Boycott Chicken Abuser KFC, Says Brazil’s Girl from Ipanema

Astrud Gilberto in campaign against KFC On behalf of US-based animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), legendary Brazilian jazz icon and animal activist Astrud Gilberto, famous for singing Garota de Ipanema, will appear in a new ad campaign urging consumers across Brazil to boycott Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The campaign wants the fast-food company to stop what they call "the worst abuses of the more than 850 million animals slaughtered for its restaurants every year."

Gilberto's new ad is meant as a response to KFC's announcement that it plans to open a number of new KFC franchises in her native Brazil.

The ad, expected to run this spring in São Paulo, shows a picture of the performer with the words: "Boycott KFC. KFC subjects 850 million chickens to horrific and extreme pain and suffering. Join me in telling KFC that you will not support its shamefully cruel handling of live animals." Astrud Gilbert

Gilberto urges Brazilians to visit PETA's Web site and view one of several shocking video exposés, including one filmed at a KFC "Supplier of the Year" slaughterhouse, where workers were documented stomping on live animals, tearing them apart, and spitting tobacco in their faces.

Chickens raised for KFC have their throats slit while they are still conscious and millions are scalded to death in tanks of hot water every year.

Gilberto joins a long list of high-profile celebrities, scholars, and religious leaders in speaking out against KFC's cruelty, including rock icons Sir Paul McCartney and Chrissie Hynde, pop sensation Pink, actor Pamela Anderson, Nobel Peace Prize winner His Holiness the Dalai Lama, writer Alice Walker, civil rights leader The Reverend Al Sharpton, and many others.

KFC in Brazil

KFC first tried to establish itself in Brazil during the 1990s. That attempt, however, was a failure and from that time only four restaurants have survived, all of them in Rio de Janeiro. Now the American fast-food company is again trying to get a piece of the Brazilian market.

This time it's counting on the help of Brazil Fast Food Corporation (BFFC), a company with the decades of experience in Brazil, which manages the Bob's fast-food chain.

The first time around, KFC was owned by Pepsi. Today, the company belongs to Yum! Brands, a multinational that also owns Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

Negotiations between BFFC and Yum lasted five months. KFC will be investing about US$ 2 million in new stores and BFFC will be free to open KFC franchises in all of Brazil's 26 states.

BFFC is the owner and operator of the 534-outlets Bobs chain, the second largest hamburger fast-food chain in Brazil after McDonald's. Yum! Restaurants International, a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. has over 34,000 restaurants around the world.

Under terms of the mutual agreement, Brazil Fast Food – through its holding company, 22N Participações Ltda. – has assumed operational control of KFC's four company-owned and operated restaurants in Rio de Janeiro as a Yum! franchisee.

A new subsidiary, wholly owned by 22-N Participações Ltda., has been set up for this special purpose. In addition, Brazil Fast Food, through its holding company, will be responsible for developing and expanding the KFC chain throughout Brazil by opening new restaurants -company-owned and franchised – and managing the chain's Brazilian operations.

Wagner Rodrigues, Executive Officer of Yum! Restaurants International in Brazil, commented on the agreement. "With Brazil Fast Food's extensive knowledge of the Brazilian fast food market, we believe that it is the perfect company to entrust with the continued growth, development and consolidation of the KFC brand in Brazil."

Ricardo Figueiredo Bomeny, Chief Executive Officer of Brazil Fast Food Corp., also commented, "KFC is a powerful brand with a significant presence throughout the world, and we are honored to have been chosen by Yum! Brands to help them achieve their long-term expansion goals in Brazil's fast food market.

"We consider this an excellent opportunity to leverage our expertise in a way that complements our core business and provides us with an additional revenue stream.

"For 2007, we estimate that the revenue generated as a result of this mutually beneficial agreement will boost our Company's restaurant sales by approximately 10%. With our high level of commitment to and enthusiasm for this new venture, we believe that, over the long term, we will be able to generate progressively greater revenue as a result of this agreement."

Yum! Brands Inc., based in Louisville, Kentucky, is the world's largest restaurant company in terms of system restaurants with over 34,000 restaurants, which includes over 2,000 licensed restaurants, in more than 100 countries and territories.

Four of the company's restaurant brands – KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Long John Silver's – are the global leaders of the chicken, pizza, Mexican-style food and quick-service seafood categories, respectively.

Yum! Brands is the worldwide leader in multibranding, which offers consumers more choice and convenience at one restaurant location from a combination of KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, A&W or Long John Silver's brands.

The company and its franchisees today operate over 3,400 multibrand restaurants. Outside of the U.S. in 2005, the Yum! Brands' system opened about three new restaurants each day of the year, making it one of the fastest growing retailers in the world.

Pizza Hut, one of Yum! Brands' flagship restaurant brands, has operated in Brazil for more than 15 years.

KFC Corp., a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., is the world's most popular chicken restaurant chain. There are more than 13,000 KFC outlets in more than 80 countries and territories around the world, serving some eight million customers each day. The first KFC restaurants were opened in Brazil in 2003.

Brazil Fast Food Corp. owns and operates, both directly and through franchisees, the second largest chain of hamburger fast-food restaurants in Brazil, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, 22N Participações Ltda. and Venbo Comércio de Alimentos Ltda.

Brazil Fast Food Corp. conducts business in Brazil under the trade name "Bob's." As of Mar. 28, 2007, the Company had 534 points of sale, which includes traditional restaurants, kiosks and re-locatable trailers.


