Nestlí© Brazil to Triple Production at Bahia’s Factory

Nestlé, Bahia, Brazil Switzerland-based multinational Nestlé is going to invest 50 million reais (US$ 31.1 million) in Brazil, tripling production capacity at its factory unit in Feira de Santana, a municipality located 110 kilometers (68 miles) away from Salvador, capital of the state of Bahia, in Northeast Brazil.

Inaugurated last year, the factory should start producing 120,000 tons per year, as against the 40,000 tons currently produced. The project includes five new production lines, for morning cereals, dairy products, beverages, chocolate drinks and yogurts.

The factory, which already processes instant pastas, cereals and soluble coffee, is going to hire 1,000 new employees for the new project. The enterprise will have a built area of 80,000 square meters (861,000 square feet), of which 14,000 meters (151,000 feet) will be added with the expansion.

In the last three years, in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil alone, Nestlé invested 30 million reais (US$ 18.6 million) in marketing. The two regions comprise approximately 50 million local consumers.

Nestlé, one of the world's leading nutrition companies, operates in 86 different countries. In Brazil, the company installed its first factory in 1921, in the city of Araras, interior of the state of São Paulo, in the Southeast, for condensed milk manufacturing.

The segments in which the company operates in Brazil are children's foods, chocolate drinks, biscuits, coffee, morning cereals, water, chocolate, cooking ingredients, dairy products, refrigerated products, ice cream, clinical nutrition products, services to companies and professionals in the out-of-home food sector (FoodServices), and feed for household pets.

Nestlé Brazil has 28 industrial units in the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais (Southeast), Bahia (Northeast), Goiás (Midwest), Rio de Janeiro (Southeast), Rio Grande do Sul (South) and Espí­rito Santo (Northeast).

The company generates 16,700 direct and 220,000 indirect jobs, which are responsible for the manufacturing, commercialization and distribution of 1,300 items sold under 200 different brands by Nestlé in the country.

Within the Nestlé Group, sales by the company in Brazil rank second in volume and fourth in value, having tripled in the last five years.



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  • dnbaiacu

    Thanks again,, actually “I am” looking for the stain applied as paint to virgin surface of concrete as you will see at Beautiful , amazing work! The references you gave me will help me get closer to dealers and manufacturers in brazil.
    Have you seen todays home page.. Full of Middle East news. This is so interesting. The connection is undoubtedly full force

  • dnbaiacu

    Joao and Simpleton
    Joao,, you are so funny. You are really trying to get Ch.c going 😀

    Simpleton,, I want to stain the concrete after it is already set. No tiles for me.. When you want to change things up ,it just makes it all the more complicated. I think staining is going to keep my decor options more flexible for a longer period of time.
    And yes, the overall plan is to get out of the states for good. Too much of a rat race.. Too expensive now. I can employ people and live a much simpler life in Brazil. And eat much better food. And breath cleaner. The list goes on and on. Brazil is no paradise.. but neither is the U.S. The lesser of the two evils is only in your perception.

  • dnbaiacu

    American brand of concrete stain
    They have beautiful colors. I want to find a dealer as thorough as they are.. I am going to start my search.. Again thanks! I would never have gotten this far sooner.

  • dnbaiacu

    Thank You!
    I was having the hardest time.. I did yahoo brasil search engine under resina de concreto.. No help whatsoever.. I am going to check all of these places out.. Thank You so much! 😉

  • dnbaiacu

    Good t o hear from you so soon!
    My trip was productive and thanks for asking. I got a good deal on a lot. And the contractor on my house is working fast. So I am content. My folks talk of the higher prices in beans and yes it is true about the price of them now. I think it was 7rs a kilo , ,but don’t quote me on that. There was a time it was below 2rs a kilo. But it is sine ridiculous mark up now. I don’t know how they manage,, but they make the adjustment somewhere else. The higher prices though are cancelling out any gains in the minimum wage.

    Quick question, you may be able to help me. What do I “google’ ( or whatever search engine) to find a concrete stain dealer in Brazil. I think I just need the right words. I know they stain concrete there, because I see very nice work in the shoppings. I am searching for a dealer.. I refuse to tile my house. And painting it isn’t cost effective due to “frieza e mofo. I want to introduce a new concept in exterior decor options on the island. They don’t allow paint on airplanes. The type of dealer I am looking for would specialize in color. Just what do I google and which search engine is best for brazil?

