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Abelardo, Heloísa – Tragic love story from the
12th century is retold. Play causing big commotion because Heloísa gets
naked and she is TV actress Letícia Spiller who has refused to pose in
the nude despite insisting calls from Playboy. Director: Moacyr Goes.
In Rio.

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Abelardo, Heloísa – Tragic love story from the
12th century is retold. Play causing big commotion because Heloísa gets
naked and she is TV actress Letícia Spiller who has refused to pose in
the nude despite insisting calls from Playboy. Director: Moacyr Goes.
In Rio.

Banheiro – During a party to celebrate New
Year’s people meet at the bathroom and things start to happen. Pedro
Vicente wrote, Johana Albuquerque directs. In Săo Paulo.

Beckett in WhiteA Comédia – By Samuel Beckett. Directed by Maurício Lencasttre. A comedy involving a love triangle. In Săo Paulo.

Corpo a Corpo – Adman reminisces and faces his
own interior ghosts in this tragicomic fantasy. Written by Oduvaldo
Viana Filho. With Zecarlos Machado. In Săo Paulo.

O Livro de Jó – Based on the Bible, it discusses divine intervention and God’s power. Directed by Antônio Araújo. In Săo Paulo.

Louro, Alto, Solteiro, Procura – Miguel Falabella, who wrote the text, plays all 17 characters of this comical monologue. In Rio.

Noites de Cabrita – Directed by Bibi Ferreira.
The Cabrita from the title is actress Márcia Cabrita who is the
interpreter of the monologue. In Rio.

Pérola – Written and directed by Mauro Rasi. Comedy. Everything in this middle class family ends in big laughable drama. In Rio.

Todo Mundo Sabe que Todo Mundo Sabe – Another
play from prolific and multitalented Miguel Falabella who also directs
it. The fight from a socialite to avoid economic disaster.

Trair e Coçar é Só Começar – A loony maid makes life miserable for her bosses. Comedy directed by Attílio Riccó. In Săo Paulo.


American films just released: Johnny
Mnemonic (Johnny Mnemonic: o Cyborg do Futuro), The War (A Árvore dos
Sonhos), While You Were Sleeping (Enquanto Vocę Dormia), The
Neverending Story (A História Sem Fim), Species (A Experięncia), The
Bridges of Madison County (As Pontes de Madison), Desperado (A Balada
do Pistoleiro), Reality Bites (Caindo na Real), Waterworld (Waterworld
– o Segredo das Águas)

Bananas Is My Business
– Brazil – 1995 – Directed by Helena Solberg, it tells the story of
restless singer and Hollywood star Carmen Miranda. With Cynthia Adler,
Eric Barreto and Letícia Monte.

Ma Saison Préférée (Minha Estaçăo Preferida) – France – 1992 – Existential crisis hits home when female prosecutor, 45, gets a visit from mom. Directed by André Téchiné.

Menino Maluquinho (Crazy Boy)
– Brazil – 1995 – Based on character created by cartoonist Ziraldo.
Maluquinho (The Little Crazy One) goes to his grandfather’s farm for a
vacation when his parents get divorced.

Mario, Maria e Mario (Mario, Maria e Mario)
– Italy – 1993 – The fall of Russia wrecks havoc at the life of a
socialist couple, husband and wife are communist militants. Ettore
Scola directed.

Perfume de Gardęnia
– Brazil – 1995 – A man decides to seek revenge when wife leaves her
family to become a porno star. Directed by Guilherme de Almeida Prado
with Christiane Torloni, José Mayer and José Lewgoy.

Sábado (Saturday)
– Brazil – 1995 – Comedy directed by Ugo Georgetti with Otávio Augusto
and Maria Padilha. A group of friends and what happens on a weekend in
a Săo Paulo old building.



1. O Mundo de Sofia – Jostein Guarder (Companhia das Letras)

2. O Xangô de Baker Street – Jô Soares (Companhia das Letras)

3. A Profecia Celestina – James Radfield (Objetiva)

4. Comédias da Vida Privada – Luís F. Veríssimo (L&PM)

5. Pelas Portas do Coraçăo – Zibia Gasparetto (Espaço, Vida & Conscięncia)

6. O Buraco na Parede – Rubem Fonseca (Companhia das Letras)

7. Os Doze Mandamentos – Sidney Sheldon (Record)

8. Uma Professora Muito Maluquinha – Ziraldo

9. Comédias da Vida Pública – Luís F. Veríssimo (L&PM)

10. Violetas na Janela – Vera L. M. de Carvalho (Petit)


1. Paula – Isabel Allende (Bertrand Brasil)

2. Mauá, Empresário do Império – Jorge Caldeira (Companhia das Letras)

3. Anaw6kx Cabalísticos – Mônica Buonfiglio (Oficina Cultural Esotérica)

4. A Magia dos Anaw6kx Cabalísticos – Mônica Buonfiglio (Oficina Cult. Esotérica)

5. Era dos Extremos – Eric Hobsbawn (Companhia das Letras)

6. O Guia dos Curiosos – Marcelo Duarte (Companhia das Letras)

7. Dez Anos no Mar – Família Schurmann (Record)

8. Vocę pode curar sua vida – Louise L. Hay (Best Seller)

9. Maktub – Paulo Coelho (Rocco)

10. Chatô – o Rei do Brasil – Fernando Morais (Companhia das Letras)

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