Brazil to Adopt Rapid Strike Force as New Military Model

Brazilian Air Force, FAB The Brazilian government neither intends nor is it planning a massive troop build-up along its northern borders but wants a well-equipped rapid strike force to dissuade foreign intrusions, a senior government official said this weekend.

Brazil's President. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, signed a decree last month to permanently deploy army troops on Indian reservations along its borders in response to concerns over possible incursions by guerrilla fighters, drug traffickers and others.

Brazil has borders with all South American countries with the exception of Chile and Ecuador. The "hot" areas are in the Amazon, along the borders from south to north, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and the three Guyana.

Brazil next month is expected to present a new long-term strategic defense plan that will shift the armed forces' defense priorities away from its southern borders to the Amazon region, its long Atlantic coast and its air space.

But Roberto Mangabeira Unger, minister for strategic issues and co-author of the plan, said in an interview that this realignment should not concern its neighbors in the Amazon, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.

"We do not feel threatened by any of our neighbors and therefore no major part of our proposals will result in significant deployment of Brazilian troops along our borders". Mangabeira Unger said in an interview.

The strategic defense plan, which Lula still needs to approve, will propose making Brazil's military more agile.

"We want to restructure the army along the model of a rapid deployment strike force" said Unger. The idea is to have modular regional brigades that could quickly reach hot spots along its vast resources, he added.

Historically Brazil's major forces concentration until last century was in the south, the all powerful Third Army with seat in Rio Grande do Sul which was supposed to counter the region's main rival and competitor Argentina.

However since the launching of Mercosur and the gradual consolidation of the axis Brasilia/Buenos Aires the two countries are virtually partners.



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  • jon

    Ch C and his happy existence
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    ch.c “the glorious impaler”
    You are absolutely correct. the proper expression, in light of general usage across the world, including usage outside the French language, does indeed omit the feminine article “la” preceding the feminine noun “noblesse”; thus… “Noblesse oblige”

    Unlike you, I never had any real, palpable intention to demonstrate my superiority over anyone else (except sometimes towards YOU, in light of your insolence and disrespectful conduct À¢€“ so I felt you deserved). I may descent from aristocracy, but IÀ¢€™m not one of them. IÀ¢€™m a regular citizen who works, suffers, and seeks diversion. Because some of such diversions or entertainment is achieved by accessing a wonder past which I truly consider À¢€œgloriousÀ¢€Â in light of my ancestorÀ¢€™s lives, riding carriages, leaving in manor houses assisted by many servants, etc All this is so harmlessÀ¢€¦ I do not even live that way, I just derive immense pride from emerging from so noble a settingÀ¢€¦

    You deliberately, on the other hand, sincerely enjoy exerting pain and humiliation to other individuals, at any chance you can find; you glow with the feeling of superiority by just sensing the resentment from others, dismayed by your offensive remarks. You would not hesitate for a moment uttering hurtful feelings to innocent others, either because they are Brazilians or do not bow to your Might Statistical Crown of World Economy À¢€“ if the price for this À¢€œgood feelingÀ¢€™ just takes the words À¢€œenjoy your filthy countryÀ¢€Â who cares, itÀ¢€™s just some sub-human Brazilian after allÀ¢€¦. Worse yet, you do all this harm to so many; in fact, if anyone you object or oppose happens to come around, you just LAUGH at their faces, without a inch of human consideration.

    If your friends, who apparently consider your malicious (truly nefarious nature) respect you in such fashion, either they have seen unimaginable qualities in your very malicious nature, or you simply, still more victorious, use you cruelty even in your ability to control others who might otherwise have been actual good peopleÀ¢€¦ Indeed, you are so very cruel, calculating and inconsiderate, that I truly fear you may be concealing enormous amount of pain and/or suffering in order to justify so much maliceÀ¢€¦. I only hope you may sometimes consider taking a step back and attempt to take into consideration, just for a second, the feelings of otherÀ¢€¦.

    I honestly hope IÀ¢€™m wrong, for your sake, because, as much as I dislike you, I feel no hate but begin to suddenly acquire a hint of sorrow for you in a bizarre kind of wayÀ¢€¦

    Back to your attempt to diminish possibly to humiliate me in public, surrounded by pre-positioned pawns or allies, thereby providing you with the best possible angle, benefit, or supportÀ¢€¦ Well, I hope the bile-flowing, if reaching your tongue, is neither too bitter nor turns too unpleasant. In your particularly malicious attack, I have already conceded – the silly expression À¢€œNoblesse ObligeÀ¢€Â is generally used without being preceded by the feminine article LA. The only problem being that I refuse to observe such a rule, as it does NOT sound to me – using one of your favorite words it sounds À¢€œstupidÀ¢€Â, or at least incompleteÀ¢€¦

    With that said, because do not approve such usage, in a Latin/Romance language; and because I refuse to observe and abide by a popular expression, – which is borrowed, incidentally, by several other European languages, I shall continued, proudly using À¢€œla noblesse obligeÀ¢€Â, today here, over there tomorrow, anywhere I go at any time I wish.

