Brazil Gets Tough on Visas for Foreigners

Brazil’s Immigration Council has announced a series of changes in its norms. There will be new criteria governing the concession of visas for foreigners who come to Brazil to work as administrators, managers, directors or executives.

Investors will be required to link their activities with the creation of jobs. Contracts involving technology transfer may be refused if they result in Brazilian workers being displaced by foreign workers. Visas will be valid for only one year; extensions will be granted for an equal period if need is shown.

According to the president of the council, Nilton Freitas, “The new measures will protect Brazilian workers, eliminate tax fraud and put an end to the present situation where foreigners can work in Brazil for up to four years without paying any taxes.”

Another measure announced by the council will ease the requirements for investment activities by foreign companies.

Thus, the minimum amount a foreign corporation is required to invest in Brazil has been lowered from US$ 200,000 to US$ 50,000, allowing small firms to open branches in the country.

Companies that set up business in Brazil will have to create at least ten new jobs within two years after they begin operating.

According to a council spokesperson, these measures will mainly benefit the tourism and hotel sectors of the economy.

Agência Brasil
Translator: Allen Bennett


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  • Guest

    Poor education ?
    I have lives ion th US for 8 years and I can tell about poor education righ there!
    In Brazil, Argentine and Europe any average highschooler knows where are the other countries, what are their capitals, their languages, their size, etc. They know how to read and interpret texts in a decent way, they know how to calculate equations and build proportions. Average native Americans don’t know even how to solve the most simple equation, how to understand a factor within a context, what language othe people speak, etc. Get real Mr Brit!

    Corruption was thought to us in high style by Americans and Europeans who come here and almost always try to buy everything and everyone with money – and insult, blackmail, threaten and even arrange “accidents” involving those who confront them. Brazilians get abroad to learn how highly corrupt and discriminating you really are deep inside!

    We shall barry entry for all those foreigners who treat us with scorn, contempt and discrimination outside – for good!

  • Guest

    Brit who loves Brazil
    I have been associated with Brazil since I was 18 My first love was brasilian and I married her! I speak fluent portuguese and have only good experiences of Brazilian people…….

    I am constantly amazed at the economic ignorance of brazilians, in particular their extraordinary denial of global reality, the idea that barriers to entry ($500,000!), trade restrictions, petty visa restrictions and so forth in any way assist the enormous brazilian underclass are delusions of the first order. Educated Ist world citizens by and large avoid countries such as Brazil because of the rampant corruption, dishonesty,safety issues that distorts market economics, barriers to trade that notionally protect brazilian industry only protect the owners of Brazilian industry. the workers are amongst the worst protected and paid of workers anywhere….all this in a country so rich in resources and potential. This is shameful and reflects the amorale attitude of Brazilian society. I am now 49 in over 30 years of observation nothing much of any substance has happened in Brazil, it is true Brazil is now more prosperous(in the south) but this only reflects the global tide of prosperity. In real terms Brazil has been outmatched by most developing countries- Korea for example.

    The brazilian ruling classes have nothing but shame on their shoulders.
    Brazil’s poor are displaced by even poorer foreigners so easily because of the truly terrible education available to poor brasilians………if you had to choose between an illiterate brazilian or an illiterate ecquadorean at half the cost you would choose the ecquadorean who has no rights and protection under brazilian law………

    Improve Brazil Manifesto

    -End corruption by mandatory life prison sentences for all corrupt public officials, and businessmen who pay them.

    Invest all confiscated proceeds of corruption, and all military budgets in ‘free at point of use’ primary and secondary education.

    End all industrial import protection tariffs (gradually)

    Welcome all Ist world country citizens with open arms ( they have the knowledge to help Brazil and will only come so long as they perceive a fair free and realistic economic opportunity to better themselves. The 1st worlds poor will not come because they will be worse off in Brasil.

    Welcome Ist world retirees much more openly ( why stipulate the need for a pension of $2000 a month when the vast majority of brasilians live on less than $200 a month! by restricting retirement in Brasil to rich foreigners you are simply reducing the number who will retire there!

    Close your borders rigidly to 3rd world competitive labour. This means stopping your neighbours entering the country illegally to steal your own work.

  • Guest

    At last something really beneficial.
    It is overdue a true reform on Brazilian VISA concession policies and procedures. Brazil should have protected its labor market a decade ago, in order to preserve the jobs and salaries of its workers.

    Foreigners will now receive a similar treatment to the one we receive when trying to work legally abroad. However, I still think we should increase the investment level to $500,000 or more – contingent upon the creation of 20 jobs after 1 year. In addition, I would include the requisite that such foreigners speak good Portuguese in order to fully understand all requests and orders issued by local authorities.

  • Guest
    fyi–from robert

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