Brazil: Despite Crisis Lula's Popularity Reaches Record High: 84%

Brazilian Lula laughing Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the president of Brazil, had a stunning 84% approval during January the highest since taking office in 2003 and the highest of any Brazilian president ever, according to the latest public opinion poll published this week in São Paulo.

Meanwhile his Chilean counterpart Michelle Bachelet is recovering from low records and now has a 53% support the second highest since December 2006 (54.3%).

In Brazil the poll was done by Sensus for the business organization National Transport Confederation (CNT) and included 2.000 interviews in 24 different states and 136 municipalities between January 26 and 30.

Lula's approval stands at 84%, disapproval at 12.2% which compares favorably with December's 80.3% and 15.2% respectively.

It's by far the highest support of the trade union leader turned president since taking office in January 2003 when he peaked 83.6%. The pollster was also Sensus.

On the other hand the Brazilian government performance received a positive approval of 72.5% and negative of 5.5%, compared to December's 71.1% and 6.4%.

"In spite of the economic crisis and growing unemployment, the popularity of Lula continues to grow, to a historic record, in the assessment of the government and his personal performance" said Clésio Andrade, CNT president.

For an overwhelming majority of Brazilians Lula remains as the "anchor of hope" in spite of the persistent problems of crime, violence and now the economic recession, added Andrade.

Meantime in Chile Ms Bachelet performance approval reached 53.1% the highest since 2006, according to private pollster Adimark.

This represents a two percentage point increase over the 51.1% of December while the disapproval index dropped from 34.7% to 30% this month, also the lowest since December 2006.

Thus the Chilean president seems to have regained the level of approval she managed during the first months of her administration, particularly since last September, indicated as the month which signaled the "official" start of global recession and when her standing was 42%.

The public opinion poll shows that 46.3% of Chileans believe the President and the Executive have addressed the economic crisis in a "very good or good" way, while 40.6% feel the performance has been below average and 13.1% describe it as "bad or very bad."

The percentage approval is higher than last November (44.4%) when the Chilean government announced a support package of 1.15 billion US dollars anticipating the possible adverse effects of the global slowdown in Chile.

Last January 5 Ms Bachelet announced another 4 billion US dollars stimulus plan targeted to prop employment and growth.

The poll also showed that the Chilean government has a 43.4% approval and 41.3% disapproval, which signals a change from the negative edge prevalent until last September.

The ministers with the best performance rates are Foreign Affairs Alejandro Foxley (52.4%) and Finance minister Andres Velasco (46.1%).



0 #26 In a recent poll more than 126% of the people polled supported Lula!AES 2009-02-10 07:49
Lula enjoys unprecedented support not only defying reason but mathematics as well. One survey showed him to be enjoying a 180% popularity. I remember when Sadaam Husein won the election by 100% of the vote in 2002.Wednesday, 16 October, 2002, 11:41 GMT 12:41 UK
Saddam 'wins 100% of vote'

Voting day brought many public displays of patriotism

Iraqi officials say President Saddam Hussein has won 100% backing in a referendum on whether he should rule for another seven years.
There were 11,445,638 eligible voters - and every one of them voted for the president, according to Izzat Ibrahim, Vice-Chairman of Iraq's Revolutionary Command Council.

Not a very serious day, not a very serious vote and nobody places any credibility on it

Ari Fleischer,
White House spokesman
The government insists the count was fair and accurate.

Saddam Hussein - who has ruled Iraq since 1979 - was the only candidate.

Voters had been urged to show their support for the Iraqi leader in defiance of the demands for military action against him from the US and Britain.

During polling, many voters trampled American flags and some signed their ballot-papers in their own blood in a display of loyalty to their leader.

International disdain

Before the vote, Washington dismissed the referendum as a farce after the last such vote gave the Iraqi leader 99.96% support.

"Obviously it's not a very serious day, not a very serious vote and nobody places any credibility on it," White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said on Tuesday.

Argument over the UN's Iraq resolution has dragged on for weeks

In London, the Foreign Office painted a stark picture of the "choice" facing the Iraqi voters:

"You can't have free elections when the electorate goes to the polls in the knowledge that they have only one candidate, that candidate routinely murders and tortures opponents of the regime and the penalty for slandering that sole candidate is to have one's tongue cut out."

But Mr Ibrahim said Iraq's elections should not be compared to elections in Europe or America.

Iraq was in a situation comparable to the early history of Arab states, he said - in Iraq there is one destiny for the whole country.

If the Americans did attack, Iraq had taken precautions to defeat them, Mr Ibrahim said.

We're going to fight them in every village and every house - even the shepherd will have a role in the battle, he said.

Mr Ibrahim also accused Britain of deceiving Washington about Iraq. Britain knew Iraq very well, he said, and had misinformed the Americans.

Atmosphere of celebration

Tuesday's 12-hour-long voting was technically a secret ballot but few people bothered with the curtained booths - if only because they feared a "no" vote could be traced back to them.

