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AA Flies Nonstop from Miami to Belo Horizonte and Salvador in Brazil

American Airlines Starting in November American Airlines will add three destinations in Brazil to its route network further growing its presence in South America's largest country in an effort to consolidate its leadership position in flights from the United States to Latin America.

American, a founding member of the global Oneworld Alliance, will begin serving the cities of Belo Horizonte (capital of the southeaster state of Minas Gerais), Salvador (capital of Bahia, in the Brazilian Northeast) and Recife (capital of the northeastern state of Pernambuco) on Nov. 2, all from American's Miami hub.

Service from Miami to both Belo Horizonte and Salvador will operate nonstop, with the Salvador de Bahia flight continuing on to Recife and then returning to Miami.  The Belo Horizonte flight will operate three days a week. Service to Salvador de Bahia and Recife will operate daily.

American will fly the routes using widebody Boeing 767-300 aircraft configured with 30 seats in Business Class and 195 seats in the Main Cabin.

Belo Horizonte, is a commercial and industrial center also known for its cultural activities and its general quality of life. Salvador is noted for its cuisine, music and architecture.  Recife boasts a major port, nearby beaches and a vibrant culture and is often called the "Venice of Brazil."

The three new destinations complement American's existing service to Brazil, which includes flights to São Paulo from Miami, Dallas/Fort Worth, and New York JFK, and to Rio de Janeiro from Miami.  American also operates one-stop service to Rio de Janeiro from New York JFK.

"American is excited to offer our customers more of Brazil," said Peter J. Dolara, American's Senior Vice President for Miami, Caribbean and Latin America. "It is a dynamic country in so many ways, and American's comprehensive schedule of service to its leading business, leisure and cultural centers puts it all conveniently and easily within reach."

American's hub in Miami offers travelers connections to Belo Horizonte, Salvador and Recife from dozens of cities throughout North America and Europe. With the addition of the three Brazilian cities to American's network, American will offer customers 27 destinations throughout Latin America – more than any other U.S. airline.

American Airlines is the world's largest airline.  American, American Eagle and the AmericanConnection airlines serve 250 cities in over 40 countries with more than 4,000 daily flights.  The combined network fleet numbers more than 1,000 aircraft.

Here are American's schedules to its three new Brazilian destinations, effective Nov. 2.  All times shown are local.

From Miami to Belo Horizonte  (Operates Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday)
Flight #                       Departs           Arrives
991 (nonstop)                  11:15 p.m.        10:30 a.m. (next day)

From Belo Horizonte to Miami  (Operates Wednesday/Friday/Sunday)
Flight #                       Departs           Arrives
992 (nonstop)                  11:50 p.m.        4:55 a.m. (next day)

From Miami to Salvador de Bahia  (Operates daily)
Flight #                       Departs           Arrives
980 (nonstop)                  9:10 p.m.         7:20 a.m. (next day)

From Salvador de Bahia to Miami  (Operates daily)
Flight #                       Departs           Arrives
980 (via Recife)               8:50 a.m.         5:30 p.m. (same day)

From Miami to Recife  (Operates daily)
Flight #                       Departs           Arrives
980 (via Salvador de Bahia)    9:10 p.m.         10:05 a.m. (next day)

From Recife to Miami  (Operates daily)
Flight #                       Departs           Arrives
980 (nonstop)                  11:35 a.m.        5:30 p.m. (same day)


American Airlines


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    Considering that I have practically lost “my will to travel”, if I ever venture embarking a trip, in addition to a necessary stop in London (or even Edinburgh), I would very much to see Copenhagen, Vienna & Petrograd (St. Petersburg)

    I suppose we may have already exhausted this particular subject…

  • João da Silva

    [quote]London is the place for me, my esteemed friend! IÀ¢€™m sorry for the obvious choiceÀ¢€¦ [/quote]

    I must confess that I have not spent much time in London and hence not qualified to comment on the exotic places you described! However, I have been to Oxford Street, London Bridge, etc; in other countries 😉

    As for the comment of our other distinguished blogger and comrade in arms Dr.Simpleton on Algiers, that is one place I would like to visit, besides Morocco ( which is highly recommended by our Economics “Guru”). Who knows, I will make it someday.


    JOAO – Nothing like London
    London is the place for me, my esteemed friend! IÀ¢€™m sorry for the obvious choiceÀ¢€¦
    Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Kensington! Just thinking about these areas I am overtaken by great memories…

    Despite the excessive crowds in Piccadilly (where itÀ¢€™s actually dangerous) and the Oxford Street (where there are too many Shiite females covered in full black À¢€œchadorÀ¢€Â shopping around), I clearly remember being served tea in the same (if not superior) type of À¢€œporcelainÀ¢€Â service you described!

