Brazil-Argentina Common Worry: Made-in-China Products

Made in China According to Brazilian sources, Brazil and Argentina have established a standing consultation round to monitor the strong increase in Chinese imports by Brazilian and Argentineans, which is causing concern in both countries manufacturing sectors.

"We're concerned because the increase in imports from China and other Asian countries could impact on specific sectors or our economies," said Brazilian Development Minister, Ivan Ramalho, whose office is in permanent contact with his Argentine counterpart Industry Secretary, Fernando Fraguí­o.

The announcement was made following the regular bilateral meetings to address trade issues, exchange information and solving differences that could emerge from the almost US$ 30 billion annual commerce between Argentina and Brazil.

The purpose of the consultation round is "to identify problems that could lead to an increase of Asian imports and try to find a joint approach to the particular issue and correct it."

In 2007 Argentina and Brazil sales to China increased 49% and 28%, respectively, while imports from the Asian giant soared 63% and 58%. Brazil has become Argentina's main trade partner absorbing 19% of exports, followed by China with 9%. While Brazil has become Argentina's main provider (32%) followed by US (12%) and China (11%).

One of the issues on which both countries agreed at the last meeting was to normalize wheat trade, which has been hampered because Argentina since 2007 is restricting exports so that soaring world prices do not impact in the domestic market. Brazil is Argentina's main purchaser of wheat.

According to the understanding Argentina made an immediate export release of 902.000 tons of wheat, to which must be added another 500.000 tons in the coming months. Brazil because of the recent Argentine restrictions was forced to lower wheat tariffs for third countries. In the last months Brazil has been buying Canadian grain.

Ramalho said the decision will enable Brazil to have no further wheat supply problems for the rest of 2008 and the operation will also help to balance the Brazilian surplus in bilateral trade.

"Brazilian importers will go for the Argentine wheat because of its premium quality and lesser transport and logistic costs," added Ramalho.

In the first half of this year trade between Argentina and Brazil reached US$ 14.8 billion with a US$ 2 billion surplus for Brazil, "which means we should be close to US$ 30 billion by the end of 2008, a 35% increase," pointed out Ramalho.

The Brazilian official also underlined the growing number of Brazilian companies which are choosing Argentina to invest.



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  • jerrydill

    Chinese Products
    Because the standard of living is going up in these countries, production and labor costs have also increased. Businesses can now get better products elsewhere. This is the problem with overall wealth growth in Brazil. This can be a very substantial problem. Especially if the country is starting to see more imports. Chinese products can never be as good as other one’s, though.


    CHC – not even an acknwlegement to my reply
    You have made repeated references to the fact that I do not reply to your questions
    Above I provided reasons and admitted not having access to your type of data…
    Going forward I suppose you should no longer be entitled to any claim that I remain silent…
    The silence apparently is yours!


    Statistical Flood from Switzerland – Augustus response to CH-C
    Firstly (and foremost), I have never claimed to be a genius À¢€“ IÀ¢€™m so far from it, to such point as to render the claim absurd.

    Secondly, despite significant (retaliatory) objections and criticisms I have previously written about you throughout these À¢€œpagesÀ¢€Â, I have always recognized your extremely well informed (and organized) knowledge of World Economy À¢€“ in fact, I will even admit that you are nearly À¢€œbrilliantÀ¢€Â- a statement bearing no hidden or otherwise implied meaning/conotation.

    Thirdly your ability to access so much information (and to such level of detai) on the afore-mentioned subject is beyond remarkable, which I could not possibly begin to match

    Proceeding with a À¢€œgeneralÀ¢€Â remark on the excessive material you have disclosed above, I have absolutely no questions whatsoever about the substance or precision of the facts you have outlined and would be very surprised if any of them turn out to be exaggerated.

    As such, because of my lack of expertise on the subject (which confirms my previous dismissal of any allegation of À¢€œgeniusÀ¢€Â) along with the obvious fact that I do not have access to all this data (which does not represent a subject of so much interest as to compel my focusing on it at your level of detail), I am not in a position to maintain a type of significant discussion with an individual bearing your kind (and degree) of expertise would require, expect and, quite frankly deserve!