    I will be back in two and a half weeks. . My last trip was on frequent flyer miles,,free. THE ONLY reason I am going back so soon. Air fares are very high now. It is getting very tough here now. Already. But it is just the nations karma. What goes around comes around. We have to adjust.

  • dnbaiacu

    Yes, the Swiss deserve some credit.
    Zurich was always my favorite place in Europe. Lot’s of money = Lots of beautiful people. Very international.. Many speaking at least 3 languages fluently. When I stepped off a train I thought I was in a photo shoot of a Calvin Klien ad. Women letting their fur coats drag on the pavement. Everyone calm and collected. Very clean city. My sister and I were invited to dinner at a couples house we met at the train station. Complete strangers! It was amazing. I am not surprised by the rating.

    Joao,, San Diego changed with the housing boom. It was probably too crowded to make the list. And too expensive as far as how much land you get for the money. So therefore making it not that ‘liveable”. Good value is also the criteria. I don’t know where Scottsdale Arizona is ranking these days. But there was a time not too long ago that it made top ranking in most liveable cities scales.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]The references you gave me will help me get closer to dealers and manufacturers in brazil. [/quote]

    I am pleased and you are welcome to bug me anytime you want! Will continue investigating on this topic.

    [quote]Have you seen todays home page.. Full of Middle East news. This is so interesting. The connection is undoubtedly full force[/quote]

    Oh, yes! Pure politics. Probably the writers were paid by the Brazilian-Arab chamber of commerce!!

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Joao,, you are so funny. You are really trying to get Ch.c going[/quote]

    Ch.c likes to be in the company of bright bloggers (like us) with great sense of humor. Jon, the Canuck also likes to pull his leg 😀

    On a serious note, the key word for Concrete stain in Portuguese is “Concreto Colorido”. If you use the google and set the language preference to Portuguese, you will find plenty of info. As far as I could make out, it is a pigment added to the concrete mixture and NOT applied as paint on the wall surface . I found that BASF of Brasil makes it as well as Suvinil. I am giving you the following link (I hope you can read Portuguese):


    If Suvinil produces it, I bet others manufacturers whose links I had already listed should do so.

    When I pass by a store that sells Building materials, I shall check and let you know more. That would be much before your departure date from the U.S.!

    To Simpleton: Saludos. Long time, no hear 😀

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Again thanks! I would never have gotten this far sooner.[/quote]

    No sweat. Will check it out for you further. I think the product exists in Brazil. Since you are coming back in 2 1/2 weeks time, plenty of time to accomplish things.

    Maybe, Ch.c knows about this product and he is unwilling to divulge the info 😉

  • Simpleton

    Not too late?
    Puffa, was your intent to stain the concrete after it was set or to tint it before it was laid / fogo’d? Don’t be so hard set against / down on tile-ing. On interior walls or parts there of anyway. I saw some beautiful work inside the family’s country abode of an artisan / craftsman aquaintance of ours.

    BTW, are you just setting up a new homestead or is a new business / workplace / ultimate move part of the over all plan?

  • João da Silva

    links for 5 paint manufacturers:






    One of them should have concrete stain!

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Quick question, you may be able to help me. What do I “google’ ( or whatever search engine) to find a concrete stain dealer in Brazil. I think I just need the right words.[/quote]

    Hi Dn, a quick reply:

    I think the right word is “tingimento de concreto”. I am checking with a couple of my friends to find out the name of the dealers. To start with the following are the important paint manufacturers of pain s in Brazil:

    Suvenil, Kresil, Renner, Internacional, Coral and Sherwin Williams. One of them should manufacture it. With a couple of phone calls, I came to know that there is a new paint factory in our state, in the city of Brusque that started manufacturing product. Trying to find out the name. Will let you know on getting more info. Oh, in Portuguese, Paint=Tinta or Tintas (plural). While accessing the website of the companies listed above, please do make sure you use please do let me know the names of American Brands of the Concrete stain manufacturers.

    Where do you want me to post the info, here in the same thread?

    If you find the answer first about a Brazilian manufacturer, please let me know!

