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Ten Facts Brazil's President Should Tell the World Including GDP Doesn't Equal Progress PDF Print E-mail
2012 - May 2012
Written by Cristovam Buarque   
Thursday, 24 May 2012 17:28

Brazil president Dilma Rousseff In a debate at the University of Brasília, Ambassador Correa do Lago asked for ten suggestions for the speech that President Dilma will make at the opening of Rio+20. My suggestions were the following:

1. The speech should begin with the sentence "Humanity is at risk." The environmental and financial crises demonstrate that the industrial civilization's union among Political Democracy, Social Justice, Economic Growth and the Techno-Scientific Advance is fraying.

During the Cold War, forces existed that attempted to halt the foolish march towards nuclear war. Now, it appears that the foolish march has no adversaries. Profit and consumption are aligned in their voracity, conducting the world towards global warming, unemployment, migration and inequality.

2. If in this meeting the Heads of State and political leaders think merely as politicians, looking only towards their short-term, local problems, and not as leaders of humanity, looking beyond them, we will be missing an immense opportunity.

Humanity cannot continue defining its future based upon the size of the countries' GDP. It is necessary to redefine the concept of progress, find new criteria and indices that in fact measure Well-Being, Peace, Employment and Harmony among human beings and between humanity and Nature.

3. We need an International Green Fiscal Policy. It makes no sense that taxes on fossil products should have the same aliquots as products that are in harmony with Nature. Nevertheless, the importance of a global world demands that the Green Fiscal Policy be the result of a worldwide accord. Rio +20 must be the moment for this idea to be considered.

4. Certain natural patrimonies, like large forests, oceans and the geographic poles must be protected from economic ambition and remain free of depredation. Our countries are part of the great Condominium Earth. International accords must limit national sovereignty itself when this refers to the use of the national patrimonies that have an impact upon the life and well-being of future generations.

5. The world has a Hague Tribunal to judge crimes against humanity committed by dictators. We need a Tribunal to judge the crimes against humanity committed by economic agents seeking to satisfy their voracity, thus degrading the environment and throwing millions into misery and unemployment.

6. In 1945, the statespeople succeeded in creating an economic plan that channeled resources towards the industrial reconstruction of a Europe devastated by World War II. It is time for a new boldness, now on a worldwide scale, to avoid the approaching devastation, itself created by the type of progress that is plundering, concentrating and instable.

Only a generation with a new education will obstruct the foolish march of environmental degradation and social inequality. The world needs to make a radical educational reform in all levels and in all its countries to incorporate the ethic values of environmental protection, eliminate social exclusion, and maintain the natural and cultural diversity. We need a Global Marshall Plan for the education of the entire world's children.

7. We cannot postpone the creation of a World Fund, based upon the Tobin Tax on currency conversion, to support education and the environment and to fight poverty. Besides more stability for the crazy financial system, this fund will serve to attract resources necessary for the projects aiming towards a new type of development.

8. It is necessary to implant a United Nations Program for Human Development (UNPHD) capable of monitoring and influencing development with humanization and humanism, including ecological equilibrium and lifelong education as part of the concept of human rights.

9. Besides this, the Heads of State and politicians must install in Rio de Janeiro, as a legacy of Rio +20 an International Institute for Studies about the Future of Humanity, preferably within the family of the UN University.

10. Humanity cannot continue witnessing the shame of a scientific and technological advance that amplifies the inequality. Without limiting the advance that was made thanks to the incentive of the private patents, it is necessary to create a Public Fund that will permit the financing of all humanity's access to the scientific discoveries, especially in the area of healthcare.

Speak for us, Madame President. Even if the world leaders do not listen today. Politically, the moral force of your speech, in our name, will remain for the future, as a call for wisdom in the world.

Cristovam Buarque ( is a professor at the University of Brasília and a senator (PDT-DF).

Translated by Linda Jerome (

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Comments (56)Add Comment
written by João da Silva, May 24, 2012

An excellent article by Sen.Buarque who is truly a statesman and a Macro-manager. Some points in the article are questionable, but...but...but..I don't have to agree with him all the time. That's democracy, isn't it?
written by Nicholas (usa_male), May 24, 2012
This clown is in love with "Global Governance". All Gore must like him if he knows him. I say: Off with their heads.
Unlike China and India, Brazil’s growth story has been more about income redistribution than rapid expansion of gross domestic product.
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, May 25, 2012

Financial Times (UK) - April 26, 2012
“Brazil wealthy set to double in 11 years”

By Joe Leahy and Samantha Pearson in São Paulo

At the Fazenda do Haras Larissa, the mood among the well-heeled crowd is tense with anticipation.

The vast luxury rural development in the hills near São Paulo, which has a rural English theme that includes imported 18th century carriages complete with liveried drivers, is due to host a polo match led by Britain’s Prince Harry.

When the prince finally lands on the helicopter pad, which has space for 30 choppers, he presents the only genuinely English moment of the day when he is self-deprecating about his chances of winning the polo match.

“I’m a bit rusty,” he tells the gathered elite.

While the event was for charity, business is never far away in the new Brazil. In a country that produced 22 millionaires a day in 2010, Haras Larissa, whose most expensive plot sells for R$16m ($8.5m), is just another attempt to profit from the astonishing wealth created by a decade of economic growth in Brazil.

“The luxury property market is booming because Brazil is booming,” says the developer, Alvaro Coelho da Fonseca, one of Brazil’s richest real estate barons.

International attention over the past decade has focused on the rise of Brazil's lower middle class, who earn between R$1734 and R$7,475 per household a month and have turned the country into one of the world’s most promising consumer goods markets. But while this group accounts for more than half the population, it is the so-called B and A classes – those earning more than R$7,475 – that are poised to grow fastest in the coming years, analysts say.

Unlike China and India, Brazil’s growth story has been more about income redistribution than rapid expansion of gross domestic product.