    Given the above, I have never made any claims of glory for Brazil or categorized it as a first world country, or ignored its countless serious issues, inefficiencies, unrealistic agendas, unfair income distribution, decaying infra-structure, etcÀ¢€¦ I know and agree with all that (minus the countless À¢€“ never ending, and boring À¢€“ details which you frequently provide). Yet, I do not object to your detailed approach at all! On the contrary, I welcome remarks such as yours, provided the intentions were positive, for it represents excellent, relevant updates for those (such as I) who have general knowledge and welcome exposure to relevant facts, and as a guideline for many ignorant Brazilian citizens who do not have any idea about what is happening under their nosesÀ¢€¦ As such excessive disclosure of statistical information about Politico-Economical issues in Brazil are absolutely necessary for most Brazilians who live in illusionÀ¢€¦

    What I do NOT understand about YOU!
    I fail to understand why, such a brilliant expert in World Economy from such a civilized First World country, would À¢€œbotherÀ¢€Â wasting time and effort with so À¢€œunworthyÀ¢€Â a poorer country? Seriously, why do you bother? Why coming down from your pedestal and denigrating yourself with À¢€“ using your words À¢€“ À¢€œfilthyÀ¢€Â third word world political or economical considerations?

    What I DO object about YOUR style!
    The fact that you never fail to utilize offensive remarks, when providing information (which although correct and relevant) necessarily denigrates Brazil and is written deliberately to HUMILIATE BraziliansÀ¢€¦ The boasting part is intolerable! As I remarked elsewhere, more than once – making an analogy to my privileged situation vis-ÀƒÂ -vis needy individuals – in the same way I would never EVER consider showing off my comfortable and/or advantageous situation vis-ÀƒÂ -vis individuals who live in poorer, less advantageous conditions, I consider unforgivable for a First World Citizen to blatantly boast about the privilege, efficiency, comfort, and security of Switzerland (or any other European Country) with poorer, unjust, inefficient third world nations (such as Brazil) which did NOT undergo the same historical & cultural directives; which did not share the experience of being victimized by centuries of ruthless colonial exploitation, which did not undergo (directly) slavery, just to name a few issues, the bottom line being the unacceptability of your boasting posture and use of humiliating, insulting words to further denigrate your audience.

    Finally, based on the way you refer to me, one would have expected that I would not only currently reside, but would have spent my entire life in Rio (or any other Brazilian city). Because I have not dwelled in Brazil for so long, and because I have decided – just recently to become more À¢€œengagedÀ¢€Â with Brazilian issues (through this site), it is clearly that, for topics pertaining to the Brazilian economy, you often have much more knowledge and/or information it than I do. This is a very bad reflection on both of us, for my relative ignorance implies negligence or previous indifference for my country of origin, whereas your detailed knowledge implies arrogance and excessive loathing for a À¢€œthird countryÀ¢€Â upon which you have no certifiable reason to focusÀ¢€¦

  • João da Silva

    [quote]I opened a holy deluge! Please Lord forgive me!![/quote]

    The Lord may forgive you, but not our Lord Augustus. I told you several times, not to interfere in our “domestic” issues. As usual, you never listen to older folks like me. 😉

  • jon


    I opened a holy deluge! Please Lord forgive me!!

  • ch.c

    furthermore for the Brazilian Genius Augustus…..
    Many times Brazil boasted itself and continue to boast itself for their prowess in drugs (pharmaceutical) R&D and production.
    Right ?
    Could you please spell and articulate such a Brazilian company, listed in the BOVESPA ?
    What is their worldwide sales, R&D, names of the drugs ?
    What is the estimated market value of this company or companies ?

    Let me give you a sad fact :
    In 2004, , Bin the Crook announced that Brazil as a world first, will distribute FREE 3 billion condoms yearly. The program was somewhat downsized and the following year, the amount announced was “only” 1 billion ! And the following year again 1,5 billion.
    Correct ?
    Millions of Applauses !
    Your Disinformation & Propaganda Agency in the Plan Alto made sure that these news had to be also published worldwide in most medias.
    And so they were.
    Several more millions of applauses worldwide !
    Right ?
    And the program had to be eco friendly to be even more applauded and one can read in many articles that…..Brazil Making Condoms to Stem Amazon Losses !!!!

    But now swallow the sad reality :
    ” The Brazilian authorities said they will not be able to achieve their goal of distributing a billion free condoms per year, local media reported Wednesday. Mariangela Simao, coordinator of the National Programme for Sexually Transmitted Diseases-AIDS, said 251 million condoms were distributed in 2005 and 253.7 million in 2006.
    The figure of 1 billion is unfeasible. We have no way to guarantee the certification of such a large lot,Simao said.
    We would like to distribute 500 million condoms a year, that figure would be ideal,’ Simao said, toning down the government’s earlier ambitions.”

    Strangely your Disinformation Agency in the Plan Alto did not insist this news had to be published worldwide.
    And it did not.

