Give the Gift of Canned Wine this Holiday Season

Wine has been around for thousands of years, but a new trend is rapidly revolutionizing the industry: canned wine.

Sales of canned wines have increased from $2 million in 2012 to nearly $200 million in 2020. If you are looking for a trendy, tasty gift for a friend or coworker this holiday season, check out the many new varieties of canned wines that are now available on the market.

Before you embark on your holiday shopping spree, here are a few things to know about this new product.

The History

Canned wines are now in vogue, but winemakers have been experimenting with the product for nearly two decades. Experienced wine drinkers might have stumbled upon canned wines as far back as 2004, perhaps even earlier in some parts of the world.

The new popularity of canned wines can be largely attributed to millennial consumers, who have driven much of the growth in this line of products. The size and durability of cans make them a natural choice for people with active lifestyles. It is much easier to carry a few cans to a picnic instead of a whole wine bottle.

As demand has grown, so has the number of available varieties. Winemakers are confident that these products will continue to grow in popularity for years to come.

The Advantages

How many times has your good time been spoiled because you forgot to bring a wine opener? A can of wine can be opened like a can of any other beverage. When it comes to ease of transportation and accessibility, this product is hard to beat.

There is even some evidence that wine packaged in cans may prove to be more consistent in terms of quality. Some bottled wines can be affected by “cork taint,” a form of spoilage. Cork taint occurs when certain undesirable chemicals leach into the wine, either through the cork or from the cork itself. No cork means no cork taint

If you are concerned about the environment, keep in mind that cans are far easier to recycle than glass wine bottles.

These days, canned wines come in a variety of sizes. You can cut down on waste by buying the size that is right for any occasion.

What about the quality?

Wine connoisseurs are known for being very discriminating when it comes to their products. Is wine in a can really as good as wine in the bottle?

Canned wines will vary in quality, just like their bottled counterparts. A higher price does not necessarily mean higher quality. However, if you find a canned version of your favorite bottled wine, you can rest assured that it will be every bit as good.

You can purchase cans of wine from pretty much every major wine-growing area in the world including California, Spain, France, and Italy. New wine growers are appearing on the scene all the time, and this competition is fostering an explosion of quality products

The prevalence of canned wines is also changing the culture of wine drinking. Bottled wine is traditionally consumed in stemmed wine glasses. This stuffy formality is a turnoff for some consumers. Drinking wine from a can is just more fun and casual.

The Last Word

Wine experts do not expect canned wines to be just a passing fad. Demand has continued to grow, even during the pandemic. With its promises of high quality, consistency, and portability, wine in a can will continue to please a wide variety of consumers.

If you need a last-minute gift idea, look no further than canned wines.

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