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Brazil’s Giant NovAmí©rica Now Makes Sugar Under Muslim Inspection

Brazil's União sugar One of the main players in the Brazilian sugar market, NovAmérica, announced that it has just received halal certification for its sugars, guaranteeing that the production process respects Islamic procedures and that the product is adequate for consumption by Muslims. Certification was granted by the Brazilian Halal Food Center (Cibal Halal).

According to a spokesperson for the company, certification shows the quality of the sugar and that it was produced in factories inspected by Muslims.

The marketing manager at NovAmérica, Marielza Cavallari, says that "certification grants greater opportunities for sale on the domestic market as it attests to the adequacy [of the product] to a greater number of potential buyers."

"Apart from that, it also creates opportunities on the foreign market," she said, according to the company's press department.

As it is a certificate of quality, the company hopes to win not only Muslim consumers, but also consumers in general who require higher standards in their products. Halal certification, despite not compulsory for all kinds of products, is something that a company may offer to keep and expand its clientele.

According to NovAmérica, all the products made in the units the company has in Tarumã and Macaí­, in the interior of São Paulo, have been certified. The items are refined sugar (fine and fast melting), granulated refined sugar, confectioner's sugar, crystal sugar, liquid sugars and table sweeteners.

NovAmérica, which owns traditional Brazilian sugar brand União, has four production units in Brazil and a new one under construction. Apart from sugar, the company also operates in the fields of ethanol and orange.

In its last fiscal year, which ended in April, the company had revenues of 1.1 billion Brazilian reais (US$ 603 million). The company employs around 10,000 people.



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  • jtdangerfield

    Wow! This must be some great sugar! Who did they pay off to get this sugar “certified”. This is a ridiculous principal. I don’t see the benefit, oh well.

  • Ahmed

    In the middle-east we love Sadia Halal Meat products! Brazil is a very progressive food producers that understands consumers needs. The middle east and Brazil now has a great business relationship, something other countries can learn from.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]This article may be tongue-in-cheek. Is there a hidden message? [/quote]

    No Ric, I don’t think there is a hidden message.Plain ignorance on the needs of the market. I hope our Sadia or PerdigÀƒ£o do not insist selling Pork to the ” Muslim” market or Beef to “Hindu” market. Or probably they did and no wonder their stock prices came down in BOVESPA. Many “International Marketing Executives”, I have come across are plain idiots without any knowledge of other peopleÀ‚´s culture, including food habits.

    [quote]Better: introduce them to Stevia, the natural Amazon sweetener. [/quote]

    That is a very good “Value Added Product”, borrowing Ch.CÀ‚´s terminology and there is no need to get the approval of Cibal Halal to market it in Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Buddist, etc; markets.

  • Ric

    Yes, JoÀƒ£o, I noticed that too.

    Also noticed that the phrase, “adequate for the consumption of Muslims” could be taken three ways. This article may be tongue-in-cheek. Is there a hidden message?

    “Consumption” used to be another word for “cancer”.

    Or the product is suitable for Muslims to eat. Are they picky eaters?

    Or weÀ‚´re talking about Muslims themselves being consumed.

    But in what sense?

    Or does the project have a hidden agenda, since the more sugar the dear muslim people eat, the more obesity, diabetes, and related problems, they will have to deal with?

    Better: introduce them to Stevia, the natural Amazon sweetener.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Why dont you do then the same for your coffee, orange juice, soyabeans, soyabean oil, mangoes, mlk, evaporated or powder milk,avocados and all fruits and vegetables already being sold to these Muslims nations ????? [/quote]

    DonÀ‚´t be so cruel towards the “Newsroom”, Ch.C. Not many understand what Halal or Kosher food is, like we do!! 😀 😉

    You should consider this article as a humorous one. 😉

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Wow! This must be some great sugar! Who did they pay off to get this sugar “certified”.[/quote]

    To Brazilian Halal Food Center (Cibal Halal). 😉

  • Ric

    Good News
    WeÀ‚´ll certainly be looking for that extra-pure sugar, inspected by Muslims.

    Tha makes perfect sense.

  • CH.C.

    Whoaaaaaa !!!!!!
    Therefore to what Muslim nations have you sold your sugar…SO FAR ?????????

    Hmmmmmm….doesnt smell right !

    Why dont you do then the same for your coffee, orange juice, soyabeans, soyabean oil, mangoes, mlk, evaporated or powder milk,avocados and all fruits and vegetables already being sold to these Muslims nations ?????

    Hmmmmmm…..it stinks even more !

    And by the way, make sure you do the same for your ETHANOL ! Many Muslims nations, those importing oil, will then be glad to replace their transportation fuel with your ethanol. That is may be the reason than so far they were reluctants.
    And since you always promised that ethanol was competitive to oil, since oil reached US$ 40.- or 50.-, no doubt these Muslims nations will be more than glad to have LOWER prices than the actual US$ 100.- oil !!!!!

    Right ???????

    Are you so sure you can sell ethanol at a lower price than gasoline ? Then most of Asia and Africa but also your neighbours in Latin America should beg for more ethanol…by definition !
    Why target…the USA or Europe….MOSTLY ???????
    Hmmmmmmm……it smells a dirty big LIES…your promise !!!!!!!!

    But coming from Brazil, quite normal. The World is accustomed to your promises and guarantees !!!!!!

    Right or not ?
    Who could prove me wrong ?

    😀 😉 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

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