European Firm Wants to Build Military Planes in Brazil

Aero Vodochody military aircraft Rio Grande do Norte state in the Brazilian Northeast might house a military aircraft factory. Representatives of company Aero Vodochody, one of the most traditional in the sector in Europe, signed, last week, a protocol of intentions with the government of the northeastern Brazilian state to build an industrial unit there.

Aero Vodochody is originally from the Czech Republic. It is the largest defense aircraft factory in the country. The protocol for installation of the unit in Brazil was signed at the Czech consulate in São Paulo, between the Economic Development Secretary of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Marcelo Rosado, and the minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Martin Rima, who headed a delegation to the country.

Aero Vodochody plans to transfer the whole of its technology to Brazil. "The factory will be the anchor of the ZPE project (Zone for Processing and Exports) to be established in the future São Gonçalo airport," stated secretary Rosado. The factory project should have the support of the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES).

The initiative should include the participation of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), the Brazilian Aeronautics Technological Institute (ITA) and the National Institute for Space Research (INPE).

According to aeronautics consultant Carlos Alberto Andrade, who accompanied the negotiations for establishment of the enterprise, the factory should be as large or larger than that of Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer, established in the city of São José dos Campos, in the interior of the state of São Paulo (SE Brazil).

Aero Vodochody answered, over the last 50 years, to two thirds of the production of pilot training jets. The company produces military and commercial aircraft. Over the last 88 years, since it was created, the company has already produced 11,000 aircraft, of which 6,500 were military. The group has also produced 150 helicopters.

According to information on the company site over the last 30 years, Aero Vodochody posted revenues of 90 billion Czech Koruna (CZK), equivalent to around US$ 5.7 billion. Export revenues totaled 50 billion CZKs, equivalent to US$ 3.1 billion.



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  • João da Silva

    [quote]loooks like he is bucking for president .

    but does not want to buy the votes . [/quote]

    I don’t think original intention was to aim for the PresidentÀ‚´s office. Even I was surprised that his speech came to draw such attention from the public, as just one journalist from “Veja” published it in his blog. Later some TV networks broadcast this news.

    [quote]what is the going rate 2 bullets per vote

    or tanks rolling down the streets in brazilia[/quote]

    Right now, if he decides to stand for the election, he will not need them. He may win,judging from the support he is receiving from many people. A lady started a signature campaign on the internet in support of his view points on certain issues (not for making his President) and that blog already collected over 5500 signatures within less than 48 hours. The number may seem small, but considering that there was no publicity and the campaign was started by an unknown person, I would say it is significant. FYI, I am posting below the link:


    As for [i]electing[/i] a General as the President of Brazil, I see no harm in it. After all, didn’t you guys elect Military leaders as Presidents? The last one was Ike,right? So Forrest, Gen.Gus Perreira will not need the help of the tanks and bullets to be elected!!

  • forrest allen brown

    loooks like he is bucking for president .

    but does not want to buy the votes .

    what is the going rate 2 bullets per vote

    or tanks rolling down the streets in brazilia

  • João da Silva

    [quote]zeppelins are coming back[/quote]

    I agree, since we are men of “Future Vision”. Rare to find people like us!

  • João da Silva

    Ricardo Amaral
    Hi Ricardo,

    This is just to keep you updated about the latest news from your country of birth. For the past two days there has been a seminar being conducted in Rio at the Military Club. One Gen.Augusto Heleno caused a commotion by giving a speech about the situation in RR. I am reproducing a part of it so that you can “matar a saudade da tua terra”.