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Yes, the Swiss deserve some credit.[/quote]

    If Ch.c reads your comment, his ego is going to skyrocket and reach the stratosphere! However, Jon from the “Arctic Hell” has challenged his data and we are all eagerly waiting for Ch.c to come out with his rebuttal.

    How was your trip to BA last week? Did you find any increase in food prices between your April visit and the recent one? What I read in the newspapers is that the price of “FeijÀƒ£o” in the Nordeste has gone up by 500% over the past 18 months. Is it true?

  • João da Silva

    [quote]You are right again about those humanoids in #5, probably sniffing too much fumes from our oil sands here in Alberty![/quote]

    The Swiss totally lack sense of humor,eh?

    BUT, Ch.c is lately hilarious, thanks to our constant coaching 😉

  • jon


    You are right again about those humanoids in #5, probably sniffing too much fumes from our oil sands here in Alberty!

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Sorry Joao et al, not to fly off a tangent from dairy investments but I am challenging Ch. C’s sources..where the hell is Zurich on this???[/quote]

    You don’t to need to apologize,Jon. We need people like you to challenge Ch.c, otherwise he will keep on promoting his country in general, and brands like NestlÀƒ©, Rolex, Swiss Army knife, etc;. I have visited only the cities 2, 5 & 10 in your list and never been to 9 &11. Probably you have been to most of the cities in the list. I felt very good and completely at home in 2,5 and 10, though in 5, I found the inhabitants to have two heads and of greenish color,using the filler word “eh” all the time, while communicating.

    I also found it strange that the list does not include a single city in the U.S. San Diego seems to be a livable city too. So I really do not know what criteria were used to make the list.

  • jon

    Sorry Joao et al, not to fly off a tangent from dairy investments but I am challenging Ch. C’s sources..where the hell is Zurich on this??? oooohh!!

    Economist’s World’s Most Livable Cities 2008
    City Country Rating
    1 Vancouver Canada 98.8
    2 Melbourne Australia 98.2
    3 Vienna Austria 97.9
    4 Perth Australia 97.3
    5 Toronto Canada 97.0
    6 Helsinki Finland 96.9
    7 Adelaide Australia 96.6
    – Calgary Canada 96.6
    9 Geneva Switzerland 96.1
    – Sydney Australia 96.1
    – Zurich Switzerland 96.1
    😉 😉

  • ch.c.

    The company generates 16,700 direct jobs…….
    ….and In Brazil alone !
    And no doubt their average salaries are way above similar Brazilian companies.

    This is called……EFFICIENCY !!!!!!!

    Ohhhhh no doubt that Brazilians will caress their navel for :
    – How good BRAZILIANS are for food production
    – How good BRAZILIANS are for food quality
    – How good BRAZILIANS are competitive
    – How good BRAZILIANS are for value added products
    – How good BRAZILIANS are for Exports

    Dont worry NestlÀƒ© Brazil production isnt included in our GDP per capita !!!!

    As I told you Joao, the enterprises of my country have invested a total of US$ 700 billion outside the country, generating 2 millions DIRECT jobs ???? millions indirect jobs OUTSID SWITZERLAND…… ! But Also US$ 80 billions PROFITS…per year. Or around US$ 10’000 per Swiss capita…but not included in our GDP per capita…OF COURSE.

    Ohhhhh and our current account surplus is 15 % of our GDP…REGULARLY…. NOT EXCEPTIONALLY !!!!!!!

    Finally for Joao :
    Recently there were the ranking of the most liveliest cities in the world.
    In the first TEN :
    Switzerland had NOT 1
    Switzerland had NOT 2
    Switzerland had NOT 3

    BUT 4 ! Yesssssss FOUR……within the first ten !!!!!!!

    We should do something right and better than Brazilians calling one of the world most beautiful city….RIO DE JANEIRO !!!!!

    Funny… one but only you have voted for Rio !!!!!

    Trying to cheat, hyde and lie….as usual ???????

    😉 😀 😉

  • João da Silva

    NestlÀƒ© Brazil to Triple Production at Bahia’s Factory
    Thanks to Ch.cÀ‚´s tireless efforts, finally the junkie board of directors of NestlÀƒ© decided to triple the production.

    Nobody listens to Ch.c (and me) anymore 😥

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