    I apologize, once again, for objecting to your convictions, with or without your supporters, my I stand to what I have written, in spite of my admission. Unless of course you were to present to me, in a verifiable member, a true member of de lÀ¢€™Academie Francaise (de letters), who, feeling insulted, would command his/her rules and regulations to be obeyed, lest in offend his precious languangueÀ¢€¦ well, at that point, in face of someone of so Grand an Authority and rank, I would have no choice but to comply,

    Still apologizing, I will continue saying À¢€˜que la noblesse oblige quelquÀ¢€™un a faire quelque chose*
    In fact, I made a point to locate a couple of such usange in some formal way at À¢€œHistoire de la Renaissance À‚»
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    Thanks for your time – I truly hope you somehome manage to have a happy existence, despite your malicious nature

  • Double-Dot

    [quote]FIRSTLY, I would like to thank both of you (that is… assuming you are truly not one and the same individual – LOL) [/quote]

    You are most welcome, Milord. But, let me assure you that I am not Four-Dots, though I know the ID of that Rascal :D. Needless to day that he is a good ally of ours and a great friend of our Swiss “Adversary”.

    [quote]As you know, I have unfortunately the proclivity to eagerly expressing my views about specific issues or topics, for which I have strong feelings, along with an inexplicable need to spread / share the very limited knowledge I was fortunate to acquire (which does not include the economy in greater detail and certainly NOT statistics – LOL) among the overwhelming majority of individuals which “appear” to have much less or none it…[/quote]

    Not worth dealing with the “Overwhelming majority of individuals” who (not just appear), BUT have NONE!!!

  • forrest allen brown

    if it was not for the US and the EU your country would have been eaten up by the rich germans
    and dont even say you were netural it does not matter war would have come down the montian pass
    from the italian side and the german also .

    also there has never been a total war in the past 1200 years to stop all fighting
    it would require the killing off the total population of the country and there beleivers .

    all you have to do is stop the other side from moving foward any more or
    make it so expensive they can not afford the fight any more .
    but for you to asume the US lost why are we still here .
    why are all the countries it fought for and with still around and
    for the most part still at piece.

    big words from a never was or will be

  • João da Silva

    Augustus said:[quote]la nobles oblige![/quote]
    Ch.c said :[quote]Noblesse oblige[/quote]

    Unfortunately Ch.c is correct, unless Jon, the Junkie (who got his degree in a detergent pack) comes out with “Noblesse Oblesse” 😉

    btw, has anyone heard from poor Jon lately?

  • ch.c.

    And to Joao :
    As I wrote in some previous comments, Goliath did not win against David !!!!

    Just as the USA did not win, in Korea or worse yet in….Somalia. They just let their pants….before going back home and no longer asking any more question to themselves, of course….”victorious” !!!
    And so will they do in Afghanistan, like the Russians Goliaths did !

    This said the EU Goliaths, despite their army size, latest technology,…….are not any better !!!!

    Convictions are what make winners !!!

  • ch.c.

    To Augustus the Genius :
    Your : “I have never EVER stated, or otherwise remotely suggested, that I was in agreement with Venezuela’s entry to Mercosul.”

    2 stupids questions :
    – does your voice count… Brazil ? Here my vote count, wether you like it or not, When in disagreements, here, we the people can launch a referendum on whatever subject WE the people decide. Not so… your Tropical Mud. And in your place, for something to be voted, just pay whatever it costs from government to the lawmakers. Short memory ?
    – who are the 2 presidents who opened their arms wide open for the entry of Venezuela into Mercosur ????

    And on lighter and more friendly note your ” la nobles oblige! Que doit-je faire?” is fine but with so many errors.
    One says/writes : “Noblesse oblige ! Que dois-je faire”
    🙂 😉


    DOUBLE-DOT / FOUR DOT — Reflecting upon overall disposition and loft deedsÀ¢€¦
    FIRSTLY, I would like to thank both of you (that is… assuming you are truly not one and the same individual – LOL)

    I suppose you realized that I actually made a valiant effort to refrain and to resist addressing the topic of À¢€œraceÀ¢€Â at the afore-mentioned À¢€œrelated site/blogÀ¢€Â, but… I’m pretty sure you now have developed a fairly decent idea of how my “persona” tends to think despite the very short two weeks during which we started this very amusing contact (itÀ¢€™s unbelievable À¢€“ so little time, so many words, so many issues).

