A Picture Perfect Flight for Brazilian Space Rocket

Brazil space rocket VS-30 After four delays in the past few days due to bad weather and high winds, the Brazilian-Argentinean space rocket finally took off this Sunday morning, December 16, and it was a 9 minute and 25 second hit for the first Brazil-Argentina space mission.

According to the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), the rocket carrying scientific experiments was launched at 6:15 am from the launching center at Barreira do Inferno (Hell Barrier) in Parnamirim in the northern state of Rio Grande do Norte.

It took the Brazilian-made VS-30 rocket seven minutes to reach a height of 121 km (75 miles). It was enough time to carry two Argentinean experiments in microgravity and to test a GPS (Global Positioning System)  built by scientists at the Rio Grande do Norte Federal University (UFRN).

According to official data, the rocket's flight was considered perfect. Tracing and data transmission also worked flawlessly, according to the same sources. The rocket's payload was recouped by the  Brazilian Air Force which sent two Black Hawk helicopters and a submarine team to get the payload when it splashed down 120 km off the Brazilian coast.

While the Argentinean modules will be examined in  Buenos Aires, the Brazilian experiment will be analyzed by the UFRN. The GPS results should be used in future software for rockets and satellites.

The so-called Angicos Operation is the result of an agreement between Brazil and Argentina and involves more than 100 scientists from both countries.

For colonel Luiz Fernando de Azevedo from the Brazilian Air Force and the project coordinator on Brazil's side, Argentina got the most benefits in this joint mission, but he didn't deny Brazil's gains: "We not only conducted a Brazilian experiment and made our own tests, but we are also going to launch another rocket. This is essential to keep our technology and maintain the teams trained."

The Angicos project cost the Brazilian government 1.5 million Brazilian reais (US$ 841,000) not including expenses with the scientists salaries. Argentina invested about US$ 500,000 in the venture.

A VSB-30 sounding rocket, launched in July by Brazil was a failure. At that time the payload prepared by German scientists got lost in the ocean and was never found.


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  • João da Silva

    [quote]Right Wing bulls**t at itÀ‚´s finest. [/quote]

    As you say, Comrade Corporal.

  • Eduardo C.

    Nicht nur ich!!

  • Eduardo C.

    EMBRAER vs. rolex..PETROBRAS vs. NestlÀƒ© go f u c k yourself mybe some other countries can compare..but you are nothing in Europe…Bank money, Uhr ,chocolate thatÀ‚´s all. And you donÀ‚´t have personality. I can say Iam a Brazilian…But you>. 😉 You are a burocrat idiot.Estou de olho em vcs!!

  • Eduardo C.

    Spying?? You tell me 8) 😉 Chocolateland again 😥 😥 BRASIL !!

  • JOJO

    [quote]Do you remember the name of the first Brazilian astronaut? I am sure you don’t.[/quote]

    You mean one of Russiaˢ۪s space tourists? Youˢ۪re actually bringing Ponte up and not laughing? Now youˢ۪re making me laugh even more. Isnˢ۪t this the same guy who couldnˢ۪t cut it with NASA, so your government spent 40 million (or some other ridiculous amount of cash) for him to hitch-hike with the Russians?

    BTW, I donˢ۪t really give a fuck about the US space program that puts up a shuttle and rocket just about every other month. With as many flights the US launches it is bound to happen. Kinda like you folks loosing airplanes every 10 months or so.

    BTW, this is an article about Brazil and its illustrious SPACE PROGRAM. So do us all a favor and stick to the point or STFU. The fact that Brazil even attempts a space program with 30 % illiteracy and 50% poverty in the nation is just ridiculous. But I guess it serves for the chest-beaters and gives them something, although pathetic, to cheer about. Ya, we canÀ‚´t feed anyone here in Brazil, so letÀ‚´s invest billions and explore space, becasue they are HEROS. Right Wing bullshit at itÀ‚´s finest.

  • bo

    [quote]According to official data, the rocket’s flight was considered perfect. Tracing and data transmission also worked flawlessly, according to the same sources. The rocket’s payload was recouped by the Brazilian Air Force which sent two Black Hawk helicopters and a submarine team to get the payload when it splashed down 120 km off the Brazilian coast.[/quote]

    Who can believe anything authorities say here in Brazil after what we’ve dealt with over the last year and a half with the airtraffic situation.

  • ch.c.

    Or a test from your National Export Agency.
    Eventually you will airship…..your ethanol ??????

    They did not figure out yet….that probably….the air cargo could be empty at the landing !!!!!!
    Because more than 9 minutes is needed to reach…the over the pond destinations.

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😉

  • João da Silva

    [quote]this could be an army test….for a missile !!!!![/quote]

    More likely an Air Force test to probe the defense alertness of our cousins Hugo and Christina 😉

    The good Col.Chavez is forgetting what he learn’ t at the military academy 🙁

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Translation: We didnÀ‚´t kill 12 scientists getting this puppy off the ground.[/quote]

    Excuse me, how many scientists were killed during the two space shuttle crashes (Challenger and Columbia)? 14 highly trained professionals. In one of the American Apollo programs, three astronauts were burnt alive on the ground.All these people sacrificed their lives in pursuit of knowledge. Our 12 were heroes too and may God bless all those people who died trying to explore Space, including the “vira lata”, Laika.

    Do you remember the name of the first Brazilian astronaut? I am sure you don’t.

    JOJO, I don’t know if you are a Brasilian or from another country. Your comment is in bad taste and does not respect the souls of those who perished while exploring the space, including the 12 scientists you were talking about.

  • ch.c.

    this could be an army test….for a missile !!!!!
    Just in case for Chavez….your cousin……!!!!!!!

    Or it could be for spying how Switzerland produces so much Chocolate exported so successfully around the world…..despite we dont have ONE Cocoa tree.

    😉 😀 😉

  • Eduardo C.

    I am here!! BRASIL!!

  • JOJO

    [quote]According to official data, the rocket’s flight was considered perfect.[/quote]

    Translation: We didnÀ‚´t kill 12 scientists getting this puppy off the ground.

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