Arabs Start US$ 52 Million Mineral Water Resort in South of Brazil

Rafting in Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, Brazil Baden Baden Hotels and Tourism, a company headquartered in Santa Catarina, in the South of Brazil, which belongs to the Jordanian Bassan Giorge Necola Hanna and to the Kuwaiti Khaled Rodan, is going to launch in the second half of May its first enterprise in Brazilian territory.

It will be luxury resort Termas do Tabuleiro, in Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, a city in Santa Catarina that is part of the greater Florianópolis, the state capital. The resort should be in the middle of a green area and should have, among other attractions, a five-star hotel, a wave pool and a spa.

According to Hanna, investment in the project should total 90 million Brazilian reais (US$ 52 million), half of which should be invested by each of the businessmen. It is possible, however, according to Hanna, to open the project to other interested partners.

There are already other investors interested, says Hanna, including some from Kuwait. In this case, with the entry of new partners, Hanna and Rodan's participation in the project would drop.

Hanna was born in Jordan, lived in Kuwait for several years but is naturalized Brazilian, as he has two children in the country. He has lived in Santa Catarina for 18 years and has, individually, two apartment hotels in the state.

Khaled Rodan has several tourist and leisure enterprises around the world, in countries like Spain and Egypt. In Brazil, he owns popular dance club El Divino Club, which is in Florianópolis.

Baden Baden was opened in the first half of the 1990s. According to Hanna, the company has plans for other enterprises in the future. The area of the Termas do Tabuleiro resort covers 390,000 square meters (4.2 million square feet), but only 80,000 will be used.

The remaining area should become an environmental reserve, as the project is in a largely green area, bordering Tabuleiro mountain range. The enterprise is going to use mineral water from a spring that produces 60,000 liters (16,000 gallons) per hour.

At the site in which the resort should be built, the basic infrastructure work has already been developed, like land leveling. Hanna believes that the project should start operating in four years. The hotel should have presidential suites with over 400 square meters.

The smallest apartment should cover an area of 48 square meters. The houses should have areas ranging from 200 to 250 square meters. The spa, with four thousand square meters, should be turned to longevity. There should also be, at the site, a nightclub for the guests and gyms, among other attractions.

Hanna does not yet know how much the daily rates will be, but he explained that the resort is turned to consumers with greater buying power. The site should work as a hydro-mineral station. Baden Baden should develop the project, but management of the business should be outsourced, when ready, to a real estate administrator.

The launch of the enterprise should take place on April 22nd and should count on the presence of diplomatic authorities of the Arab countries in Brazil and businessmen in the colony.




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