    Unlike you, who cautiously manage to stay away from the open arenas, and who is wise to refrain from expressing (and thereby displaying) significant portions of your views & beliefs, but rather prefer to remain at the “margins” and side lines, whereas guiding (or otherwise gently manipulating) the views of other (until such a moment when something strikes you as particularly objectionable).

    As you know, I have unfortunately the proclivity to eagerly expressing my views about specific issues or topics, for which I have strong feelings, along with an inexplicable need to spread / share the very limited knowledge I was fortunate to acquire (which does not include the economy in greater detail and certainly NOT statistics – LOL) among the overwhelming majority of individuals which “appear” to have much less or none it…

    In a way, without attempting to be a À¢€œsnobÀ¢€Â (LOL), I must conclude by stating what you almost certainly already know: la nobles oblige! Que doit-je faire?

  • forrest allen brown

    with all the limited info
    that can be found humans were from the middle east the early forms in afcria are not human
    by many standards .???

    I dont know why
    but they seam to have had a better form of goverment then we do today .

    politics and law should be color blind .

    like in the US all TV and Raido advertising has to be honest this applys for food , clothes , products .

    the only one not held to the rule of law is political adds and laywers

    consent with out knowlage is the same as no respect

    the person must know what the camra is for !!!!!!!!!!
    and what is going to happen with the film .

    like having consent sex with out a condom .
    aids ,
    STD .

    is it implied who is at fault .
    him for not using one or her for not requiring one
    or the church for telling them to have babies not to use condoms
    or her for the abortion


  • Double-Dot

    Respectable Four-Dots and Lord Augustus,

    More Discussion About Races Can be found at

    Source:Original research paper submitted by Sr.Ric on August 06, 2008

  • ….

    To the esteemed Double-Dot,

    Well I do, but breaking down the discussion of race into it’s primary pieces I am afraid I will

    open another “slaughterhouse” discussion. If one believes in evolution (and I am not

    advocating my position neccessarily), it seems according by the archealogical record, that

    we all came from Mother Africa..somewhere in the Rift valley. Some people would argue

    the “Rhine” valley though….. 😉 😉

  • Double-Dot

    Lord Augustus (quoting you from the other thread):

    You have ignored me altogether, as such, I will just express my sincere disappointment with your conduct À¢€“ LOL. ThatÀ¢€™s not they way a À¢€œvassalÀ¢€Â behaved in the Middle Ages is it À¢€“ Let me remind you of the definition thereof: À¢€œsomebody who gave loyalty and homage to a feudal lord and received the right to occupy the lord’s land and be protected by himÀ¢€Â LOL

    Milord, I was not ignoring you, but astounded by your sheer gullibility of making a grand entrance by making a long and flowery speech leaving all your flanks open and without having an “exit ” strategy . 😀

    (IÀ¢€™ve still managed to avoid the scary topic of À¢€œraceÀ¢€Â – but not for long) [/quote]

    Finally it dawned you that this topic of “race” has been discussed and rediscussed , the bloggers slaughtering each other without coming to any conclusion. I suggest a quick retreat from the battlefield.

    May be “Four-Dots” has an alternative suggestion? 😉

  • ….

    The strike force is already in place. Hand out air sickness pills to BOPE and send them off to the jungles. Some in Rio would be glad for the re-assigment.


    forrest allen – from Augustus
    I fully agree with your liberal comments.
    Other than that type of indiscretion, you correctly noted, people should be allowed to do ANYTHING they wish, always provided of corse, when others are involved, two other issues, in my oppinion should be observed: respect and consent.
    The more I read about you, the more I like your style


    For Joao = thx
    Joao – Thanks for your kind info. Yet, Of course I added the e-mail address.
    I tried SEVERAL TIMES – and the computer JUST HANGS, AS IF the message were huge – it had only 5 lines.
    I re-booted, tried it again, AND AGAIN….
    Is it possible that my name is being recognized by “some authority” OR a trick of some “knowledgeble blogger”
    MY EXTREME limited tech knowledge precludes me from resolving… hopefully, I can proceed adding entries there from my office computer, which DID allow me to enter yesterday… if you do not see any entry of mine there…. You will know the issue will continue

  • forrest allen brown

    hay Joao
    the only vice that i dont like people to do is child porn

    after that you are on your own .

