Want To Break Into The Entertainment Industry? Here’s Where You Should Move 

If you have seen any movie or documentary ever about actors or musicians making it big, you are probably used to hearing “Hollywood is where dreams come true,” or some variation of that numerous times. Yes, Los Angeles is a huge hub for entertainment, with the content being created left and right. However, in Today’s world, you’d be surprised about the mass amount of opportunity there is outside of California. For example, Mark Gillespie runs his own management company where he represents clients out of LA, Miami, and London. If LA is not your scene, count on these alternative landing spots that can help you find your start in the entertainment industry. 

Los Angeles 

Of course, we need to start off by discussing the location that draws the most attention in entertainment. Head to any restaurant and the server will tell you they are an up-and-coming actor, musician, or writer. 

LA is built around music and television. If you decide to move to the sunny side of the West Coast, you can count on there being an endless supply of TV shows, movies, music videos, reality shows, and variety shows being filmed. This city has the highest employment rate for musicians and those in the music sphere. 

Although LA is more expensive than a lot of other cities, the opportunities are exciting and you will be making a lot of friends with people in the same field as you. 

New York City

New York is an excellent spot for your career in entertainment, especially if you prefer to live in a fast-paced and quintessential city environment. 

In addition to the ongoing creation of television shows and movies here, stage theater is unparalleled to any other city in the United States. Dancers, singers, musicians, and actors to grace the stage every single night. If you want to make a living being on stage and thrilling audiences with live performances, then New York City is your next home. If doing on-screen and broadcast work is your passion, NYC will still not let you down. 


Chicago is definitely a homier environment when compared with NYC or LA, but it is still a massive and vibrant city with a lot to offer. 

Stage theater is huge in Chicago and you’ll most likely find it easier to get an agent in Chicago than the prior two cities mentioned because the market is less saturated. Many artists who start out in Chicago end up with careers that escalate them to worldwide fame (i.e. Fallout Boy, Kanye West).

If gracing the stage is not your forte, there are still many television shows constantly being filmed in Chicago such as Chicago P.D., Chicago Fire, and Shameless. 


Miami blew up in the 1940s in the entertainment market and it continues to hold its place. There are around three thousand companies working in entertainment in film in Miami, so you can absolutely expect opportunities there to be alive and well. 

Many musicians and actors have set their focus on Miami due to its thriving market. The amazing tropical environment doesn’t just keep you motivated and high on endorphins, but it also draws in a lot of companies to use it as a shooting location. 


In recent years, Atlanta has become a huge asset to the entertainment industry. TV shows are constantly being filmed and musicians are flocking there in unprecedented numbers. Entertainers are even moving from LA to Atlanta due to the cheaper cost of living and exciting new opportunities. 

Honorable Mentions

  • Nashville
  • Seattle
  • New Orleans 
  • Las Vegas
  • San Diego 

Make sure you find a city that is right for you. Even if everyone is telling you to move to one place, don’t forget there are ample entertainment opportunities in other cities that can kickstart your career. The entertainment landscape is always changing, so expect that you might not live somewhere you expected and end up completely loving it and thriving there.


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