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Despite Spotty Record on Human Rights Brazil Gets UN Seat

United Nations Brazil, Chile and Argentina figure among the 15 members elected on Wednesday, May 21, to the Human Rights Council while Spain, Sri Lanka and Timor did not muster sufficient votes.

The vote on the 15 out of 47 seats of the Geneva-located Human Rights Council was taken by the 192 members of the United Nations General Assembly. An absolute majority of 97 is needed to be voted in. However the nomination was not without controversy.

Human Rights Watch campaigned strongly against countries which "shouldn't be in the council" such as Sri Lanka and others with a doubtful record as Brazil.

Sri Lanka and Timor were eliminated from the Asian four seats by Japan, Bahrain, South Korea and Pakistan. Africa will be represented by Burkina Faso, Gabon, Ghana and Zambia.

However the big looser in Western Europe was Spain which only managed 119 votes against 123 for France and 120 for UK. In Eastern Europe Ukraine and Slovakia were voted in.

In Latinamerica there were no surprises: Brazil with the support of 175 votes, plus Argentina and Chile with 176 and 172 votes.

Other Latinamerican countries in the council include Uruguay, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Mexico. New members will take office June 19.

"This is solid evidence of the growing world community recognition of the human rights policy implemented in Argentina and commitment from the Argentine government to this cause", said Argentine ambassador in UN Jorge Arguello.

The Human Rights Council was created in 2006 to replace the much discredited Human Rights Commission with its poor performance and integration with country members with disputed records. United States, which was ousted from the Commission, never approved the creation of the Council and refuses to be a member.



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  • jon

    ..uh no Joao um, I am blogging from, uh from… the tar sands capital of the world Alberta!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • João da Silva

    [quote]it must be Gringo as the Canuck blogger unless their is a third sinister Canuck interloper haunting this site!!!!!!![/quote]

    There is no “third sinister Canuck” in this story. Since you have confessed that it was not you, it must be Gringo! (or Ch.c masquerading as a Canuck)

    nicer[quote]I will contact the Mounties who will laise with Brasilia to flush him or her out!![/quote]

    The mounties don’t have to liaise with Brasilia.Just send them to our state which is much nicer and the beer is cheaper πŸ˜‰

    [quote]Damn, you now know my Bogus email..no spam please[/quote]

    I wouldn’t send any e-mail to the bogus address of yours,because I know it would bounce back!!

    btw, are you blogging from Ont? The noose is tightening around your neck πŸ˜‰

  • jon

    ..Damn, you now know my Bogus email..no spam please πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  • jon@hotmail.com


    ……it must be Gringo as the Canuck blogger unless their is a third sinister Canuck interloper haunting this site!!!!!!! I will contact the Mounties who will laise with Brasilia to flush him or her out!!

  • João da Silva

    Now that I am quenching my thirst with some cold one (as in Southern Brazil, it hit 34Γ€β€šΒΊ C today-I hope you are keeping track of the weather here), let me answer to your comments:

    [quote]no joao i would love to see the crap hit the fan the us needs a good internal war

    get rid of all the old politicans start with a bunch of new people with one goal in mind

    rebuild the US give it back to the people .

    I think that both U.S. and Brazil have the same problems with respect to old pols that want to keep their dynasties going (as elsewhere in other countries). As I come from a technical background and with analytical mind, it is hard for me to accept that the Pols (especially the Ambulance chasers turned politicians) shedding crocodile tears for the poor, but at the same time pissing on them. Look what happened in U.K? Their ex-PM is an ambulance chaser and the labor party has the lowest popularity among the Brits since 20 years. Poland also experimented electing a labor leader Lech Waleska. Tell me how Poland is doing these days (if you don’t want to tell us, I am sure Ch.c would be delighted to do so).

    My point is that UN is paying a lip service to the human rights and so are the developed as well as ” submerging and emerging” nations. UN is in ICU like the League of Nations before the WW2 broke out and not many people have realized it.

    [quote]and no i dont think brazil will get the UN as the powers at be will want to stay i a first world country
    as they have gotton use to the fat life

    Nor do I think. It is all an illusion.