This has led to a ballooning of the lower middle class by nearly 60 per cent between 2003 and 2011, according to Professor Marcelo Côrtes Neri of the Getulio Vargas Foundation, an academic institution. Their numbers are set to grow another 12 per cent by 2014.

But more impressive will be the growth of the A and B classes. The ranks of those people with incomes more comparable to those of the middle and upper classes of advanced economies are expected to more than double by 2014, compared with 2003, to more than 29m, a population nearing the size of Canada.

The rise of the well-educated and financially empowered groups is changing Brazil’s political and social fabric, analysts say, in the form of greater demands for efficient government.

“There is a political tsunami coming in Brazil,” says Chris Garman, analyst with Eurasia Group, the consultants.

Brazil’s president, Dilma Rousseff, enjoyed a record approval rating of 77 per cent in mid-March despite economic growth slowing last year. She was helped by low unemployment and salary increases.

But her government knows that a more prosperous population means a more exacting electorate. Analysts say it is partly for this reason that she has shown less tolerance of corrupt ministers than in the past, dismissing a swath of them last year.

“She is going to increasingly be held accountable on the quality of public services and no longer just on growth and income,” says Mr Garman.

Multinationals and domestic businesses, meanwhile, have also taken notice. BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and other car manufacturers are targeting Brazil with higher end models. Chivas Brothers, the owner of the Chivas Regal whisky brand, says Brazil’s booming north-eastern city of Recife has the highest per capita whisky consumption in the world.

“When we look at the world … Brazil is one of the top three opportunities,” says Christian Porta, chief executive of the company and one of the sponsors of Prince Harry’s polo match last month.

Financial services such as private banking are booming. There was R$434.4bn under management in the country’s private banking sector in December, according to industry data, an increase of 21.6 per cent from the previous year.

“We’re now seeing a second generation of wealthy families with this new economic phase of the country,” says Silas Caldana, the director of Oslo Patrimômio, which manages family fortunes in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul. His company, which caters to clients with more than R$50m, expects to double its number of clients in the next two years.

Local entrepreneurs, such as Mr Coelho da Fonseca, are also determined not to miss the boat. His development also has 700 sheep to give its tenants the feeling of being in Oxfordshire rather than subtropical São Paulo. It also has a test drive circuit for Range Rover.

“The whole thing was inspired by the English countryside – you know, roads that don’t have tarmac,” he explains, adding that he also keeps a residence on the development. “My house is also a type of English cabin. But it’s very small – only 400 square metres [4,305 sq ft].”

English countryside? Indeed!
written by Ederson, May 25, 2012
Ricky, thank you for sharing the excerpt. However, I finished reading with a number of questions. Do those taking part in the British experience drink tea or take tea? Do they slice open their crumpets or lift their saucers from the table? Is it possible for one to obtain a quality teapot in Sao Paulo, or must one use a coffee or chocolate pot in the most desperate circumstance?
Reply to Ederson
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, May 25, 2012

Ricardo: Ederson, Joao da Silva can answer these questions for you, since he is the expert regarding tea and crumpets around here.


Ricardo Amaral
written by João da Silva, May 25, 2012

Ederson, Joao da Silva can answer these questions for you, since he is the expert regarding tea and crumpets around here.

Rickey, I don't want to waste my time explaining to Ederson about the table manners of the English/Brasilian aristocracy. Probably he is from the interior of Roraima, lived in London for a couple of years and learn't nothing from his experience there.smilies/sad.gif
I'll dedicate this song to Prof. Cristovam , Brazzil Magazine and The Russian President...
written by a.norlina, May 26, 2012
With best wishes and good luck.

p.s Mr President I saw you with the Ukrainian Prime Minister online the other day, have you checked your Duma email Sir? By the way my another ex-boss is making noise in Kazakhstan regarding tourism expansion between the two countries. Don't worry sir she will not make noise in Kremlin because she simply has no clue how to argue with the Russian......
Reply to a.norlina
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, May 26, 2012

Ricardo: Norlina, here is an example of how the Ukrainian politicians debate and make their important decisions about any subject.

By the way, because of their style of debate, if you are a younger member, you can get your point across in a more effective way than the old members of the Ukrainian parliament.

Vladimir Putin - russian president
written by a.norlina, May 27, 2012
Vladimir Putin - russian president
Nicholas (usa_male)
written by João da Silva, May 27, 2012

This clown is in love with "Global Governance". All Gore must like him if he knows him. I say: Off with their heads.

Nicky, my dear fellow. Glad you joined in.smilies/cheesy.gif I wouldn't call Sen.Buarque a clown. He has his own merits. He might not have made a great President, but....but....but.... to compare him with Al Gore??? I think Dilma should have made him the Minister of Education, instead of the current one who lost his bid to the senate.smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif

Lets not forget Cris Buarque was elected to the senate by popular vote in 2010, unlike many losers who were selected as ministers and given consolation prizes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!smilies/shocked.gif

Reply to Ederson
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, May 28, 2012

Ricardo: Ederson, here are some interesting videos for you to watch:

'Americans don't share global domination policies of their leaders' – May 27, 2012

RT talks to Peter Dale Scott - former diplomat, poet and prominent anti-war advocate. He says that the US corporate superstructure conglomerate - including financial interests, the defense industry, oil companies and the media - brazenly manipulate American society.


CrossTalk: Poorfare State – May 28, 2012

Can the West revive the welfare state? How would the diminishing middle class influence Western politics? And is there anyway to redistribute wealth more fairly under the rules of modern capitalism? CrossTalking with Rachel Marsden, Kevin Zeese and Jason del Gandio.


Financial Times (UK) - May 24, 2012
“Russia turns up the nuclear rhetoric”
By Charles Clover in Moscow and Geoff Dyer in Chicago

Before Dmitry Medvedev’s valedictory speech earlier this month, the outgoing president awarded medals to dozens of Russians, including a theatre director, a policewoman and the chairman of the Russian hockey federation. Then, taking the podium in a glittering Kremlin ballroom, Mr Medvedev declared that Russia’s younger generation needed positive role models to inspire them towards “success in literature, art, education, and” – he paused wistfully – “nuclear weapons”.