    [quote]Raposa Serra do Sol: “‘Esquerda escocesa” nÀƒ£o vÀƒª Àƒ­ndio real, afirma general
    Por Wilson Tosta, no EstadÀƒ£o:
    Considerado um dos principais adversÀƒ¡rios da demarcaÀƒ§Àƒ£o contÀƒ­nua da reserva indÀƒ­gena Raposa Serra do Sol, em Roraima, o comandante militar da AmazÀƒ´nia, general Augusto Heleno Ribeiro Pereira, pediu ontem mudanÀƒ§as na polÀƒ­tica indigenista brasileira, que classificou de “lamentÀƒ¡vel” e “caÀƒ³tica”. Em palestra no Clube Militar, no centro do Rio, o general, vestindo uniforme de combate camuflado, apontou, para uma platÀƒ©ia de cerca de 600 pessoas – entre elas, militares da ativa -, a questÀƒ£o indÀƒ­gena como uma das “ameaÀƒ§as internas” ÀƒÂ  soberania brasileira na AmazÀƒ´nia. TambÀƒ©m criticou o que chamou de “esquerda escocesa”, que, disse, resolve os problemas brasileiros com uÀƒ­sque, e encerrou com o grito de guerra das unidades da Àƒ¡rea: “Selva!”
    “Sou totalmente a favor do Àƒ­ndio”, afirmou o militar, no primeiro dia do seminÀƒ¡rio Brasil, AmeaÀƒ§as ÀƒÂ  sua Soberania. “AtÀƒ© porque nÀƒ£o sou da esquerda escocesa, que, atrÀƒ¡s de um copo de uÀƒ­sque 12 anos, aqui sentado na Avenida AtlÀƒ¢ntica, resolve os problemas do Brasil inteiro. Eu nÀƒ£o estou na esquerda escocesa. Eu estou lÀƒ¡. JÀƒ¡ visitei mais de 15 comunidades indÀƒ­genas. Estou vendo o problema do Àƒ­ndio. NinguÀƒ©m estÀƒ¡ me contando como Àƒ© que Àƒ© o Àƒ­ndio, nÀƒ£o estou vendo Àƒ­ndio no cinema, nÀƒ£o estou vendo Àƒ­ndio no Globo RepÀƒ³rter. Estou vendo Àƒ­ndio lÀƒ¡, na ponta da linha, e sofrendo com o que estÀƒ¡ acontecendo.”
    Para ele, o problema indÀƒ­gena nÀƒ£o pode ser compreendido fora dos quadros da sociedade brasileira. “Quero me associar, para que a gente possa rever uma polÀƒ­tica que estÀƒ¡ demonstrado no terreno que nÀƒ£o deu certo atÀƒ© hoje”, afirmou. “Àƒ‰ sÀƒ³ ir lÀƒ¡ olhar as comunidades indÀƒ­genas para ver que esta polÀƒ­tica Àƒ© lamentÀƒ¡vel, para nÀƒ£o dizer que Àƒ© caÀƒ³tica. O que eu tenho encontrado de comunidade indÀƒ­gena carente de saÀƒºde, de perspectiva, voltada para o alcoolismo… Essa polÀƒ­tica indigenista tem que ser modificada. O ExÀƒ©rcito quer ser parceiro desta modificaÀƒ§Àƒ£o.”

  • forrest allen brown

    zeppelins are coming back
    yes later this decade there are going to be
    cruis ships like zeppelins for 3 to 5 day runs over land in europ , and parts of afcria
    if the deal goes through just looking out the windoes on the vast views you will have and land for the night life
    and sleep over night in the air to wake up over another view .

  • Ricardo Amaral

    Talking about Swiss Aerospace and Aviation technology…
    The alternative for Brazil it would be to buy from Switzerland the latest they have to offer today in Aerospace and Aviation technology.

    Considering that today the Swiss Guard still is armed with a long spear, a sword, and a Swiss army knife. The Swiss army knife is the ultimate in Swiss defense technology it includes screwdrivers, a can opener, and a nail clipper.

    But in terms of Aerospace and Aviation technology I am not sure that the Swiss Air Force has caught as yet with German airship technology.

    Zeppelins are types of rigid airships pioneered by German Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin in the early 20th century, based in part on an earlier design by aviation pioneer David Schwarz. Due to the outstanding success of the Zeppelin design, the term zeppelin in casual use came to refer to all rigid dirigibles. Zeppelins were operated by the Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-AG (DELAG). DELAG, the first commercial airline, served scheduled flights before World War I. After the outbreak of the war, the German military made extensive use of Zeppelins as bombers and scouts.


  • ch.c.

    Is Vodochody a European or EastERN European Company !!!!!
    Certainly not a European Company ! FOR SURE !!!!!

    Ohhhh and they have of course the latest technology….by having produced US$ 5,7 billion
    ….OVER 30 years !
    Or…..around US$ 200 millions….PER YEAR !!!!!

    “Aero Vodochody plans to transfer the whole of its technology to Brazil”
    Of course…since it is worth….NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!

    Not a sign of great development !

    Ohhhh you could probably be able to use these planes for…….Agricultural Air Spraying !!!!!

    😀 😉

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