Top Client US Buys 23% Fewer Shoes from Brazil in 2008

Shoes from Brazil Brazilian shoe exports in 2008 decreased 1.6% compared with the previous year. Revenues from shipments totaled US$ 1.8 billion last year. This according to figures disclosed by the Brazilian Association of Shoe Manufacturers (Abicalçados).

In the overall ranking, the leading destination for Brazilian shoes were the United States, followed by the United Kingdom, Argentina, Italy, Venezuela, Spain, Holland, Portugal, France and Chile.

The reduction in sales to the United States, despite the country remaining at the top of the ranking, was pointed out by Abicalçados as one of the main contributing factors to the decrease in Brazilian exports in 2008.

According to the organization, the United States imported 23.2% less in terms of volume, resulting in revenues 32.6% lower.

A positive aspect, however, was the significant rise in shipments to Italy, a country with a long-standing tradition in shoe manufacturing and exports. Sales to the country totaled US$ 149 million, growth of 78.7% over 2007.

Another success story was the Arab world. Exports of shoes from Brazil to the Arab countries totaled US$ 36.4 million last year, growth of 29% over 2007.

The United Arab Emirates were the leading destination for Brazilian sales to the Arabs and the 18th market in the overall ranking. Imports by the country reached US$ 18.3 million, 35.8% more than in 2007. Shipments totaled 1.33 million pairs, growth of 21.8%.

Next in the list of importers from the Middle East and North Africa are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Oman, Bahrain, Syria, Qatar, Libya and Djibouti.

In terms of supplier states, Ceará ranked first volume-wise, with 57.3 million pairs, and Rio Grande do Sul led the ranking in terms of revenues, with US$ 1.1 billion. Sergipe, in turn, was the state that recorded the greatest increase in foreign sales, with growth of 37.9% in shipped volume and of 57.7% in revenues.

Brazilian shoe imports, according to Abicalçados, totaled US$ 307.4 million in 2008, growth of 46.8% in comparison with 2007. China was the main supplier, followed by Vietnam and Indonesia.



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0 #1 Whoaaaaaa !ch.c. 2009-01-21 21:33
UAE sales 1,33 millions pairs of shoes for US$ 18,3 millions.
Or US$ 13,75 per pair of shoes.

For sure the brands and quality were not WESTON OR BALLY !!!!
Quite sad for Brazil, Arabs love BALLY models and quality shoes.
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I would not be surprised that Bally alone had more sales than all your country total exports !!!
Swiss premium quality shoes shine around the World !

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