“They may still come in handy,” he said, apropos, seemingly, of nothing. “We’re not going to use them, but let’s still keep them around, because we have a big country, a complex country. We must value it and protect it.”

Then, wishing his audience “safe skies”, he signed off.

It was an odd demonstration of the Kremlin’s even odder relationship to its most prized asset – the one thing that still gives Russia its global superpower status: the ability to blow the planet to kingdom come.

In speech after speech this month, Russian officials have tried to out-Dr Strangelove each other in warning of a potential nuclear conflagration. The rhetoric, which US analysts tend to dismiss as harmless, coincided with the test launch on Wednesday of a new generation of strategic missiles.

The nuclear hyperbole seems directed at the US and its allies, who announced at an annual Nato summit in Chicago this week the formal beginning of a much-vaunted anti-ballistic missile system based partly in eastern Europe. This is nominally aimed at Iran but, Russia suspects, intended to neutralise its own beloved nuclear deterrent.

If that were to happen, said General Nikolai Makarov, chief of Russia’s general staff, it could lead to an “illusion of security”, which could lead to war. Countries allowing the missile defence shield on their soil, Gen Makarov said, risked a Russian nuclear first strike. “A decision on pre-emptive use of the attack weapons available will be made when the situation worsens,” he breezily told a news conference this month...

Reply to Ederson
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, May 28, 2012

Ricardo: Ederson, here is the official “theme song” of the G-8 Summit.

The Group of Eight (Gsmilies/cool.gif is a forum for the governments of:

1) United States

2) Japan

3) Germany

4) France

5) Italy

6) United Kingdom

7) Canada

smilies/cool.gif Russia

Note: The G-8 group represents the past – the world of yesterday – a world long gone....

The G-8 have adopted this song as the “theme song” of the G-8, this song reflect the mindset of this group, and they will be playing this song on a regular basis in all of their G-8 meetings:

That Sinking Feeling

That Sinking Feeling

All my books lay on the table
Waitin' to unfold
I sit and stare at my reflection
While the darkness chills my bones
My head fills like a junk shop
In desperate need of repair
The path of least resistance leads to the
Garbage heap of despair
I think I'd better get back in bed

I'm just a symptom of the moral decay
That's gnawing at the heart of the country.

You can't destroy your problems
By destroying yourself
Death is not the answer
For your soul may burn in hell
My memory my fond deceiver
Is turning all my past into pain
While I'm being raped by progress
Tomorrow's world is here to stay
They wouldn't have it any other way

I'm just a symptom of the moral decay
That's gnawing at the heart of the country.

Regarding the Facebook IPO
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, May 29, 2012

Ricardo: You can read what I have been writting about the Facebook IPO since early February 2012 at:

Facebook IPO


I'll dedicate this song to .....
written by a.norlina, May 30, 2012
The French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, His Excellency Bob Carr and His Excellency William Hague.....

Sir Bob Carr is it true that Minister Penny Wong is a lesbian? smilies/shocked.gif
No wonder most of her Auditor friends here in my country have gone nutssmilies/cheesy.gif
Brazil and Syria
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, May 30, 2012

Itamaraty diz que Brasil não vai expulsar diplomatas sírios – May 29, 2012

O ministro de Relações Exteriores Antônio Patriota afirmou nesta terça-feira que o Brasil não pretende, pelo menos por enquanto expulsar diplomatas sírios, a exemplo de países ocidentais como EUA, Alemanha e Reino Unido.


Ricardo: You don't really know who killed these 100 people in Syria over the weekend - it could be very well a terrorist attack against the population from these groups that are coming from the outside to destabilize Syria.

Today we know that all these footage of videos that is played by the US mainstream media is provided by the Pentagon - and most of it are just old propaganda.

I don't pay any attention to all these videos, since the US mainstream media has outsourced coverage of war and possible conflicts to the Pentagon spin masters.

Today the US mainstream media is completely discredited in the US and abroad - only fools still pay any attention to their warmongering spins.

It is bad that over 100 people got killed in Syria because of their current political situation, but when we consider the alternative there is no reason for other countries to involve on the Syrian internal problem.

These warmongering clowns when to Libya to protect the Libyan people also because few hundred people were killed by outsiders that were brought to Libya to destabilize that country. Then they brought NATO the rogue organization to destroy the entire infrastructure of Libya and kill more than 100,000 people.

Now these Barbarians (NATO) they want to do the same thing in Syria - destroy that country infrastructure and kill hundreds of thousands of people.

Brazil should not vote in favor and go along with these clowns and start the ball rolling again to destroy Syria as they did against Libya.


'Americans don't share global domination policies of their leaders' – May 27, 2012


Should read:
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, May 30, 2012

These warmongering clowns went to Libya...

Reply to Ederson, and Joao da Silva
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, May 31, 2012

Ricardo: I recommend that you take the time to watch the entire lecture with Satyajit Das, since you will not be able to get anywhere a better presentation regarding what is happening today in the world economy and financial markets.

Excellent lecture and presentation by Satyajit Das:

The End of Growth? A CIS Talk by the Author of "Extreme Money" – May 28, 2012

Time: 1 hr 30 min.

Join risk analyst and "not your average banker" Satyajit Das for an indepth and highly troubling look into the toxic state of global financial markets. Das is the best-selling author of Traders, Guns and Money, and will discuss his recent book, Extreme Money: The Masters of the Universe and the Cult of Risk.

Jim Rogers: Global economic shocks coming in 2013-2014
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, June 01, 2012

Ricardo: Brazil should do well in the coming years.

Jim Rogers: Global economic shocks coming in 2013-2014 – May 31, 2012


Ricardo Amaral
written by Diogo, June 01, 2012

I do not always agree with you but I find your comments and essays very interesting and insightful. I came across this article and I would be interested in your opinion on it:

-Do you think this is possible and what implications would it have for Brasil?

-Is the USD merely in a cyclical rally or, given current global conditions, the start of something secular?