    Over ? Of course not.
    Because your filthy Bin the Crook through his lieutenants of course, said the delay was due to the World Bank who freed the US$ 30 millions loan very late.
    Of course, earlier he had always hidden the funding sources from the World Bank, to avoid the WB to ALSO be associated to the applauses. Because he always
    criticize them publicly and on the backstage he beg them for loans.

    A) does Brazil needed a US$ 30 million World Bank loans ? A rather small amount for a country budget such as Brazil has ! And even more so in a booming economy ?
    And just before you had apparently sufficient cash to repay tens of billions US$ to the IMF and the WB ??? Hmmmmm…..stinky….in my view, based on the sequence of events..
    B) Were 1 billion condoms finally distributed a year later in 2007, and 1,5 billion condoms 2 years later in 2008 ?


    OVER NOW ? of course not, foir the Carnaval free condoms.
    – In 2007, The health ministry will roll out a new marketing campaign for safe sex on Sunday in Rio de Janeiro and start giving away 35 million free condoms in the streets for Carnival,
    – in 2008 they announced “Brazil’s Health Ministry says it will hand out 19.5 million condoms across the country during this year’s Carnival.That is nearly double the number of free condoms distributed during last year’s event.

    What does that means ?
    – – In 2007 10 millions condoms were given during the Carnaval and NOT the 35 millions announced days before the 2007 Carnaval, As per Brazil Health Ministry
    own words !!!!!!

    Yessssss…..Viva Bin the Crook and his gang of cheaters and liars !!!!!! Proven time and again. They cheat and lie so much they dont even remember
    what they said and have written earlier !!!!

    Stupid question to the Genius Augustus :
    Did the Bin Lula gang promised a 1 billion free condoms to get the US$ 30 millions loans ?
    If they still and most probably will never deliver such a quantity, but around half at most as stated, then a US$ 15 million loan should have been enough.
    Thus where did the other US$ 15 million US$ went ? In which pockets ?
    If you are as well informed and knowledgable as you pretend, tell us !

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • João da Silva

    YOU asked for it and WE got a full tutorial 😥

  • ch.c

    In answer to Joao and Augustus :
    sorry Joao but you are mixing up many things :
    – NestlÀƒ© cannot be compared to Wal Mart. NestlÀƒ© doesnt sell to the consumers but to retailers such as Wal Mart or whoever.
    – None of the two should be mixed with imports. NestlÀƒ© is bottling Brazilian water in Brazil and re-sell the water to Brazilian stores. Noooo imports for Brazil and many jobs created in Brazil. Same for condensed or evaporated milk. NestlÀƒ© buys the milk from the Brazilian farmers, not imported milk !
    and it is due to NestlÀƒ© that YOU Brazil also EXPORT NOT IMPORT milk derivatives by what NestÀƒ© produces in Brazil. Please just refer to your own comments just a few weeks ago concerning an article here that as usual, very boasting, said Brazil is exporting evaporated milk to the Arabs countries and YOU stated…yessssss….the label is owned by…NestlÀƒ© !!!
    Short memory ? D 😉 😀 😉

    And to the dear geniusAugustus :
    we are much much much smarter than you think we are.
    here is a known detail, except from geniuses like you :
    Very Rarely will you see a cuckoo clock that says …MADE IN SWITZERLAND !!!!!
    Let me add : not even the clock machinery itself !!!

    And guess what : Asians just love them but when they buy them…IN….Switzerland !

    Not over, dear genius.
    Despite we are the world largest makers of watches, go to every hyper markets, souvenirs shops, even many many many tobacco and newspapers shops, many other general retailers, ALL of them are also selling CHINA OR TAIWAN OR JAPAN MADE….WATCHES !!!!!
    They just are ALL OVER AND EVERYWHERE…HERE !!!!

    And guess what : wether cuckoos clocks or watches made in Asia, Asians tourists are queuing by full buses…to buy them !!!!
    Contrary to you dear genius, we are not afraid against competition.
    Consumers, locals or tourists, have the choice.

    Same for shirts ! You are probably quite sure we dont produce shirts. Dead wrong. We make only HIGHER quality shirts such as the label DIAMANTS. And we export them all over the world. Retail prices are US$ 150-/220.-. You can wash them 100 times and they are like new.

    Ohhhh dear genius, do you know who is the world largest company making spinning machinery for textile ?
    OC Oerlikon
    A Swiss Company
    Another product we sell all over the world, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Bangladesh, Philippines and Brazil just to name a few countries, if the genius you are did not know yet.

    Last but not least :
    Did you know that a lot of textile used for “haute couture only” is made IN SWITZERLAND ? so true !
    Same for winter textiles, such as clothes for ski. We produce the best quality and most advanced technologically textiles for the
    winter sports seasons. Generating a lot of exports.

