How to Make a Punjabi Fashion Statement

Art and self-expression are one of the most beautiful parts of any culture. Since humans have been congregating together on this planet, there has been recorded evidence of some kind of artistic expression of the self. Whether it was recording history, or creating beautiful pieces of art, humans have this need to express themselves uniquely through art in the cultures that they live in. 

One such way that people love to express their artistic powers is through the clothing that they wear. One of the most fascinating parts of looking at the effects and transitions of fashion throughout history is how expressive not only a certain people but at a certain point in time clothing can tend to be. Clothing is a deeply telling part of a people’s culture being influenced by a number of different factors from personality, to culturally held beliefs, religion, and even philosophy. Clothing is more than just pragmatic, however, there are times in history when pragmatism may have been the most esteemed value so clothing reflected that. 

Another beautiful aspect of culture is that this kind of expression changes from people’s culture to culture. While it’s easy to see the common ground making all humans equal in the need that humans share to express themselves through their art and clothing, each geographic location is unique. The people of Mexico show their culture through clothing differently than the people of Germany or Switzerland or even the United States. 

One such beautiful expression of cultural beauty is found in what is called the Punjabi suit. This style of clothing comes from Punjabi which is found in the northern areas of the subcontinent of India. This style of dress is instantly recognizable as being unique to the people of India and has a certain striking beauty. While this kind of clothing style is more traditional, there is no reason why it can not be made fashionable in a way that shows dynamic self-expression and still holds to cultural and traditional tenants of what makes a Punjabi suit so beautiful.

What is a Punjabi Suit?

A Punjabi suit is a style of clothing that is inspired by the people of Punjabi and is common in that region of India. This style of clothing can be very dynamic and worn for a myriad of different occasions. For instance, a person can wear a Punjabi suit during their work day but also have a formal Punjabi suit for special occasions. 

Traditionally there are three pieces that make up a Punjabi suit which is known as the Salwar. These three pieces are the Kameez, Dupatta, and Salwar. Each piece is important for making up the three-piece suit that is known as a Punjabi suit. 

The Kameez

The Kameez is the top piece of the three-piece Punjabi suit and is composed of a high wasted, tunic-shaped top. This is a very important part of the Punjabi suit and is cut straight with the sides of the tunic-like garment slit. This is one of the ways that this garment makes the Punjabi suit unique from other forms of dress that are very similar in different parts of Asia. 

The Dupatta 

The Dupatta is a long scarf that acts as an accessory that pulls the entire three-piece Punjabi suit together. This is a great piece to accent and uses creatively to make a statement. 

The Salwar

The Last part of the Punjabi suit is known as the Salwar and is composed of pants that are secured at the waist under the Kameez. 

How To Make a Fashion Statement With the Punjabi Suit

The best part about fashion is that it is not synonymous with culture. In fact, fashion is a powerful part of human expression because it builds off of culture but is not tied or bound to it. For those looking to keep their Punjabi suits traditional, there are seemingly endless, beautiful options.

Choosing a sleek, cotton Punjabi suit that plays on powerful color pallets, enchanting patterns, and premium quality fabric is a great way to make a fashion statement with this traditional dress. These fashionable Punjabi suits are designed to be accessible for the workplace, and yet still eye-catching enough to stand out at a party.

These fashionable Punjabi suits focus on creating a statement through unique color and fabric design that elevates the experience of these three-piece suits into something truly special. Because of the commitment to keep these suits authentic to what makes Punjabi so beautiful in the first place, these incredible options from Lashkaraa are designed to give women a Punjabi suit for truly any occasion. 

Keeping the core of what makes Punjabi authentic in every stitch, but pushing the aesthetic beauty of the Punjabi to new levels, these will be Punjabi suits you will want to wear as often as you possibly can. 

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