The First Great Depression of the 21st Century it has been underway for a while, and it is getting worse by the day.
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, June 02, 2012

Ricardo: Here is what I posted on the Elite Trader Economics forum regarding the current Great Depression that has been umderway:

Over 75 years ago Wall Street Crashed; but today the New Crash is already underway...

June 1, 2012

SouthAmerica: The First Great Depression of the 21st Century it has been underway for a while, and it is getting worse by the day.

Let me repeat one more time:

In a Nutshell:

The global banking system is at the edge of the abyss, and we would have a massive global financial meltdown, if they were not trying to play games with the figures, and trying very hard to hide their massive losses the best way they can.

During the great depression of the 1930's we had the stock market collapse of 1929, then in the following 3 years the stock market bounced back, then in 1932 started the real nasty decline that sunk the stock market and the US economy into the bottom of the abyss.

Today, we have reached that special 1932 turning point: the point where the stock market and the US economy it will sink like the Titanic.

What I am saying is: it does not matter who will be the next president of the United States, because we are entering the catastrophic phase of the new great depression similar to the period from 1932 to 1940.

We are going to have real rough years ahead of us. It's not going to be a pretty sight.

You can bet on that!!!!!!!

By the way, this new great depression that is underway, it will be a lot worse than the great depression of the 1930's.

You might be wondering why the US mainstream media has not been using the term “Great Depression” to described what has been going on in the economy of many countries all over Europe, and in the United States?

Only few years in the future they will look back to this period that we are going through, and then they will start calling this period the “First Great Depression of the 21st Century.”

My guess is that in 2012 we will have another massive global financial meltdown worse than the one we had in 2008.

We never had before so much government interference and manipulation on the financial markets the way that we have today, and it is hard to predict what would create the spark that would blow up the entire global financial system – but that could happen at any time.


Capital Account – June 1, 2012

Lew Rockwell on Crooked Elections, Crooked Markets, and Crooked Numbers

Welcome.It's June first, but already, the Dow has wiped out its gains for the year. European stock markets in the meanwhile have been on a steady decline since mid-March of this year, with markets in Greece, Spain, and Italy already having broken through their 2009 lows and French markets very close to breaking new ground as well.

Meanwhile, the latest slew of data, not just in the US, but around the world is pointing to a global slowdown. This is particularly alarming, as the global economy has been on life support, with central banks the world over throwing everything PLUS the kitchen sink at financial markets with negative real interest rates, quantitative easing and fiscal stimulus. What exactly is left for them to do? Buy stocks???

Now...CONTRARY to popular belief, the bailouts of 2008 were LESS about the money spent by governments, and MORE about the confidence inspired by the notion that governments and central banks could, through their open market operations and helicopter money drops, prevent - INDEED REVERSE - the economic contraction that was then well-underway.

Now, that confidence seems to be eroding at an alarming rate. The markets have already left the equities party, looking for safety in German Bonds, US Treasuries, and Gold, while borrowing costs for countries like Italy and Spain have already pushed their respective governments to the point of effective insolvency, forcing the ECB's monetization engines to work overtime.

But this hasn't perturbed our global policy elite with their collective Atlas complex from going back to the monetary wishing well for more of the same medicine that has been poisoning the patient since the onset of the crisis, and well before.

When will they learn that no amount of talk or action on the part of a narrow group of bankers and politicians can solve the problems of too much debt and malinvestment?

Reply to Diogo
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, June 02, 2012

Ricardo: I can't give you an educated answer because I never saw the entire international monetary system in such a mess as we have today with everybody in trouble at the same time: the banking system, government finances, the central banks, and the economic and financial system of many countries around the world, everything spinning out of control; it is the "Perfect Storm" and your money is not safe anywhere, including the United States.

As I have been advocating for the last 2 years: the Brazilian government should dump at least US$ 300 billion dollars of its foreign reserve currency and replace it with gold.


Remember the "First Great Depression of the 21st Century" it will be a lot worse for most of the population here in the United States than the Great Depression of the 1930's.

In the 1930's most of the population still living and their jobs were connected with agriculture in some way, and a very small portion of the US population were living in big cities.

Today just a small fraction of the US population their jobs are connected in some way to agriculture, and most of the population live in cities around the country.

Don't be surprised if we see huge riots, and massive unrest around the country in the old USA in 2012 and beyond.

The "Perfect Storm" is ahead of us, and the s**t is going to hit the fan like never before!!!!!!!


Today, the financials of most large banks in the old USA are not good even to be used as toilet paper, never mind invest on these bankrupt Zombie organizations.

Wall Street needs these fools and suckers to keep the game going another day.

Today, Wall Street is based on a Ponzi scheme and the foundation of this massive Ponzi scheme has been built on top of quicksand.

The global banking system is at the edge of the abyss, and we would have a massive global financial meltdown, if they were not trying to play games with the figures, and trying very hard to hide their massive losses the best way they can.

The recent massive derivatives losses of JP Morgan is just the tip of the iceberg.

I have no idea who is in the other side of these derivatives with a notional amount outstanding of US$ 730 trillion US dollars as reported by the Bank for International Settlements.

The derivatives market is an unregulated market that is in automatic pilot, and since the financial meltdown in September/October 2008 when the entire global financial system was collapsing – at that time the total outstanding notional amount of all derivatives rose from $673 trillion at June 30, 2008 to $708 trillion at June 30, 2011 – and to the latest estimated figure of US$ 730 trillion dollars as of December 31, 2011.

“Derivatives” and “Credit Default Swaps” is very important for people to grasp what is behind the latest estimate figure of US$ 730 trillion dollars “derivatives nuclear weapon” market that can explode at any time resulting in a catastrophic meltdown of the global economy.

