Brazil’s Lula Learns with Chavez a Recipe for Happiness

Chavez receives Lula in Caracas Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Hugo Chávez,  the presidents, respectively, of Brazil and Venezuela, met June 27 in Caracas, capital of Venezuela, to address economic issues aimed at reinforcing bilateral cooperation between the two South American nations.

The two rulers initialed 21 agreements in the fields of liquefied natural gas, oil and energy, environment cooperation, telecommunications, foodstuff industry, and border surveillance, according to reports from AFP.

"Our relations are now at their peak, like never before in history. Our countries are set to become driving forces in the South American, Latin American and Caribbean integration process," stated Chávez.

Agreements were initialed in the areas of energy, particularly a survey on electric interconnection and a liquefied natural gas supply agreement between state firms PdVSA and Petrobras.

"We are showing that progress can be made toward actual integration among the peoples," said Lula. He stressed he was going back to Brazil feeling "happy" and certain that in Venezuela oil is an instrument to give the society a better future.

Chávez and Lula also initialed border cooperation agreements and pacts authorizing overflights. They also signed a letter of intent between two telecom corporations to lay a submarine fiber optic cable up to the states of Roraima and Amazônia, north Brazil.

Further, three food supply agreements were initialed providing for delivery over the next few months of 12,000 tons of soy oil, and 20,000 tons of chicken meat, among other items.

According to Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Nicolás Maduro, the presidential meeting "allowed for consolidation of political dependability between the two countries," at a time when some experts claim that Chávez and Lula have grown apart.

Pushing aside such rumors, Chávez warmly welcomed Lula at the Miraflores presidential palace, downtown Caracas, where the Brazilian ruler was paid military honors.

Lula was joined by a number of officials including Defense Minister Nelson Jobim, Mines and Energy Minister Edison Lobão, and Development Minister Miguel Jorge, as well as Lula's foreign aide Marco Aurélio Garcia.

Also accompanying Lula was Jorge Sergio Gabrielli, Petrobras CEO.

Chávez was joined, among others, by Foreign Minister Maduro, Finance Minister Alí­ Rodrí­guez and PdVSA CEO and Energy and Petroleum Minister Rafael Ramí­rez.



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  • jon palmer

    almost forgot nice way you guys are helping Columbia with FARC why dont you sale a little extra oil over what you agreed to and callit a day by helping some drug sealers who I hear are close friends with your president

  • jon palmer

    my spelling was not so hot too much to drink and too late. So no need to talk trash just throw out the facts

  • jon palmer

    help with chavez and company will not be an issue. we have planes that can take off and bomb you into the stone age and be home for dinner. We the peolpe of United states have helped many south american countries with money that could be helping our red necks as for your backwards self you will be lucky if you can feed yourself. we are not that big of fans of pur president ourselfs but that is our problem and not yours. By the way after you folks wanted to send troops and restore order to New Orleans after the storm made many of want to come liberate your country just like another place imagine a third world country like Venezooland

  • Cesar

    You need to get more informed
    You definitively don’t know much about history and international affairs. The way you judge us and generalize, based on your ignorance is offensive. As a FYI, LATAM goes from Mexico to the Antartica and includes more than 20 countries with different grades of development and economic policies that are, in some cases, still under a strong control from the state like Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela; and others on the opposite side with liberal economies, market oriented an low inflation, like Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico to name some of them.
    For you to know, most of Latin Americans do not support Chavez’s policies and support democracy and open markerts as the vehicle to bring prosperity to the region. In the countries where these liberal democratic models rule the societies are getting stabilized and developing rapidly at very high rates.

    It’s just a matter of time for these countries to unite more and become an economical, political and military union, having a single main religion, Catholic; and two main languages, Spanish and Portuguese which by the way are almost identical.
    From the way you speak you sound like a redneck coming from the USA, very ignorant about the reality and facts related to the rest of the world. But I am here to tell you that the ones who are starting to become more and more numerous in Latin America, are the ones like me, very well prepared and educated, capable of driving the change and transformation our societies need to get the life standards of developed countries; the ones who don’t believe in socialist politics (like Chavez who should eventually fall) and believe in democracy, efficiency and open markets. But at the same I would like to tell you something it seems you can not realize yet: Your country is falling and we are rising.

    We will make Latin America to become way better than we are now after some decades by the time the US will no longer be the major power in the world (Thanks God!) and get it ready to profit from your fall, the same way you do with us now.
    A falling and weakened US will be no match for a Latin American Union (bigger than Russia), even if you like it or not. Do you think in 40 years China, Russia, India or the UE will give you a hand if they see you fall? or the Arabs??? Would they do that today?
    A united Latin America will then claim its true place as one of the major powers in the world, and it will be a perfect timing! With the growing influence of the Latinos in the US, it would be no surprise major areas of the US would eventually vote for their incorporation to the Latin American Union.

    And it’s because your government knows all this that they would never support the idea of the Latin American countries getting united and powerful; and try to discourage it and work against it ( I know, this would not appear on US-manipulated media like CNN)
    We support a Latin American Union based on democracy and free markets (opposite to Chavez) and will get this done, even if that means we have to overcome major challenges.

    And We will be there, united and strong the day your country falls … Amigo :o)

    😉 😉

  • ch.c.

    So true !
    “Our relations are now at their peak, like never before in history. Our countries are set to become driving forces in the South American, Latin American and Caribbean integration process,”

    – Funny, Chavez can produce nothing, except pushing a button to produce oil ! Oil NOT discovered and financed by him or his predecessors but with foreign money and foreign technologies. Despite the size of his country….HE CANT even produce enough food but imports most of it. Chavez like Bin the Crook is against food subsidizes but forget to say that he is selling gasoline at US$ 0.20 PER GALLON. Or said otherwise, 10 times more subsidized that subsidized agriculture in developed countries. He cant even produce toothpaste or detergents.

    – Funny that Venezuela, with so much oil revenues, still has so much poverty !

    – Funny that Argentina and Venezuela are cheating, lying and hiding on their real inflation rate. But quite normal coming from those in power. Sure they are good friends of Bin the Crook ! It could not be different.

    – Funny that Argentina and Venezuela had their currencies declined against the week US$. Not many countries around the world
    have been that bad… the last 5 years ! Even in Africa.

    – Funny that in January 2008, Chavez took off 3 zeroes out of his currency and renamed it with a different name.
    A trick used many, many times by Brazil and Argentina.

    – Funny that the South American, LATAM and Caribeans countries have ONE THING IN COMMON : ADDICTED TO INFLATION !!!!!
    Otherwise you would have had no reason to take off 3 zeroes… and there….several times in your history !

    – Idiots and losers can only form a club called….UNSURE !!!!!!
    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

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