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Chavez Called Histrionic in Brazilian Congress After FARC Fiasco

Brazilian Congressman Raul Jungmann The recent end of the year episode of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez with the Colombian cocaine-funded guerrilla FARC and the failed handover of hostages could further imperil the Brazilian Congress approval of Venezuela's incorporation to Mercosur.

Brazilian Deputy Raul Jungmann, member of the Lower House Foreign Affairs committee said that Chavez actions have contributed to deteriorate the image of Venezuela in both chambers of the Brazilian Congress.

"His attitude reinforces the feeling that Chavez is an autocratic and histrionic president", said Congress member Jungmann, who defined the whole incident, which had an unexpected fiasco end, as "self promotion".

The Foreign Affairs and Constitution and Justice committees of the Brazilian Lower House a few months ago approved a project for the incorporation of Venezuela to Mercosur, which triggered much controversy and debate, since some members questioned the "democratic commitment" of President Chavez, an essential requisite for any country wishing to become a member of South America's largest trade group, and enshrined in the Brazilian constitution.

Furthermore Chavez had accused the Brazilian Senate of acting as a "parrot of Washington's orders" and being "a representative for the Brazilian bourgeois," which caused much irritation.

Even Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva had to intervene in the incident in defense of the Senate and asking Chavez what he meant by such statements.

This anticipates that the Brazilian approval of Venezuela's entry to Mercosur is going to be long and controversial. It still has to be approved by both houses and in the Senate the Lula administration does not have a majority having recently lost crucial votes on taxing. Anyhow the issue won't be addressed until March, since after Carnaval, in the beginning of February, the Brazilian Congress is closed down.

The opposition also criticized Lula for having sent his main advisor, Marco Aurélio Garcia, as a member of the delegation of international representatives to the failed handover of hostages.



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  • Communicatio in Sacris

    Communicatio in Sacris
    Does anyone know the FARC’s Policy toward the Latin Tridentine Mass? I understand many of the Colombian Rebel Movements in the 1960s were actually founded by Catholic priests who were the Jefes, is that true? And back then there was only the Old Latin Mass before those Conciliar Changes of the Vatican II Council. In China, I know that the Chinese Communist Patriotic Catholic Church, which rebelled from Rome, still celebrates the Old Latin Mass Liturgy with their valid succession of bishops. But, I am not sure does the FARC-EP have chaplains like a regular military? And how about the ELN, and the various other rebel groups? Do these various rebel groups communicate together for special feasts (Communcatio in Sacris)?

    Do they tolerate Traditionalist Catholic Priests? Also what is their policy toward Russian Orthodox Priests? Someone said they kill priests a lot, is that true?

    I am little worried to hear Chavez mentioned, I read he is involved in the Sin (Betrayal) of Communicatio in Sacris with non-Catholics (like Muslims). I read these matters from a scholarly book written by a Latino author, Dr. DeTucci (I think he studied at the Javierana?), you can browse the book online:


    I also read Simon Bolivar forbade Non-Catholic Churches in Gran Colombia (and any “Communicatio in Sacris”), is that true? Does President Uribe take a stance on this? Or is he under the control of the AUC? I read also that Cardinal CastrillÀƒ³n Hoyos of Medellin, Colombia (Head Vatican Official of the Latin Mass Indult Commission Ecclesia Dei–which ironically is trying to heal the Latin Schismatic Rebel Groups formed by the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre of France which extend globally including in Europe and the Americas) is a secret-Jefe of the AUC, and he also has helped the M-19 Block officially pontificating the Old Latin Mass for Medellin and Cali Cartel Families, and of course collecting their donations or la comienza, does anyone have revealing information on this scandal? I guess the rumor may be true that he also helps certain Israel Programs with financial laundering of funds under the guise of Church Hierarchy (Most Holy Family Monastery’s Michael Dimond being the Zionist Superior Jefe of this program). Further, I saw on television that Director Oliver Stone is investigating this whole Latin-Colombian Schism and claims to have the necessary inside information on Uribe and Friends to definitely expose him in a Documentary that will be released on video. I guess there is a certain Bishop Spadafore (from Palma de Troya, Spain) involved in the fiasco?


    P.S. I also read about Vlad Tepes, a Catholic Prince who resisted the Turkish Muslim Invasion in Romania, he is a national hero to Romania, and he actually died a Roman Catholic! Vlad certainly put fear into his enemies by his strict justice, and his enemies lied that he was a vampire to demonize him. So people can make up stories about people, and call them terrible things, like a terrorist. You can read more here:


  • João da Silva

    [quote]The mass migrations of nordetinos (Lula’s people) to the south east of Brazil still continues. The new and perfect slaves for a increasingly massive agri/ethanol industry.[/quote]

    Not only to the South Eastern states but also to the South. It is not restricted to Agri/ Ethanol industries.In case you did not read, TELEMAR bought Brasil Telecom on January 7th. Here is the link for you to read in case you missed the news and draw your own conclusions!:


  • forrest allen brown

    ric ,
    conspiracy edu
    does not read much into the visit at camp david
    lula was brought to camp for a private meeting on
    brasil lack of human rights , lulas lack of control
    over the way his military in HAITI doing more harm then good

    lula asking the US for money for the navy brasil could
    buy fuel so it could play in the war games ( us has paid for fule for brasil navy in 4 other war games )
    in the past 5 years
    & last but not least
    the nuke sub brasil wants to build

    jeb bush just another business man , like kofie annan from the UN
    you did not bitch about him selling food for fuel , but guns in IRQU

  • Ric

    Because I just love this conspiracy stuff. Tell us more. This is great stuff.

  • Edu Goldenberg

    I don’t like Chavez at all. He’s a total fraud BUT it’s true about Lula. O Presidente is an agent of the Bush Crime family.
    For example: Ethanol plus Inter-American Ethanol Commission = Jeb Bush.

    Bush and Houston oil sends Lula as their personal representative all over the world. Libya and Angola are now great trading partners
    Lula sends Brazilian soldiers to Haiti where Brazilian made Ethanol will be processed for American gasoline markets.

    PT is destroyed through scandals and infighting which eliminates any effective political opposition towards the ruling oligarchs and centuries old status quo. Most importantly Globalism can continue in Brazil unimpeded.

    The mass migrations of nordetinos (Lula’s people) to the south east of Brazil still continues. The new and perfect slaves for a increasingly massive agri/ethanol industry.

    The socio-economic infrastructures of states like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are effectively and systematically imploded. Socio-economic chaos rheins supreme. It’s slow motion genocide.

    Lula is ALLOWED to visit Bush on a SATURDAY at Camp David, Maryland. Only the leaders of Great Britain and Israel have been given this special privalidge.

    Need I say more????

  • forrest allen brown


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