What this US$ 730 trillion dollars figure is telling me is that most of the derivatives is nothing more than a humongous “Ponzi Scheme” that can blow up at any time and start a massive chain reaction that can destroy the entire global financial system – it will be remembered as: the mother of all financial meltdowns.

written by asp, June 02, 2012
ric, you said it was going to crash last year !!

my stock of popcorn is running out as i wait for the crash

i probably should have gone out and worked and made more money to live off of....i just thought we were all going down ...based on your advice...

but, ok, i am resetting the "crash" clock for 2012, based on your prediction...i really beleive you so much
written by asp, June 02, 2012
ricy, that last comment wasnt mine

jerko is really starting to do too good of a job being me

Over 75 years ago Wall Street Crashed; but today the New Crash is already underway...
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, June 03, 2012

Ricardo: Over 75 years ago Wall Street Crashed; but today the New Crash is already underway...

The biggest banking crisis in world history is here...
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, June 04, 2012

Ricardo: Raoul Pal (a Goldman Sachs alum) expects a series of sovereign defaults, the "biggest banking crisis in world history", and asserts that we don't have many options to stop it.

written by asp, June 05, 2012
the popcorn statement was mine

i hope you are having fun , buddy, got a lot of time on your hands , huh ?you life must not have much going on to be playing these games
written by Joao da Silva, June 05, 2012

Gorgeous weather in your home town.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif
Economic End Game
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, June 06, 2012

Ricardo: Raoul Pal a former hedge fund manager at “Goldman Sachs” Here is what he said during a recent presentation.

On this video Glenn Beck is reading the entire article written by Raoul Pal that was published by Business Insider on June 1, 2012.

Glenn Beck Radio (GBR) - Economic End Game [6-04-2012]

June 3, 2012

SouthAmerica: Raoul Pal (a “Goldman Sachs the Pillage People” alum) expects a series of sovereign defaults, the "biggest banking crisis in world history", and asserts that we don't have many options to stop it.


Business Insider – June 1, 2012

Former Hedge Funder Presents A Terrifying Vision Of THE END GAME

Everyday, we hear some pretty grim predictions about the markets and the economy.  But this is one of the more comprehensive and most gloomy outlooks we've ever seen.

Raoul Pal expects a series of sovereign defaults, the "biggest banking crisis in world history", and asserts that we don't have many options to stop it.

Pal previously co-managed the GLG Global Macro Fund. He is also a Goldman Sachs alum. He currently writes for The Global Macro Investor, a research publication for large and institutional investors.

A note on the presentation; the last slide is not meant to suggest that we're going back to the economic activity of 3000 years ago. It refers to the 3000 year old trade links between the nations along the Indian Ocean, which Mr. Pal believes will be the center of world's opportunities. Just like the West 50 years ago, they have "...low debts, high savings and a young population".


Raoul's Background

Raoul Pal has previously co-managed the GLG Global Macro Fund in London for GLG Partners, one of the largest hedge fund groups in the world.

Raoul came to GLG from Goldman Sachs where he co-managed the hedge fund sales business in Equities and Equity Derivatives in Europe. Other stop-off points on the way were Natwest Markets and HSBC, although he began his career by training traders in technical analysis.

Raoul Pal retired from managing client money in 2004 at the age of 36 and now lives on the Valencian coast of Spain, from where he writes for The Global Macro Investor.


I also posted this info at the Elite Trader Economics forum at:

Over 75 years ago Wall Street Crashed; but today the New Crash is already underway...

written by .., June 06, 2012

i hope you are having fun , buddy, got a lot of time on your hands , huh ?you life must not have much going on to be playing these games

ASP, it doesn't take a lot of time to write two sentences.

But...but...but...I'm sure our other distinguished writers will concur, the resemblance is uncanny.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif
Reply to Joao da Silva
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, June 07, 2012

Ricardo: Joao, last night I had a great pleasure to meet Senador Cristovam Buarque and his daughter Paula Buarque. (His daughter live here in New York City, and she is studying to become a filmmaker specialized in documentaries.)

We had a literary event last night at The Brazilian Cultural Center in New York City: The Thesaurus Publishing (Thesaurus Editora de Brasilia) sponsored the trip of 10 Brazilian writers to launch their books here in New York City.

Senator Buarque had 4 of his books on display at that event.

We had the opportunity to talk for a while, and we talked about his articles published on Brazzil magazine, and we also talked about my articles about Brazil and China, and about the subject of how to improve the education in Brazil in general.

As you had mentioned more than once here on Brazzil magazine that Senador Cristovam Buarque was a very pleasant and nice fellow – I agree with you 100 percent.

I gave Senator Buarque the information about my articles and blogs, and now that I have his direct email I can correspond with him directly.

Ricardo Amaral
written by Joao da Silva, June 08, 2012

As you had mentioned more than once here on Brazzil magazine that Senador Cristovam Buarque was a very pleasant and nice fellow – I agree with you 100 percent.

He was very popular as the governor of DF too.I think he has been doing a good job as a Senator.I am glad you had the opportunity to meet him personally.
Reply to Joao da Silva
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, June 08, 2012

Ricardo: I am glad I had the opportunity to meet him personally.

I told him that I wish we had more politicians like him in Brazil.

In my opinion, he is a real intellectual asset for Brazil.


Here is some of her pictures of Senator Cristovam Buarque
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, June 08, 2012

Ricardo: Joao, Arilda Costa took a lot of pictures of the event at the Brazilian Cultural Center in New York on June 6, 2012 and she posted on her Facebook wall as follows:

I asked her and the other people at the event to not take my picture, because of the latest death threat that I received about a month ago which was followed by hacking into my email account, and at the same time someone started calling my friends to ask questions about myself. Whoever is doing this, is trying to intimidate me because of all the stuff that I publish about “Goldman Sachs the Pillage People.”

Here is some of her pictures of Senator Cristovam Buarque:

Em companhia do senador Cristovam Buarque, Ester Sanches, Conselheira do Conselho de Representantes de Brasileiros no Exterior – CRBE, Rosely Saad, das Nações Unidas. O encontro de escritores brasileiros na biblioteca em NYC reuniu tambem amigos e jornalistas da nossa comunidade.

