Brazil Ready to Teach Tunisia How to Improve Wheat Growing

Aerial view of Brazil's Embrapa Sefeddine Cherif, the ambassador of Tunisia to Brazil, wants to take the Brazilian experience in wheat research to his country. He and the first secretary at the embassy, Mohamed Tascou, met at the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) Cerrados, in the city of Planaltina, in Goiás state, and a partnership between the Brazilian company and Tunisia was suggested.

The Arab country, which is located in North of Africa, is the main global per capita consumer of wheat. According to the ambassador, Tunisia needs wheat cultivars that are more resistant to drought, as the climate in the country is desert and semi-arid. One of the suggestions proposed by the ambassador was technical exchange between both countries and the exchange of experience with genetic material of wheat.

According to Cherif, Tunisia has good experience in the production of olive oil and dates, but the country needs to learn new techniques for wheat growing. At Embrapa Cerrados, the diplomats talked to researcher Walter Quadros, who explained the development of wheat cultivars for the drylands areas of Brazil and showed him an area where experiments are taking place in the field.

The diplomats also spoke to vet José Robson Sereno, head of Embrapa Cerrados, and to researcher Marí­lia Santos Silva, international articulator at the Embrapa unit, with whom he exchanged ideas to start a new partnership. The ambassador also recalled that the minister of Foreign Relations of Brazil, Celso Amorim, visited Tunisia in June and discussed the possibility of exchange of experiences in the agricultural area.

During Amorim's trip, then Brazilian ambassador to Tunisia, Marí­lia Sardenberg Zelner Gonçalves, also commented that Embrapa could supply its ample know-how in crops for dry climates. It was with the intention of aiding the African countries in the agricultural area that the Embrapa opened an office in Ghana, Africa.

Embrapa is also studying the possibility of taking systems for satellite land monitoring to African countries. Representatives of the Embrapa office in Ghana are going to deliver a document with the proposal to the heads of the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), which includes 60 countries that produce and consume wood.



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  • ch.c.

    What a joke !!!!!!!
    Brazil is the World Second Largest Wheat Importer…and want to teach others how to grow…WHEAT !!!!

    Another self caressing navel….from the Brazilians junkies.

    to Joao : somewhat funny with Lybia.
    the Lybian government is owner of TAMOIL (Switzerland). A large oil refinery suppplied in large part with Lybian oil.
    And they are stopping their oil deliveries…to their OWN refinery !!!!!
    What a nice…AUTOGOAL……coming from idiots !
    And oil is traded freely Worldwide.
    Suffice to buy from the free markets some cargoes from other sources.

    Concerning Khadaffi’s son and his wife : yessss in their country, like in Brazil and elsewhere in Banana Republics, beating your maids is…NORMAL !!!
    NOT HERE…..whoever YOU ARE, blue collar worker, king, or son of a dictator (Khadaffi was never elected…to my knowledge).
    For your information only it was the hotel employees who called the police, not the beaten maids.
    The son’s wife is pregnant and ready to give birth.
    What was of course not mentionned in 99 % of the world medias is the fact that 2 doctors from the Geneva hospital accompanied the couple back to Tripoli !!!
    Ohhhh Joao….they stayed in jail for 2 days only, and left the country on a US$ 500’000 bail, paid immediately…of course.

    Will see now if they will appear for their trial ! Doubtful….of course ! These people dont like to face justice since there are NONE in their own country, like in Brazil. Or said otherwise, their justice provide as much impunity to the government members and politicians…similar to what happens in….Brazil !!!!
    Proof that Brazil is also a Banana Republic.

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • João da Silva

    [quote]I hope it was not Ch C[/quote]

    I don’t think so. He being a close friend of Khadaffi, must be trying to get his son released from jail, using his influence with the Swiss government. 😉

  • jon


    Could behave been bought by Libyan State TV as Libya has cut-off oil to Switzerland. Apparently Khadafi’s (sp?) son was arrested there for hitting someone … I hope it was not Ch C 😉 😉 😉

  • João da Silva

    Jon, has this site been bought by Al-Jazeera?

  • jon

    Wheat does grow in semi-arid regions such as The CDN praires but the lack of rain was the main problem for the drop in Australian production in 2006/2007. I think it would be very difficult in “dry-lands” however that is defined

  • ..

    Brazil Ready to Teach Tunisia How to Improve Wheat Growing
    I am all confused. We import wheat from Argentina (as far as I know), apart from growing some in RG. Or am I wrong? Now I read the following:

    [quote]At Embrapa Cerrados, the diplomats talked to researcher Walter Quadros, who explained the development of wheat cultivars for the drylands areas of Brazil and showed him an area where experiments are taking place in the field.[/quote]

    If we know how to grow wheat in the dry lands, we should be cultivating wheat in the Northeastern part of our country, before teaching the Tunisians how to do it.

    I would appreciate if someone clarifies me about cultivating wheat in the “dry lands”.

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