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Brazilian University Will Fill Half of Its Vacancies with African Students

Fernando Haddad, Brazil's Education Minister Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, forwarded to the National Congress a bill for a law to create the Federal University of Portuguese-Afro-Brazilian Integration (Unilab). The message of forwarding was published yesterday (24) in the Official Diary of the Union.

Lula participates in Lisbon, Portugal, today and tomorrow, in the 7th Conference of Heads of State and Government of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP), where he should present the model for the university, which should destine half the vacancies to African students.

Earlier this month, the Brazilian minister of Education, Fernando Haddad, had already anticipated that the university is going to be installed in the city of Redenção, state of Ceará, chosen for having been the first to abolish slavery in Brazil.

According to the Ministry of Education, courses will be offered in health, physics, biology, technology, engineering, administration and agronomy, all of which are areas of interest to African countries.

The foreigners are going to study in Brazil, as well as in hubs installed in the CPLP nations (Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, São Tomé and Prí­ncipe, and East Timor).

The aim of the segmentation, according to the ministry, is to encourage students to return to their countries of origin.

The first exam should be held in the second half of 2009. Prior to that, however, the project for establishing the Unilab has to be approved by the Legislative.



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    IN FULL AGREEMENT with expedito’s view

    In light of my earlier comments above, I obviously agree with and fully endorse your position, word by word!

    While I do understand Brasilia’s obsession to be perceived as a “World Leader” (in order to meet its ambitious agenda), there is NO excuse for even contemplating such an unrealistic (nearly criminal) program…

    There must be a limit to the extent of the self-delusion of the policy-makers sitting in Brasilia, who are willing to sacrifice the potential welfare of millions of the nation’s citizen’s, some of which remain illiterate, as you correctly put it, for the sheer sake of fulfilling their selfish pursuit of Brazilian Greatness…


  • expedito

    This is ridiculos
    I do not understand why Brazil has to give education to other foreigners if we Have a bunch of uneducated people in our own country. I am from Piaui state and I know a lot people who do not know even how to read or write. I think we don’t need to import Africans from Africa if we have a lot of Africans in Brazil without education. Majority of our African- Brazilians live in poor conditions. I suggest President Lula look at the population of his country, first. In addition, I would like to suggest him to provide a quality primary and secondary education to all Brazilian kids especially the poorest ones who parents don’t have money to pay fora private school for them. President Lula- lets be realistic- we are not a first world county yet. We need to invest in our children first. There are kids that go to school just to have lunch, those kids have to have hope that a change will happen in their lives. And it is education that will bring that hope and change to those poor and miserable children. President Lula, instead invest Brazilian money in education to foreigners, reform the poor schools in Brazil that are falling apart. Install more libraries and incentive people how to read. My city Parnaiba,pi, has one library for population of 140 thousands inhabitants. To conclude, I want to suggest that Brazilian ministry of education hire Brazilian Idols and artist invite them to study and have hope in education because a lot of kids are hopeless. It is through a heavy investment in our education( primary and secondary, first, and then tertiary ) that will have better conditions to become the so dreamed first world nation.

  • forrest allen brown

    my wife and i spend money every year to make sure
    her younger family members get a good education
    so they will not have to live in the conditions there
    parents grew up in and that there kids will be better off.

    than thim


    to be better than them


    As much as I strongly support any international effort to assist African countries, as well as any other project designed by any country to provide assistance to natives of regions which are either poorer or currently enjoy in less “advantageous conditions than the provider, I must also state that in cases where the “providing nation” has itself a VAST number of disenfranchised individuals, such policies do NOT appear to make any sense whatsoever! Indeed, for countries À¢€“ such as Brazil À¢€“ which contain millions of people who remain in need of basic education, along with many other infrastructural items, any assistance to (poorer) third parties should be limited to emergency situations.

    Aware of Brazil’s current unlimited appetite for World Recognition (and Third World Support) in order to secure a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, I must say that such planned lofty goals, appear to be designed mostly as a tool to reach such ambitious goals.

    Consequently, in my modest opinion, the Brazilian nation would benefit much more by lifting its needy, poor, illiterate, slum-dwelling MILLIONS out of their horrid conditions, and THEN, when it’s TRULY ready, it could and SHOULD further extend its generous programs into poorer countries.

  • forrest allen brown

    there are plenty of afro brasilians in brasil why not teach them they are after all your own country men and women
    and if taught right you furtue leaders .

    why import stupid people when the congress of brasil has so many to choose from .i there own ranks .

    it is a guift that brasil could give to its own .
    a good education , means better leaders and business owners later

    OR are you affrade if you teach your own they will take over and you will be out ????????

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