Arilda Costa posando entre o editor Tagore Alegria, representante da editora Theasaurus, e o senador e tambem escritor Cristovam Buarque

Embaixador Luiz Felipe Seixas Correa

Embaixador Luiz Felipe Seixas Correa e o Senador Cristovam Buarque

Em companhia do senador Cristovam Buarque, Ester Sanches, Conselheira do Conselho de Representantes de Brasileiros no Exterior – CRBE, Rosely Saad, das Nações Unidas. O encontro de escritores brasileiros na biblioteca em NYC reuniu tambem amigos e jornalistas da nossa comunidade

Sorry people....
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, June 08, 2012

Ricardo: I did try to check the pictures, but you get the log in page at Facebook.

If you have a Facebook account when you log in then you can see the pictures.

Central Banks and the US Dollar
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, June 09, 2012

Ricardo: I just posted a few videos on the Elite Trader Economics Forum about the current European banking crisis:

Central Banks and the US Dollar

The Vatican Bank is going bankrupt...

Drop Dead Euro...

Different estimates put the money needed for a Spanish bank bailout at anywhere from 27 to 100 billion euros.

Reality Check for Brazil
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, June 10, 2012

Ricardo: Here is a Reality Check for Brazil

Garfield Institute for Public Leadership – March 18, 2012

Why China Cannot Rise Peacefully

A interesting dicussion with John Mearsheimer, R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science & co-director of the Program for International Security Policy, University of Chicago, author of The Tragedy of Great Power Politics.


Comrades when we join forces we are stronger than the UN
written by a.norlina, June 11, 2012
What a mess....
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, June 11, 2012

'Israel gives up status quo in Syria caring about post-Assad time' – June 11, 2012

As UN observers struggle to make a difference in conflict-torn Syria, international calls for military intervention are growing louder with Israel now joining in. Damascus is on the defensive, as nationwide fighting rolls into the city, while state media claims that terrorists are preparing new plots to provoke regime change.

The Syrian National Council has been at odds with some opposition groups inside Syria, and the new SNC head's pledging rapprochement. Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar talks to RT. He says the man - and the Council - are too disconnected from the frontline. Besides Israel joined the Syrian discussion.


Reality check for Brasil
written by wisemann, June 11, 2012
If the Chinese are as smart as they are made out to be, they should be working on building up Brasil (infrastructure especially, science & tech, etc.)........& not just being focused on resource grabs......

They may be surprised to find a receptive audience.
And speaking of receptive audiences...
written by wisemann, June 12, 2012
I am looking for skinny young men to join me in naked group frolicking......& you may be surprised to find some Chinese twinks also.
The World Economic and Financial Collapse is already underway...
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, June 13, 2012

Ricardo: The World Economic and Financial Collapse is already underway...

Ricardo Amaral
written by wisemann, June 13, 2012
A video on finance that you may find interesting:
Reply to Wisemann
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, June 14, 2012

Ricardo: I did check the link that you mentioned, but if the idea is for people: ser enrrabado

The other choice is to get in contact with "Goldman Sachs the Pillage People" since they are experts in screwing people.

The "Goldman Sachs the Pillage People" can screw you any way you want.


Reply to Joao da Silva
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, June 15, 2012

Ricardo: Joao, I enjoyed meeting senator Cristovam Buarque last week in New York at that literary event at the Brazilian Cultural Center.

We had a nice conversation, and we also talked about his favorite subject, and he is an expert in that area, which is education.

I told him that we can speed up the education process in Brazil to improve the educational system in Brazil - He told me that it would take at least 20 years for that to happen.

I promised senator Buarque that I will write an article about that subject to show how we can speed up the entire process and educate millions of Brazilians in a much shorter time.

I am talking about redesigning the entire educational system in Brazil to be relevant to the world of the 21st century.

By the way, today I received an email from senator Cristovam Buarque with an invitation for me to attend the seminar “The Earth Is Worried” from June 18th – June 20, 2012 in Rio de Janeiro. The seminar is part of Rio+20 the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.

Reply to Ricardo "ser enrrabado" Amaral
written by wisemann, June 15, 2012
My ideas have nothing to do with the good Pillage People at Goldman Sachs.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin Should not resign
written by a.norlina, June 17, 2012
Sir don't step down from the Kremlin. We need your help Sir. I just can't imagine not seeing you with Koni again. The strategy being used to bring you down is also being implemented in my country where 3 opposition parties merge together to attack 3 ruling parties and the result is TOTAL CHAOS. Now in my state most of the land provided for the kindergarden and soccer fields will be transformed into shopping malls for the courtesy of DKNY,Marks and Spencer.and of course TESCO. As a matter of facts I share your thoughts on vladimir
As the massacres in Syria continue to pile up the position of Chinaand Russia over the Assad regime has come under renewed
criticisms. Unfortunately for the people of Syria they have been
caught right bang in the centre of two major confrontations. Firstly
the stand off between the United States with Russia and China.
There is also a stand off between Assad's regional ally Iran and the
Sunni states of Saudi/Qatar as well as Israel. This is a recipe for a
perfect storm i.e. civil war. As there has been no clear resolution to the current crisis Assad's regime seems to have been getting as much killing in as possible. All the while there has been an increase in the supply of arms to the Sunni majority population.
The defiant Assad regime, unfortunately for their suffering population, has built some strong relationships over the years. Through their defiant stance on Israel and their support for Iran during the bitter Iran-Iraq war they have the guaranteed support of the current regime in Iran. They also have historical links with Russia through allowing the use of their naval bases. The US is widely distrusted throughout their support for long serving dictators which has been the main source
of public rage in the Arab spring. Also this is one area of the world
where the US have got things spectacularly wrong namely in Iraq.
Coupled with the lack of appetite from Obama during an election year,
Putin with the backing of China, can flex it's superpower biceps.
It suits Putin's image, it is a distraction from his own domestic worries and avenges the betrayal that he has felt over the missile sites NATO plans to park in his backyard. For China it seems to be an economic message of non-interventionism which bodes well for all the regimes they are currently doing business with.
The UN is left with the unenviable job of putting a brave if
somewhat dejected face on a seemingly intractable situation as more
atrocities continue. The wild card it seems is Iran. Currently the
sanctions imposed by the US are biting and the ruling hegemony are
keen to back off their nuclear program without losing face. China and
Russia have asked Iran to be included in the six party talks to resolve the situation in Syria. The US has rejected this plan and it seems Putin has politically outmanoeuvred Clinton. With talks over Iran's nuclear program due to resume in Moscow next week there is a blindingly obvious solution to the impasse. The Israel lobby and Netanyahu not always acting in the best interests of Israel in recent years are powerful enough to handcuff US foreign policy flexibility on Iran. It is likely they will, despite the wishes of the doves in Israel. After all everyone
wants to be on the right side of the next Syrian leader let's hope that sanity will prevail in both Washington and Tel Aviv to include Iran in the talks while they are in a relatively cooperative juncture. Putin has been willing to trade off it's proxy allies (namely Iran) before but once bitten by the USA he is twice shy to do it again. Ultimately it may be Obama's intransigence to look weak over Iran in an election year that
costs more lives in Syria. What is for certain the current status quo
must not be allowed to continue and Putin must be accommodated for
the Syrian situation to be resolved.

