. I suppose both are ” Brazilian educated estimates” despite their wild differences. Right or not ?
    – Brazil Has 15% of the World’s Children Working in Mines: 146,000
    Just another proof of how you care for your children.
    And Brazilian junkies mix up things NATURALLY, IT IS IN THEIR NON EDUCATION. They dont know that routes dont have not necessarily the same traffic numbers !!!! laugh…laugh…laugh !
    – With 2 Million Kids Working Brazil Promises End to Child Labor
    Another proof of how caring you are with your children. Correct ?

    – From 321 Routes of Sex Slavery in Brazil 190 Are Domestic !
    Interesting to note that the source is from Pestraf too. ADITAL preferred to hide the true numbers from Pestraf and more especially the 190 routes that are DOMESTIC…ending up…IN BRAZIL ! Guess why ! Only idiots will not understand the reasons. Thus neither simpleton or the guest will….on purpose ! Is hiding, cheating and lying not the Brazilian way of life ? Well, you just got another simple proof and demonstration that it is sadly true.
    Feel free to do it now on a per 100’000 capita ! I wont because as said 2 routes may have far different numbers from each other !!!!!! Laugh…..laugh !!!!! Simple proof how baseless, worthless and uneducated these 2 junkies are.

    And read these articles too :
    – Lula Blames Slavery for Brazil’s ‘Social Abyss’
    – 18,000 Slave Workers Rescued in Brazil, But No One Went to Jail
    – Brazil’s Wild West Has Largest Concentration of Slave Workers
    – Brazil Starts Plan to Eradicate Slave Labor
    Cant you realize the contradictions ?

    And then :
    – Ambassador Denies that Brazil Has Ethanol Slaves !!!!!! By the way, your Vice President AÀƒ§ucar (Alencar) also publicly said the same as your Ambassador ! If that is not cheating, hiding and lying, what it is….in your view ?

    A few more articles, still on the left side, just to have your red face more red :
    – For Many Men in Brazil, Beating Up Women Is a Right !
    It says it all, doesnt it ?
    – In Brazil 70% of Women Abuse Is Shelved. At Women’s Request.
    Certainly a pure lie for……At Women’s Request. The truth being that you famous INjustice dept does nothing against women abuses.

    Ohhh and for children, AND THE CARE YOU PROVIDE THEM, I have been nice to you : I DID NOT INCLUDE THE MILLIONS OF….STREET CHILDREN !!!! Nor did I underline yet…those street children KILLED by your Famous Deaths Squads !!!!!
    Be proud of your society…..and keep fingerpointing other countries, just to divert the attention of the far more darker sides inside your own society !!!!!
    A typical Brazilian trick used for many decades ! Look elswhere…is you logo and motto !!!!!

  • Simpleton

    Stats are what you make of them
    I really didn’t want to comment on this article but since ch.C did, I don’t mind pointing out the one thing that stuck with me. ch.Cland, as tiny and underpopulated as it is (i.e. shouldn’t numerically be compared except per 100,000 basis wise – HA!), is still beating USA, Germany and Suriname 6 – 5. What seems to be the ch.Clander’s preference? Wait til they are old and decrepit and then go back home and take some poor sole back home with them for further use and abuse? If you could float em ashore for strictly labor abuses then maybe people would understand what’s the problem with you and lick-dem-stine.

  • The Guest

    Ch. C, The Idiot: SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU
    You are quick to condemn ADITAL by writing, “SHAME ON YOU ! Once more you are diverting the truth to hide the far bleaker reality happening LOCALLY and not externally !!!! ,” but you fail to mention the shame of your wonderful country for being “involved in sex slave industry with women and children……” “After Spain, the countries which have the most trafficking routes with Brazil are: Holland (11), Venezuela (10), Italy (9), Portugal (8), Paraguay (7), Switzerland (6), USA (5), Germany (5), Suriname (5).

    Where is your shame for your country being on the list of countries being “involved in sex slave industry with women and children……” SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU.

  • ch.c.

    full of lies, full of lies !
    There are Brazilian statistics from Government agencies !!!!!!!
    There are over 900 Brazilian municipalities out of around 5500 offering sex with minors !!!!!!
    There are an estimated 2 millions BRAZILIAN children in sex trade….IN BRAZIL !!!!!!
    Over 95 % of sex abuses with children happens to be the results WITH….BRAZILIANS THEMSELVES !!!!!!

    And if you believe that I dont say the truth…..just scroll, scroll, scroll the article on this site only.
    You may as well surf the net and type ….children abuses prostitution Brazil…..and you may well read hundreds of reports from world reknown NGOs or International Agencies, having certainly a far more “educated guess” than ADITAL !!!!!

    Curious than I, a foreigner, do know the report stating how many municiplaities offer sex prostitution with minors in Brazil, but ADITAL, is not aware of it or worse doesnt mention it….ON PURPOSE !!!!!!!!

    It happens that of the 241 Brazilian routes involved in sex slave industry with women and children…… MOST END UP….IN BRAZIL !!!!!

    SHAME ON YOU ! Once more you are diverting the truth to hide the far bleaker reality happening LOCALLY and not externally !!!!
    Even some of your politicians, judges, businessmen, sports and local celebrities have regular sex with minors.
    Scroll again the aricles as stated above.

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