How to Find High-Quality Washable Rugs Online

If you’re in the market for some new washable rugs, it’s a good idea to figure out what exactly you’re looking for. Do you want to make sure you can put the rug into the washing machine, or do you just want it to be easier to clean? How thick are you interested in the rug being? And would it be enough if the rugs were stain-resistant?

Knowing what your big priorities are for your future washable rugs is only going to help you narrow down your top choices before you make a big decision. And rugs in general, not just washable rugs, can be pretty pricey if you’re getting something higher in quality. So getting any washable rugs for your space is definitely something you should research.

Moving forward, we’ll look at a few different qualities you might want to consider for the washable rugs you’ll put in your space.

Does Rug Thickness Matter?

The thickness of a rug matters to some, but it doesn’t matter as much to others. However, this is mostly going to be something that you consider if you are buying rugs with some level of pile, especially if you want your rugs to be comfortable enough to sit on, sink your feet into, or fall asleep on top of.

Some washable rugs will be pretty thick, but others are going to be made in such a way that thickness wouldn’t be a normal factor for quality. For example, certain styles of rugs are woven in such a way that they’re really meant to be flat. In those circumstances, it might not mean that the rug was made well just because it’s thicker than a few other contenders you’re looking at.

Consider Stain-Resistant Washable Rugs

As mentioned earlier, it may be enough for you if your washable rugs are just stain-resistant, rather than completely machine washable. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to make a sacrifice and choose between the two, however. All this really means is that it’s important to gauge your big priorities.

Some people might want to have both so that everyday clean-up is easier on them and so that there are potential options for deep-cleaning if the need for it ever arises. However, one may be more important to you than another. Not everyone is going to have the same opinion on this.

Stain-resistant rugs are going to do what the name implies, and that means they’ll be less likely to permanently stain. If there are a lot of messes in your home, whether you’re a little clumsy, you have kids, or something else, stain-resistant rugs are going to make everyday accidents a lot less stressful for you.

Pet-Friendly Rugs

Pet-friendly rugs and stain-resistant rugs are going to have some similarities, but that doesn’t mean that they are exactly the same. While it will share in the spirit of being more stain-resistant, something that claims to be pet-friendly is going to be better for your life with pets. 

This could mean it’s less likely to trap hair, that it’s less likely to be picked up or tripped on by little paws, or that your pet will be less interested in chewing on it. However, those kinds of features are going to vary based on the material, as well as based on the statements by the manufacturer or supplier.

Does it Fit in Your Washing Machine?

If you’re dead-set on getting washable rugs that can be put into your washing machine, you’re going to have to take your washing machine into account. Larger size rugs, like those measuring greater than five feet by eight feet, are going to require bigger washing machines than what is typically available.

You may need to consider if you’ll have to go to a laundromat in order to have access to larger machines that can physically clean your washable rugs well. 

There’s also potential cost in terms of what you’ll be spending in time and money. If you think it’s worth it to take a few extra steps to take care of your dream rug, then it may be enough of a priority for you to consider those larger rugs. You may also think it’s worth it to make the investment if you’re regularly going to the laundromat anyway.

However, if you decide that it isn’t worth it to take your rug with you outside of your apartment unit, building, or home, it might be time to start considering other options.

Read Customer Reviews

It’s always a good idea to do research on big purchases, and washable rugs can certainly be large spends for some people. So it never hurts to look at customer reviews of different washable rugs you’re considering before you decide to add one to your cart and head to check out.

Just because someone rates a rug one star doesn’t necessarily mean the rug will be a bad fit for your life, only that it was a bad fit for that particular reviewer’s life and expectations. So if a negative review describes exactly what was wrong with the washable rugs they purchased and tried, you may decide that their thoughts won’t affect your final decision.


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