Comrades Sheila Majid is a Malaysian singer
written by a.norlina, June 17, 2012
check out her video

antara Anyer dan Jakarta
A Syrian girl confession
written by a.norlina, June 17, 2012
What actually happens in Syria
Greece Economic Meltdown
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, June 18, 2012

Ricardo: Here is what I just posted on the Elite Trader Economics forum regarding Greece:

June 18, 2012

SouthAmerica: The Greek election results from this weekend has improved the crisis and economic situation in Greece: the only way you can believe that is if you are “Brain Dead.”

Here is why:

Greece Economic Meltdown

written by a.norlina, June 23, 2012
His Excellency Mr. Barroso thank you for asking the US diplomatic mission to "clean up their own mess in Syria" Thank you Sir for your stand regarding Syria. You are the first European ambassador to tell the US BADASS diplomats to behave themselves and to stop acting like the real mafia

Just for your info: I am not attached with any diplomatic mission or government at the moment. At least all I can do for now is to promote peace. I am not employed by the Russian or even the Kremlin. Comrades I think all of us should be careful because I belief we are being followed. I realised that Hiliary Clinton is reading our comments If any one of us seems to be in trouble we should send out the signal.

Thanks for your info about RIAC

p.s Pass on the truth is it true that the CIA agents are following you? Just for your info Yulia is now in the public hospital
Itamaraty did accomplish a significant "joining" of " independent" nations at Rio+20 !
written by jan z. volens, June 25, 2012
Itamaraty and Dilma's cabinet - accomplished a picture-perfect geopolitical outcome at Rio+20. The distraction of the G-20 at Los Cabos, the Euro-crisis, and Syria - where also heaven-sent to keep the "international media" from heaping its usual slime over Brazil. Brazil has decided to pursue independent development, combined with increased socio-economic measures to increase the standard of living for middle and low-income Brazilians. Notice that even the Right in todays Brazil does not propagandize against "entitlements" - in contrast to the Right in the USA!
(CIA) case officer Philip Burnett Franklin Agee
written by a.norlina, July 07, 2012
CIA & NED – A Modus Operandi to Trigger ‘People Power’

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) case officer Philip Burnett Franklin Agee had at one time revealed the CIA’s modus operandi in its efforts to ‘control’ a nation on the pretext of invoking democracy and using its populist power to the maximum, especially during the country’s general election.

“The old technique used by the CIA is by setting up strong organisations (NGOs) in the pacific region, which would invariably be involved in election monitoring or something to that effect.

“The first time I knew of this was through the use of the National Citizen’s Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL) in the Philippines from 1950 to 1951 in efforts to stem the tide of insurgency

“We wanted to have an instrument that could help elevate someone from the ranks of our cadres to the all-powerful position of President of the Philippines.

“To realise that objective we used NAMFREL as the platform for People Power,” said Agee, who joined the CIA in 1957 and finally left in 1968, after which he became the leading opponent of its covert and sneaky practices.

NAMFREL, MAFREL and ANFREL as tools of the IRI, NDI and NED
Among clandestine networks similar to NAMFREL are ANFREL (Asian Network for Free Elections), NDI (National Democratic Institute), DI (Democracy International, Inc) and the IFES (International Foundation for Electoral Systems).
ANFREL was established in 1997 as Asia’s first regional network of civil society organisations. Operating out of its headquarters in Bangkok, it has its venomous tentacles intertwined throughout Asia, stretching from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Timor Leste and Thailand.ANFREL as the principal base to NIEI and MAFREL is in turn sponsored by several American-based organisations, including the NDI (National Democratic Institute for International Affairs), IRI, The Carter Center and IDEA (The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance).

According to Phil Agee, encouraged by CIA’s successes through its covert links with NAMFREL in the Philippines, they went on to infiltrate the political structure of Panama through the Crusada Civilista Nacional (Civic Crusade).
“Using the same approach, they went against Noriega’s army by staging street demonstrations…they took the problems to the streets.
“Perhaps, you still remember a picture of the demonstration splashed across the cover of an international magazine…but they failed to topple Noriega.

“We tried it in Panama…but our (CIA) proxy candidate in the elections lost,” he said.

Phil Agree also revealed how in the 1980s the CIA launched an operation to help supply arms to the Contras in Panama, but the plan was exposed to the world.
CIA Continues Its Covert Efforts through the NED
written by a.norlina, July 07, 2012
After the activity was uncovered, CIA continued with its operations through another organisation, the NED (National Endowment for Democracy), which was established in 1983.

“Besides channelling funds to the NED, they would sponsor and organise student’s demonstrations, labour strikes and large scale street demonstrations,” he said.
Phil Agee also touched on the role of the CIA and NED in the 1990s.