    i dont like people that cant say I DONT KNOW

    or the one you never see a govermental offical say unless they have there spouse and kids with them
    but this is done only after they have been caught having sex with some one or thing
    they were not to have

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Have you experience any difficulties while “adding a comment” to the Obama site?
    Tonight, for some reason, I cannot proceed…

    No. I just now added a comment to that site . Hilarious discussions going on! Probably, you forgot to add your e-mail address. There are two fields you must fill in a)Name (can be anything) b) e-mail address

    If you don’t fill in these boxes, the site gives you a brief warning which you are bound to miss and the comments are not added. In another 10 minute, I will check and see if your comments are in that site


    Question to Joao
    Have you experience any difficulties while “adding a comment” to the Obama site?
    Tonight, for some reason, I cannot proceed…

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Very interesting suggestion!

    I like the way you think[/quote]

    Forrest is another colorful and intelligent blogger in this site. He does not approve of my consuming “cold ones”, though. 😥


    Very interesting suggestion! 🙂

    I like the way you think 😉

  • forrest allen brown

    A stars only have a limited range and not much in the lift more than 6 persons .

    your closets base to chaves land is to far for them to get there and no roads well

    better to get prop driven ground attic planes to stop them till you can get your troops in place .

    or send your navy into notrh and go after him along the nothern coast of his land .

    you can get fuel from trindad , cheeper than brasil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Appreciation for Double-Dot’s explanation to the “Unmentionable Odious” remarks and (customary) misunderstandings…
    Double-Dot, thank you! As customary, you have fully understood my point of view! No further explanation is therefore required, but for one crucial detailÀ¢€¦

    Indeed, there is only one fundamental remaining point, which must be duly clarified to the À¢€œPeasant Odious OneÀ¢€Â – I have never EVER stated, or otherwise remotely suggested, that I was in agreement with Venezuela’s entry to Mercosul… Besides, as Joao has already correctly remarked elsewhere, such Venezuelan membership was not (and shall hopefully never be) approved by the Brazilian Senate


  • Bill

    Nice move
    Nice move Brazil. Go forward.

  • mcv

    chc I think u have miss understud augustus comment….it is contrary what yoer commment….it sounds more like an Venezuelan atack on ” well trained and operational in full capacity brasilian armad forces” using more like 30 years old equipaments an so on……!!!! 😥

  • ch.c.

    “Considering that a future conflict with Venezuela in the not-too-distant future”
    Funny….Brazil a Mercosur member invading another Mercosur member ???
    That would certainly fit with the double game practices Brazilians are accustomed to.
    Invading Venezuela would bring a lot of oil to Brazil.
    Brazil could then proclaim they became one of the world largest oil producer, through
    “wise” drillings !!!

    As one commentator, not me, wrote last week here : On May 23, 2008 Brazil has already annexed most of South America…and I added… with the creation of the new club UNSURE !
    Reality being that Brazil has already betrayed EVERY ONE of the existing Mercosur members, Argentina included.
    The well known Brazilian inferiority complexion makes them very arrogant. Just read Bin the Crook and his gang statements.

    Finally concerning the article headline “Brazil to Adopt Rapid Strike Force as New Military Model” it is very sad they dont deploy as much passion and speed to strike…THEIR OWN CORRUPTED POLITICIANS !!!
    oN the other way let me laugh and laugh again on the veracity of the statement for the Brazilian army capacity, knowing that close to 50 % of the Brazilian TOTAL annual defense budget is spent on…PENSIONS COSTS !
    And a further 30 % or so in…..ADMINISTRATION COSTS !!!!!
    Leaves 20 % for the army wages, non maintenance of the exisiting material totally NON usable and rusted.

    For further details of my not so odious but true reality of facts, please read :
    – Brazilian actual armed forced capacity
    – 2008 Brazil Defense Budget…published by rhemselves not by an odious foreigner

    these 2 readings hopefully will OPEN just a little bit you brains.



    DOUBLE-DOT??? Brief remark on previous “advice”
    Despite the absence of the designation “double-dot” under the signature line above (which you have done a few times recently), I suspect IÀ¢€™m able to recognize the style of the writerÀ¢€¦ 😉

    In light of the contents (and results) of some recent discussions we held across this blog, I have gradually learned to accept many of your keen insights and interesting observations; in fact, IÀ¢€™ve been utilizing some of your overall views as a À¢€œsource of moderation and even wisdomÀ¢€Â. In addition, because you reside in the “Great Republic” (using your words), and have, therefore, direct access to greater variety of information along with contact with other Brazilians on a daily basis, I suppose I should consider youÀ¢€™re your sound advice, and refrain from additional À¢€œover reactionÀ¢€Â in connection with the À¢€œChavezÀ¢€Â and À¢€œanti-USÀ¢€Â themes going forward… (Unless, of course, provoked into action by some À¢€œparticularly unrulyÀ¢€Â individual)

    Finally, as I was just reflecting (above) upon your residence in Brazil, I must confess that I have been wondering, with some curiosity, about the name of the city where you currently dwell…

    Would you actually consider indulging me? 8)

  • ..


