Brazil Starts Big Push Overseas to Draw Tourists

Gramado Tourism Festival in Brazil Brazil's Embratur, the Brazilian Tourism Institute linked to the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism, is planning to promote more than one hundred actions in foreign countries up to June next year, in order to promote Brazil as a tourist destination.

The schedule was launched June 18 by the president of Embratur, Jeanine Pires, during the 3rd Tourism Salon – Routes in Brazil, which should continue until Sunday, June 22, in the southeastern Brazilian city of São Paulo.

In 2008 and 2009, actions to promote Brazil in foreign countries will focus mostly on end consumers, including advertising campaigns and press relations. The plans forecast several activities directly turned to the market, such as participation in trade fairs for the tourism sector, seminars for tourism operators and business meetings.

"Our objective, as usual, is to expand the flow of foreigners into Brazil and increase the entry of funds in our country by means of international tourism," stated Jeanine. Along with the schedule, the beginning of advertising campaigns was also announced. Beginning on September 2008, a continual international media campaign will take place in 13 different countries.

The 3rd Tourism Salon's main theme this year is Travel Across Brazil in a Single Place.

The event aims to promote Brazilian tourist routes, allowing the public to experience attractions offered by different destinations, such as cuisine, handicraft, and artistic and cultural manifestations, in addition to offering travel packages and a space for agencies and operators in the sector to expand their businesses.

Gramado Festival

Meanwhile, the Gramado Tourism Festival, to be held in November in the city of Gramado, a traditional tourist destination in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (South Brazil), is talking about its desire to attract Arab exhibitors and visitors.

The owners of the company that promotes the event, Marta Rossi – Silvia Zorzanello Feiras e Empreendimentos, whose names are the same as the company's, visited the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in São Paulo (SE Brazil) yesterday (18th) to discuss, with the Market Development coordinator at the organization, Rodrigo Solano, Arab participation in the event.

Two companies based in the region, airlines Qatar Airways, from Qatar, and Emirates Airline, from the United Arab Emirates, are already going to have stands at the festival. The two companies have offices in Brazil.

However, the Tourism Festival – which functions as a trade fair – wants to attract other entrepreneurs in the segment, including the governments of Arab countries, who are interested in promoting tourist destinations in their countries. The idea is to bring both travel agents, so that they may know Brazilian tourism, and promoters of tourism in Arab countries.

"The Arab world is a very interesting civilization, different from ours. And when we do tourism, we seek different cultures," says Silvia. She claims that the Arab world, especially Dubai, enjoys great visibility in Brazil.

"The Arab world used to seem so distant. Nowadays, Europe is right over there, and the Arab world is a highly visible destination," asserts Marta. The Gramado Tourism Festival will feature exhibitors from 30 different countries, among them Cuba, Bolivia, Canada, Mexico and United States. Qatar Airways will participate in the festival for the second consecutive year, and Emirates will attend for the first time.

This year, in addition to nearly 2,000 tourism sector brands, the Gramado Tourism Festival should attract approximately 12,000 visitors. The fair is not open to the public, only to professionals in the segment, who obtain their credentials after registering.

Whereas the group of exhibitors is comprised of rental companies, hotels, receptive tourism companies, air and ground transport companies and parks, willing to sell their products, visitors consist of travel agents interested in the services offered.

The fair was created by the company owned by Marta and Silvia 20 years ago. The next edition, to take place between November 13th and 16th, will be the 20th. When the festival began, there were 40 exhibitors and little over 300 visitors, the entrepreneurs recall.

Now, it attracts visitors from all over Brazil and also from abroad, especially from neighboring countries such as Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay. Of all the Brazilian states, the three Southern states are those with the highest number of visitors at the fair. During the festival, a congress is also held for discussion of issues pertaining to the segment, social events and business roundtables.



Gramado Tourism Festival




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