He said before the 1990s the agenda of the U.S. was to fight communism, but after the major disintegration of the communist bloc, the agenda was replaced by another that rode on in the guise of ‘democracy’ in other countries.

“What happened in Bulgaria was that the former communist party of Bulgaria which called itself the Bulgarska Sotsialisticheska Partiya, BSP (Bulgarian Socialist Party) won 211 of the 400 parliamentary seats in 1991.

“You think the Americans could accept that? Although all members of the international election observation team in Bulgaria said it was a fair and transparent election, without any form cheating involved, the Americans would not accept it.
“So, the CIA, which was ordered to penetrate deep into the affairs of Bulgaria succeeded in its vicious covert operations through the channelling of huge amount of funds into that country,” he said.

According to him, with the formation of the NED the CIA handed over the functions it had previously played in fomenting dissent and destabilising its targets under the clever cloak of helping the world to better adopt ‘democracy.’

They now have the NED as sidekick. NED’s operations which began in 1967 were most of the time unseen and virtually unheard of until it was officially registered in 1983.“The covert operations to foment hate leading to revolutions were finally uncovered in 1967. It was the worst year for the CIA. I was at the CIA headquarters when it happened.

“In 1967 CIA’s operations to manipulate international programmes and national student bodies was exposed to the public. This prompted them to set up a physical entity such as the NED as well as a shadowy “The covert operations to foment hate leading to revolutions were finally uncovered in 1967. It was the worst year for the CIA. I was at the CIA headquarters when it happened.

“In 1967 CIA’s operations to manipulate international programmes and national student bodies was exposed to the public. This prompted them to set up a physical entity such as the NED as well as a shadowy “The covert operations to foment hate leading to revolutions were finally uncovered in 1967. It was the worst year for the CIA. I was at the CIA headquarters when it happened.

“In 1967 CIA’s operations to manipulate international programmes and national student bodies was exposed to the public. This prompted them to set up a physical entity such as the NED as well as a shadowy and covert outfit that is the CIA to channel funds to selected organisations
The situation took a turn for the worse when TIME magazine exposed CIA’s operations by publishing a circle chart and revealing all the networks assisted by the CIA.

“A representative from Florida, Dante Bruno Fascell proposed the setting up of an open system to fund external foundations and bodies.

“We discussed several organisations, including foreign political parties, the media, student, and youth bodies which came to be known as plural organisations.
“However, the plural organisations were not free or independent bodies because they took money and received orders from the CIA,” he said

CIA Channels Funds to Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
written by a.norlina, July 07, 2012
p.s. guys sorry for the 3 times repeat of confession by Agee smilies/cool.gifAnyway Agee thanks for your info with AIDC

In spite of that, said the former CIA man, the idea suggested by the representative from Florida could not be implemented until U.S. President Ronald Reagan talked of big time projects on democracy for the world in 1980.

“They finally decided to opt for the German model, where every big political party in Germany had a foundation funded by the German government, such as the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (Friedrich Ebert Foundation).

“I came to know about CIA channelling funds through this German foundation to help foreign organisations in the 1970s and 80s.

“For example millions of dollars were given through the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), which was linked to the Christian Democratic Union.

After the official formation of the NED in 1984, CIA felt it no longer needed to channel money to German foundations to fund its secret operations, now that it had the NED.

“I believe during the Nicaragua elections in 1990 more than 12.5 million dollars was channelled through the NED’s proxy, UNO (National Opposition Union),” he said.

Phil Agee is known for his book, “Inside the Company: CIA Diary,” which was published in 1975. The contents of the book were inspired by an investigative bulletin.

The revelation by Phil Agee moved U.S. congressmen to approve the ‘Intelligence Identities Protection Act, 1982,’ which forbids any former CIA agents to expose its secrets to the public
Comrades thank you
written by a.norlina, July 08, 2012
I will share sinaran by Dave Koz with Brazzil Magazine

Sinaran is performed by Sheila Majid in 1989 at the star search international contest in USA and yes she won the singing competition. This song is a tribute to Sheila Majid by Dave Koz

Thanks also for this classical tune by the Tashkent Orchestra
Si! Senor is this true and how come I am the last one to know .....
written by a.norlina, July 25, 2012
A high ranking Qatari official defected to Venezuela and has supplied a virtual gold mine of inside information confirming Satanically evil Zionists and the Obama White House are behind push to destroy the Syrian nation, people and government.

The Qatari Official outlined the Qatari Gov. has a secret command base with the Israeli Mossad under guidance by the Obama White House tasking the terrorist operation against pro-Palestinian nations.

The operation designed a pincer attack by supplying terrorists in Turkey and Jordan to enter into Syria however Jordan's king stopped entry after seeing the carnage and slaughter.

According to the Qatari Official now Jordan's King and government is on their attack and hit list.

Yes, a virtual gold mine of exposure of the Satanically evil plans, schemes and efforts by the Zionists leading Apartheid Israel to plant terrorists into Syria, Lebanon and now Jordan to incite and carry out acts of terrorism killing civilians, women, children and the occasional official.

The investigative reporters who discovered the plot inside Qatar were rounded up and thrown into prison.

The Egyptian people suspected this all along and now will certainly align themselves with Syria, Lebanon, and Iran against their number one enemy Apartheid Israel.

Now it seems the spotlight is on the evil roaches in Apartheid Israel, funny thing is that it is commonly viewed as humane to use nerve agents on roaches which is precisely what Syria's ballistic missile commanders should be prepared to do if Syria is attacked or Assad is targeted for assassination, immediately launch Chemical and Biological weapons at their number one enemy Apartheid Israel.

There shouldn't be any discussion on Apartheid Israel returning Syria's Golan Heights lands, Jordan's West Bank and Egypt's Gaza Strip, it's totally ILLEGAL for Apartheid Israel to occupy and keep those lands and its high time the world pressure Apartheid Israel to immediately return those stolen lands NOW..... the way Senor Alejandro if you get this message online is this true? If so what is the source of info???????

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