    A brilliant analysis, as usual, my Lord. BUT,BUT,BUT ( somehow I seem to have caught the habit of our distinguished Helvetian blogger to use upper case letters to stress my point for which I apologize), I think that this gentleman Hugh is a paper tiger and our Self Defense Forces can easily defeat this rascal on the battle field.

    As for the imagined invasion of the Armed Forces of your second country, I must confess that it is a gossip promoted by old maids during their afternoon tea sessions.If you could come out with a good plan to alleviate the enormous stress caused to these old bags because of the oncoming American invasion, you may count on me to execute the “Plan”.

    Thank you for listening to my rant and as usual, your humble servant. 🙂


    Firstly, do not start with US bashing here! Most people naturally and understandably hate George Bush (who is nearly as horrific and dangerous as Hugo Chavez — yet not quite), and most people are also aware of the past American neo-colonialist practices, which, I agree, have influenced some rather bad policies made in Washington vis-ÀƒÂ -vis Latin America. As such, IÀ¢€™m neither referring to obvious dislikes for individuals who are about to exit the international political arena, nor am I reflecting (here) about old issues which clearly include examples of serious differences between Brazil and the United States of America. Besides, because IÀ¢€™m a proud citizen of both countries, I trust my assessment of the current issues and (many) difficulties impacting the relationship between Brasilia and Washington DC, and none of them would remotely justify the possibility of open conflict.

    Hugo Chavez, on the other hand, an unruly totalitarian leader, who attempt to cease power À¢€“ prior to his election À¢€“ using minor elements within the Venezuelan armed forces, who takes every opportunity to create trouble anywhere he goes, who supports terrorists within the territory of neighboring nations (FARC in Colombia), who is an usurper of private property (TV stations, petrochemical installations, foreign owned banks), and has the AUDACITY to yell to His Majesty, the King of Spain, telling him to À¢€œshut upÀ¢€Â during an international conference in Santiago, in front of all other Latin American heads of stateÀ¢€¦ Well, if this is not a person who should be careful watched as a dangerous, potential threat, I could not POSSIBLY find a better example of a (short of the historical examples of the Cambodian POL POT, or Adolf Hitler).

    Furthermore, Hugo Chavez appears to be poising Venezuela for serious conflicts (not just direct against the US); in fact, his threatening strategic plans can be evidenced by two noteworthy international events:
    1)VenezuelaÀ¢€™s recent À¢€œinformalÀ¢€Â alliance with the monstrous leaders of objectionable nations such as Iran & Belarus, and
    2)VenezuelaÀ¢€™s recently established mini-alliance which is composed of a faithful, poorer client states such as Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Nicaragua, suggesting Caracas intention to assume the lead (if not control) of the region, under the banner of Chavez so-called À¢€œBolivarian RevolutionÀ¢€Â, whose ultimate goal is to spread neo-Marxist ideology throughout Latin America

  • You must be talking about the USA
    [b]”Considering that a future conflict with Venezuela in the not-too-distant future”[/b]

    Brasil and Venezuela are friends yesterday, today and tomorrow!



    Considering that a future conflict with Venezuela in the not-too-distant future (in my modest opinion) is nearly inevitable À¢€“ due to the drastically distinct agendas of each government À¢€“ I trust that BrasiliaÀ¢€™s decision to gradually (and discretely) start building-up the northern borders represent a particularly wise and timely effort!

    Such “potential conflict” with Venezuela is likely to become significantly more noteworthy, relevant and dangerous if/when the Brazilian citizens elect someone (far more competent) from a totally different Political party (hopefully from the center-right of the political spectrum).

    Concluding this entry with a very personal (and amusing) remark, I consider regrettable that Brazil must be “officially” in good terms with “officially friendly nations” such as Venezuela (in view of Hugo Chavez) and surprisingly also with “fair but racist” Switzerland À¢€“ LOL (in case there are many other individuals in that country sharing the strong, disqualified hatred for Brazil which CH-C’s remarks clearly demonstrate)

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