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  • Consumidor enganado pelo KFC-Copa

    Seis semanas atras quase escorreguei na entrada do KFC de Copa e nÀƒ£o estava chovendo nÀƒ£o…era um esgoto dentro da loja que somente foi consertado dias depois, cheguei a ligar para a Cedae…Hoje sem outra opÀƒ§Àƒ£o pois tinha que voltar para o trabalho, almoÀƒ§ei as 12 hs e me serviram um prato ralo de arroz, feijÀƒ£o aguado pincelado no fundo do prato, sem sal, batatas mal cozidas e dois pedaÀƒ§os raquiticos de frango, refrigerante com 70% de agua!!!! Reclamei com a caixa e a gerencia, pois o prato nÀƒ£o alimentaria uma crianÀƒ§a de oito anos quanto mais um adulto obeso como eu…

    Apos muita discussÀƒ£o deram sal, um molho de churrasco que ja deu dor de barriga em varios clientes, assim como o queijo do parmegianna e comprei mais tiras de frango pois nÀƒ£o repuseram outras um pouco maiores!!!Se soubesse que iria gastar tanto tinha comido em restaurante….ou largado o prato no balcÀƒ£o e sumido da loja.

    Disseram que os preÀƒ§os de comida aumentaram muito e assim diminuiram as quantidades dos pratos feitos mantendo somente a mesma dos sanduiches…Ora…Àƒ© obvio que reclamarei no Procon, tirando fotos do proximo pedido que fizer juntando a nota fiscal.Curioso e que no centro na rua S.Jose meus amigos homens e obesos como eu, recebem pratos normais…sera que pensam que mulheres mesmo as gordinhas comem como passarinhos??? Que parem de tapear os pobres velhinhos de Copacabana para compensar a diminuiÀƒ§Àƒ£o da fraguesia sempre mal servida e da agua gaseificada que colocam, tornando os refrigerantes ralos demais e ainda completando com muito gelo de procedencia duvidosa??

    Passem para os amigos, se eles nÀƒ£o tem condiÀƒ§Àƒµes de atender bem, que fechem pois o carioca nÀƒ£o ferece atendentes tÀƒ£o mal treinadas e comida tÀƒ£o reduzida…Somente voltarei la para fotografar o pedido que NÀƒƒO CORRESPONDEM AS FOTOS NO PAINEL DE PEDIDOS nem na qualidade ou na quantidade e a cara das atendentes sempre de mau humor, quem sabe assim tomem providencias???

    Mando tambem carta para o gerente da franquia amanhÀƒ£ talves nÀƒ£o saibam quantos clientes estÀƒ£o perdendo!!!.E que as almas das pobres galinhas os persigam pelo resto de suas vidas por serem tÀƒ£o gananciosos…

  • Daiu

    Consider this, Bob…but don’t tell the chickens…
    We consider this an excellent opportunity to leverage our expertise in away that complements our core business and provides us with an additional revenue stream. [quote]
    In plain English, eat more (of what passes for) chicken, ‘cos we can make more (money).SOS.

  • forrest allen brown

    big business and big goverment
    the chicken gets it up the ass again
    poor dumb birds

    not unlike the people from PETA AND GREEN PEACE

    that just get dont get it

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Save the Chickens!![/quote]

    and [quote]f**k the people![/quote]

    I liked the slogan. I await ForrestÀ‚´s opinion, which of course is invaluable to the chicken 😀

  • bo

    Save the Chickens!!
    Fuck the people! 😀

  • João da Silva

    One of my best friends in this world WAS a Texan. He hated KFC and all the other fast food chains. He was my neighbor here and introduced Chili with baked beans. He enjoyed the Brazilian BBQ too. The Texans do know what the home made food is and God bless them.

    Tomorrow (March 1st) will be two years since we lost our friend. May his soul R.I.P

  • forrest allen brown

    diferent island chain than me

  • João da Silva


    As far as I know,the lady doesn’t have a name. It is the sculptured symbol of our Republic and in REAL currencies of all denominations, it is printed on one side to represent Brazil. On the reverse sides, native birds,animals, etc; are printed.

    In fact I prefer the paper currencies to be printed this way. Can you imagine our politicians competing with each other to appear on our currencies?

    btw, are you in Malaysia? If so, suggest you call on “Angelinajolie” to say hello.

  • forrest allen brown




  • João da Silva

    Virus Alert-Post Card
    Reproducing a message received from some friends:

    [quote]Do not open any message
    with an attachment entitled “POSTCARD,” regardless of who sent it to you.
    It is a virus which opens A POSTCARD IMAGE, which ‘burns’ the whole
    hard disc C of your computer. This virus will be received from someone who
    has your e-mail address in his/her contact list. This is the reason
    why you need to send this e-mail to all your contacts. It is better to
    receive this message 25 times than to receive the virus and open

  • forrest allen brown

    she needs to take a look around brazil
    all the farm animals are treated like well you would not beleive it unless you saw it .
    i have see donkeys with there ears cut off because they wont do the job
    cattle left left with out water for days in stock pins before a acution .
    fed very litle food becaus the person that owns them is out drinking instead of feeding his live stock

    take a look at the dogs in brazil on every street corner , broken leags , mange , blind .
    another one it the people that burn the eye out of there pet bird so it will not fly off as it sets on there sholder

    and if you get down to look at all the street kids not treated much better than the chickens she is in protest about

    her and christnova need to rething there post and do something for real to help the people of brazil .
    and get off there soap boxes fo see me look how good a person i am .

    just one step under lula


    At least she will not be jailed for criminal defamation against judge Vieira.

  • forrest allen brown

    Astrud Gilberto
    needs to drag her pampered butt out of the sound stuido

    and take a walk in any local market in brasil or any other country
    3 world country in the world and see how anmials are treated .

    walk in and order a live chicken they wrap them in paper and tye them up and off they go
    or just tye the feet and walk down the street hanging upside down .

    or how about when they shove them down the funnel of death and slit there necks open and let them blead to death

    or she can be a total vegitirain .

    like that is going to happen

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