    As for your rallying cry “GO RON PAUL”, it is well intentioned, but Ron aint go nowhere.

    btw, thanks for your comments.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Camarao Camarao Camarao[/quote]
    [quote]JDS(hrimp) you kill me[/quote]

    I always thought you are a very bright person and you just proved it! I bet Forrest knew my new ID right from the beginning!!

    I was merely trying to send you guys a coded message πŸ˜‰

    It is Friday evening and time for me to have a cold one and analyze the comments of our Political Guru Forrest and that of the rookie commentator “JF Laughs”.

    btw, I suspect that “JF Laughs” is one of our regular Canuck commentators. Please do pay some attention.

    And you stay tuned.

  • Simpleton

    Just(ice) Forrest
    He’s been out of the fray on the high seas but is not strictly immune from the actions and goings on. Those that live in town or go there frequently are getting used to hearing the “Pop. Pop. Pop.” (which, taken out of context of your post Just For Laughs, is no laughing matter). Too soon, me thinks, from those stuck in the burbs a reply will be heard and it will sound more like “Rat. A. Tat. Tat” or “Bam. Bam. Whoosh. Thunk. KaBlam.” Getting to be a bit more like Brasil (or Iraq) everyday everywhere. So sad. From what I read about elsewhere earlier, glad I’m not sending any kids on a Mexico or Bust tour.


    no joao i would love to see the crap hit the fan the us needs a good internal war

    get rid of all the old politicans start with a bunch of new people with one goal in mind

    rebuild the US give it back to the people .

    not the politicans and there backers , big business, forign countries ,
    and people that are here with out papers , and demanding rights they did not work for or have the rights to have

    except for the votes they give our government to stay and live off the people that work for a living

    and no i dont think brazil will get the UN as the powers at be will want to stay i a first world country
    as they have gotton use to the fat life

  • Simpleton

    Camarao Camarao Camarao
    JDS(hrimp) you kill me – why does Brasil need any more abuse of women and exploitation of children? Why would they benefit from importing this from the UN(diplomatic) from NY? Don’t they already do enough business in this from both the nationals and euro trash visitors?

    JF Laughs, you are absolutely creepy and so very much right on – I needed a good gut buster but watch what you say about those flies and droppings and DOGWM, I resemble that remark and the season for the blood suckers and biters (mosquitos an black flys) is just begining here. Any more West Nile reports in the neighborhood and I’m out of here – I’ll take my chances with Dengue.

  • João da Silva

    [b]Brasilia? Why not.[/b]

    Hey Forrest, what do you think of the comments of “Just for laughs”?

  • Just for laughs

    Brasilia? Why not.
    IÀ’€ℒd lobby to have the UN move to Brasilia. It would be a business bonanza for the city, and more importantly, getting it out of New York would leave one less thing for whiny Rabid Right Wing Republicans to bitch and moan about.

    Then again, letÀ’€ℒs wait and see what remains of that retarded party and their faithful mentally challenged followers after Oct. I reckon the GOP is going to suffer one massive nation wide aneurysm after a Black man with an Arabic middle name, against all odds and taking on the meanest of political attack dogs, gets to belly up behind the desk at the Oval Office. I canÀ’€ℒt wait to hear those synapses pop. Right wing radio chatter will be replaced by the sound of amplified rice crispies. Pop. Pop. Pop. There will be dumb old grumpy white men dropping like flies. I bet weÀ’€ℒll actually SEE Sean HannityΓ€β€šΒ΄s head explode on Faux News. Illegals in the US will make a killing mopping up gray matter from the streets in the days following. I canÀ’€ℒt wait! πŸ˜‰

  • Shrimp

    [quote]lets us vote to move the UN out[/quote]

    I vote yes. To Brasilia. It will stimulate various sectors of our economy. πŸ˜‰

  • forrest allen brown

    Good so the UN can move its offices out of the US
    say to Brazilia let them put up with all that commiting crimes by them and cry
    diplomatic emunity when caught !
    or the parking in fire zones , walking restaurant chques , demanding things from the US
    instead of the UN .

    lets us vote to move the UN out

  • ch.c.

    Hummmm….when elected by……
    …… Uruguay, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Mexico I really wonder if Human Rights tendency will go down or up !

    More and more seats at the UN Human Rights are given to filthy societies.

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