    As for this À¢€œluxuriousÀ¢€Â porcelain service, it surely can be found in other places outside dull GenÀƒ¨ve; it surely must be available in some places in Paris (IÀ¢€™m nearly certain), and I would be very surprised if the vastly more luxurious, elegant environs were not to be found in Vienna (which I unfortunately do not know) or Berlin (where I was far too busy looking for a completely different type of service to worry about porcelains tea cups À¢€“ LOL)

  • Simpleton

    Closer to home
    Algiers, but don’t step outside the terminal building – wouldn’t want you to get accustomed to feeling safer than in your old hometown. IMHO, the coffee is worth going for even if it’s a bit off the beaten path.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]You may have missed or dismissed (LOL) one of my earliest “remarks” about “our agent’s” lovely city. [/quote]

    I do remember your earlier “remarks” about the city of our “double agent” and I certainly did not miss nor dismiss the pungent comments you made about that inhospitable city. However, I was merely suggesting that you save your hard earned money by NOT being exploited by the limited choices that the ruthless Airlines offer you, enticing you to visit your hometown (which is hot and humid, as you have mentioned before).

    But a few years ago, a friend of mine who visited that “forbidden city” of our “double agent” mentioned that one could still drink coffee with hot milk served in Porcelain cup, like we do in our country. Contrary to where you live, where even the Starbucks serve reasonably good coffee in a Styrofoam cup (Yak).

    [quote]As such, I find myself, unfortunately, unable to comply with your À¢€œmost sincereÀ¢€Â recommendationÀ¢€¦ [/quote]

    In such case, an alternative suggestion for you is to spend some quality time in Nairobi or Johannesburg where you would be served with some good coffee and decent English breakfast. 😀


    JOAO – THANKS – I’ve already been to Geneva…
    You may have missed or dismissed (LOL) one of my earliest “remarks” about “our agent’s” lovely city.

    During that time, many years ago, I was temporarily living in Frankfurt (Bundesrepublik Deutschland), and enjoying my very first assignment outside the USA. Perhaps because I was completely overtaken by the experience of a major European City, the financial center of a highly civilized country. Well, at the end of such a extended trip, I decided to take the opportunity to visit two additional European cities, mostly because I had acquainted with local residents: Dusseldorf & Genf (the German name for Geneva). While I had earmarked one week per city, I found myself significantly shortening both À¢€œsÀƒ©joursÀ¢€Â as I could not tolerate either place.

    As for GenÀƒ¨ve, its phony appearance (which reminded me of a À¢€œDollÀ¢€™s HouseÀ¢€Â), along with the plastic outlook, insincere posture, and excessive politeness of disagreeable inhabitants, readily convinced me to return to Frankfurt three days earlier, as I felt rather uncomfortable and regretted not having opted for the exceedingly superior choices of Berlin & ViennaÀ¢€¦

    As such, I find myself, unfortunately, unable to comply with your À¢€œmost sincereÀ¢€Â recommendationÀ¢€¦

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Years ago, there were countless of choices…
    The last time I checked there were NONE[/quote]

    My lad, it is to prevent you from visiting your home town and causing trouble for all the inhabitants of Rio. You better stay put in Manhattan. If you really want to do some quality tourism, I suggest you go to Geneva, where you will be received with “open arms” by our “agent” there.

    Talking about our “Agent in Geneva”, where the hell is he? Gross dereliction of his duties and I recommend an immediate court martial ,followed by summary execution. Wouldn’t you agree with me? 😀


    What about non-stop flights between NYC & Rio?
    Years ago, there were countless of choices…
    The last time I checked there were NONE

  • u.s. observer

    returned to sender
    this is great news !!!!..with the crack down on illegal aliens in the u.s., and the hordes of illegal brazilians from belo horizonte,salvador,pernampuka,illegally in the u.s.a.,,,most americans want these planes full of illegal brazilians returned to brazil ….

  • Adrian Erik

    Another Stake in Galeao’s Heart
    Mixed emotions on the new routes. At times I like to take a few days layover in Rio before heading to Salvador. Varig allowed this and I was given the international baggage allowance when I resumed my flight from Rio to Salvador. Now, if I do this, I have to schedule my own flight from Rio and I always am hit with excess baggage fee — from 80 to 160 reais, (about 8 reais a kilo).

    So a direct flight to Salvador is wonderful. But poor Rio. Terminal 2 is only busy early in the morning when the international flights arrive and make connections and late at night when the international flights depart for North America and Europe. If you eliminate those Northeast connections…Terminal 2 will become a ghost terminal. However, the thought of saving four hours (two hours to Rio and then 2 hours back to Salvador) is great!

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