Brazil Poised to Double Grain Production in a Decade

Wheat field in Brazil Silas Brasileiro, the executive secretary at the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, stated that Brazil should double its grain production within ten years. He gave the information after a press conference during which the survey of the 2007-08 grain crop was presented. The forecast is for 143.7 million tons of grain to be harvested.

"Ours is quite an ambitious plan. I believe that by means of our research, company Embrapa (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation), government planning, and increased financing for both family and entrepreneurial farming, we believe that in the next ten years our productivity should double.

The momentum will surely grow, using know-how, research, technology, and I believe that productivity rate should increase from 10% to 15% each year," stated Brasileiro.

According to him, the 1993-94 crop produced 76 million tons of grain, and it took the country 15 years to achieve its current growth rate of nearly 100%. Brasileiro believes that, with greater investment in research and the renegotiation of the agricultural debt, for which a bill was passed this Wednesday, July 6, at the Lower House, farmers will be able to better plan their work.

"Based on the passing of provisory measure 432 for the agricultural debt, which is the most comprehensive renegotiation in the history of the country's agricultural indebtment, farmers are now able to plan their work on a daily basis, continue to carry out its regular activity and, consequently, expand production as well.

"When farmers are trouble-free, instead of being at the bank renegotiating their debts, they have time to pay their debts, therefore they will plan out their production and spend time in their plantations everyday," added Brasileiro.



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  • ch.c.

    Great news !
    More food available equals to cheaper not higher prices.

    Stupid question : why is Brazil subsidizing their farmers, and cry when others, from developed countries only do the same, but not when others emerging nations also provide subsidizes to their farmers ????

    And my question in the other post concerning the Brazilian subsidizes for your coffee remains open.
    I already raised that same question seversl times in other posts, but never got the slightest answer !
    Why ?????

    Hmmmmm….the reason is obvious, Bin the Crook and his gang contradict themselves on a daily basis.

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