    Yessss dear genius, Brazil with a population of 190 million still doesnt export more than what the population of 7,5 millions in my country also export, ikf you did not know. Better yet, you export basic and cheap stuffs. We dont.

    ONE ROLEX for 6000 kilos of soyabeans.
    I am fair, Rolex is by far not such an expansive watch when compared to many others. While Soyabean is the most expensive grain to ky knowledge !
    Who by the way, dear genius, of these 2 products are using the most energy not only to produce but also to ship overseas for an equivalent price, ???? Feel free if you wish to also include iron ore, steel, ethanol, sugar, meat or whatever you are proud to export.
    And who do you think are the best paid workers ? At Rolex, or at a Brazilian farm ??
    And who do you think is polluting the most ? Rolex or a Brazilian farm ?

    Think twice now before answering: why do you believe my country has been ranked World First, for the best environment ?
    Let me state that being ranked first, second or third doesnt change much. But why are we sooooo highly ranked….year after year after year after year ?

  • ch.c

    In my humble view……
    this is exactly what should be said from the Developed Countries to the emerging markets…….. at the WTO !

    If your theory is right…then we could not be wrong !

    Lets face it, Brazil has already asked China, 2 years ago, to restrain their textiles exports to Brazil, because it represented ONE percent of the Brazilian textile industry. With such a request you effectivelys said : ONE PERCENT MARKET SHARE IS TOO MUCH !!!!
    Therefore in my view, there are no reason that others countries, developed or emerging, should provide the same answer to Brazilian exports.
    Example : your swine exports to Russia equals to 70 % of your exports. Russia should then say to Brazil : wait a second, using your own maths and reasoning, we are going to cap your swine exports to us to : BELOW ONE PECENT OF OUR OWN SWINE PRODUCTION !
    Same for Brazilian meat in the EU.
    Same for shoes ! the EU already imports over 60 % of their shoes from China and Vietnam, plus whatever more from others countries as well and not including Brazil. Then using your own maths and theories the EU should say to Brazil : your maximum shoes export to the EU are capped at a maximum of ONE percent of what we still produce in the EU !
    Right…or not !!!!
    Or should it be India telling Brazil, that Brazil from now on can only export ethanol to India to the tune of ONE percent of what India is producing ??????
    The USA should say the same to Brazil for ethanol : the maximum USA ethanol imports from Brazil is capped at ONE percent of
    the USA ethanol production !
    Makes sense…or not ?

    Why Brazil doesnt propose this at the WTO ??????


    The pointlessness of the previous question! – the Swiss answers are standard & predictable!
    Since all the Swiss blogger has to contribute is a criticism embedded in thoughtless malicious insults, there is no point to ask an automaton who behaves like a “clock COO-COO” what he is going to say about anything? I bet he will just say “coo-coo”, along with “laugh laugh laugh” – It’s so utterly boring and predictable… why bother asking?
    We all know the standard answers!

  • jon


    We would risk our sanity into wandering into that complex maze of geopolitics but there is hope………Ch C do you want to weigh in on Joao’s question above?? 😉

  • João da Silva

    You have raised a good point:

    [quote]Consumers will go for the best price and 9 out of ten times, these Chinese imports are cheaper than anything else.[/quote]

    That is right. Especially the ones with low purchasing power. But you have to remember that large corporations have been teaching the Chinese, Indians, Bangladeshis (?), Vietnameses, etc; about Consumer Laws in the countries where they market their products. I am talking about Wal Mart, NestlÀƒ©, etc; Especially NestlÀƒ© that has been in operation for decades in Brasil. Wal-Mart has become a big player recently.

    So, our Industrial base is being wiped out with the blessings of our government (including yours). Simply put, we can not compete with the manufactured goods from all the Eastern countries I listed above, unless we close our doors (as Ric put it succinctly ).

    So Jon, what are we (and the Argentines) going to do about it?

  • jon


    You are right about overall product quality as there seems to be some issues ,remember the tainted Chinese toothpaste in Panama recently. Consumers will go for the best price and 9 out of ten times, these Chinese imports are cheaper than anything else.

  • jon

    What else is new…..check out this documentary if you can to see why we can’t “compete “with the Chinese:

  • Ric

    Brazil will not be able to compete with China in the area of manufactured goods, unless it changes its current monetary policy, which supports a strong Real. Or it goes backwards to the days when virtually all imports were banned.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    made in china is all you see here
    have not seen one single thing here
    that was made in any other country

    the goverment here is china first and only

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