Polling stations were bedecked with posters of Saddam, and biscuits and drinks were served as children performed patriotic songs
0 #25 aspJoão da Silva 2009-02-08 11:36
we need your balance on religeous matters and leftist rightest dynamics...
Right. I don't know if you have read the article by Augusto Zimmermann in:

It is an extremely interesting article and both Ch.C and I have made some comments.It explains a lot about the behavior of your downstairs neighbor!!
0 #24 aspJoão da Silva 2009-02-08 11:19
c'mon , augustus, dont check out now.....
I fully second your motion. :D

Ch.c: Please stop behaving like Emperor Bokassa of Central African Republic. (Is he still alive?) ;-)
0 #23 the usual...blah, blah, blahThe cure for Ch C 2009-02-08 10:26
As usual, you miss the point O main point being, that there are much more important issues than the percentage of paved roads. Of course I can see the benefit of a paved highway which is why I mentioned BR 101. Still, as I said, I don't think it is crucial to have paved roads in the Amazon, etc.

The thing you COMPLETELY missed as usual (because you are truly blind to anything but the negative) is that good things are happening in Brazil whether you like it or not. You point out an example of something not being done and I simply point out things that ARE being done.

But because I can see the positives, I'm just a Junkie or Idiot :D
0 #22 Double-Dot 2009-02-07 14:08
The majority of the country is jungle and country...why would you need paved roads? Seems pretty irrelevent to me.
You have a point there,old chap. Why would the natives need paved roads in the jungles when they have alternative means of transport?
0 #21 c'mon , augustus, dont check out now.....asp 2009-02-07 14:00
we need your balance on religeous matters and leftist rightest dynamics...

who cares about octdung or actung or sprekin de dois...
0 #20 '%5 paved road statistic'. Why is this so important?ch.c. 2009-02-07 11:42
Just look at the trafic jams all over the country !
Just look at the BR 163 the major road to bring grains from Mato Grosso to ports....and the additional costs compared to a paved road, the speed at a paved road or not paved.

Why dont you talk to a truck driver and/or a farmer aand /or a goods producer, any entrepreneur for the importance of having

I bet you are not an entrepreneur and certainly not a truck owner. Because to them it costs a fortune in money and time, in added trucks maintenance, fuel consumption, and time efficiency. Who is the further penalized ? The farmer who will get paid less....due to higher transportation costs. Who else is penalized ? The consumer having to pay higher prices, exporters having to also reduce their profit margin.

But idiots like you...cant see all this !
You just proved it.

When there is a paved road....there is higher activity, faster you stated for BR 101, but still cant see the benefit of it !
Goats dont care....for sure ! And your brains are more developed than goats.
You proved it....once more !

It is rather funny as I effectively stated more than once, is that many many many poorer countries than Brazil have a higher percentage of paved roads.
Look at these countries more closely, and nearly of them have a higher GDP growth rate than Brazil, especially when measured in any 5 years time frame of YOUR choice !
But goats like you still dont see the benefit of paved roads.

Just re-read your own comments, analyze them once more, and see the benefits of the BR 101 being finally paved...just as you stated !

Idiots will remain idiots-----FOR LIFE ! You just guaranteed it.
0 #19 infastructure improvements in the NorthEastThe cure for Ch C 2009-02-06 21:10

Having lived off and on in Joao Pessoa for several years, I can say from a first person perspective that there have been MAJOR improvements in roads, housing for the poor etc.

BR 101 has had a second lane added all the way from Recife to JP as well as the old lane repaved. Within the city itself, construction is booming at a rate i've never seen anywhere else, including housing for the poor, newly paved city streets, stores, apartments.

So as much as CH C would have you believe everything is terrible in Brazil, its just not true.

Also, this is about the 10th time he has brought up the '%5 paved road statistic'. Why is this so important? The majority of the country is jungle and country...why would you need paved roads? Seems pretty irrelevent to me.

But we all know how he likes gathering every little negative statistic he smart is the great CH C!

0 #18 ch-c - you should have been a School teacher - I think I've had enough... for a whileAugustus 2009-02-06 16:34
AWARE as you were that I had already written many times ORDNUNG correctly, because I type quickly at various entries and do not REALLY bother or have the time to revise, you STILL have to conduct the PETTY act of MAKING SURE you correct me, as if you were deriving IMMENSE pleasure EACH and EVERY time YOU can possible find a fault in whatever I say, do, or write.
Since I'm extremely sensitive, I really do not enjoy being ridicule for no good reason, at every possible opporitunity, I just cannot expose myself to this type of mistreatment.
I suppose I must take another break from this place, because either you or Dnb, for totally different reasons, always get me to a certain point of irritability that I just lack the strength to deal with IT.
0 #17 Ch.C João da Silva 2009-02-06 11:41
Are you getting paid now, to take Robbing Hook & el al defense ?
Did you find a new job finally, certainly well paid, at the Brazil Disinformation & Propaganda Dept ????
Not willing to sell my soul nor personal integrity yet. Don´t know how my attitude would be some years from now! BUT....BUT.... you are yet to understand my dry sense of humor.

Never mind. Augustus Zimmermann has written a nice article in (Not related to Lord Augustus though). Will blog there, provided there is no censorship. :D

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