In LatAm, Chilean Leader Is Most Admired. Brazil’s Lula Is Distant Second and Bush, Last

Chilean president Ricardo Lagos is the Latinamerican leader most admired by the elites of the region according to an opinion poll from Zogby International contracted by the Business Administration School from the University of Miami and released Sunday by The Miami Herald.

The poll included 523 business, academia, communicators and political leaders from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba and Peru.

Contrasting with Mr. Lagos, the leader less admired for the influence groups in Latinamerica is United States president George Bush.

According to the opinion poll, Mr. Lagos is described as a pragmatic Socialist who represents the best political alternative for the region.

Mr. Lagos collected 32,1% of opinions, Brazil’s Lula da Silva 18,4% and Colombia’s Alvaro Uribe, 11,7%. The list also shows Mexico’s Vicente Fox, 9,2%; Nestor Kirchner from Argentina, 6,9% and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez 5%. The last two places were for Cuban leader Fidel Castro with 2,9% and Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo, 1,3%.

In another category US president George Bush had a favourable opinion of 25,2% of interviews and 73,2% negative.

Another non Latinamerican leader included in the opinion poll was Spanish president Rodriguez Zapatero who received the second lowest disapproval rating with 22% behind president Lagos with 15,9%.

The head of the polling company, John Zogby described the results as interesting since “they show a marked distancing of the Latinamerican elites from their traditional admiration towards United States in favor of more moderate social advancement positions”.

“We’re seeing a new pragmatism, with less emphasis in ideology, based on a new model to imitate in the continent which is Chile”, highlighted Mr. Zogby.

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    Facts? Here are a few…
    FACT: Bill Clinton used economic pressure to change Brasilian law regarding shooting down drug planes.
    FACT: George Bush ended this pressure, saying that the USA had no right to infringe on Brasil’s right to regulate its airspace.
    MEDIA RESPONSE: Accused BUSH of being an imperialist!!! The nerve of the guy, to say to Brasil, It’s ok to do what you feel is necessary!!
    On to other things…I’ll bet you are talking about the non-existent “separation of church and state” clause. To my knowledge, the state has not begun any religion and gives money to no religion while excluding others.. You also don’t realize that Bush has increased spending in most phases of health care–especially with the pharmaceutical addition to Medicare. Also, it seems Bush has realized that giving money to HUD is like shoving money up a wild hog’s rear and yelling “SOOOOIE!!” If I’m not mistaken, many of the people stranded in New Orleans lived in HUD housing…which was below the surrounding water levels.
    The interpreters disbelief was due to ignorance of how Americans feel. Ignorance is acceptable as it means they hadn’t been exposed to the facts. Stupidity on the other hand, is shown when someone believes the MSM has fawned over Bush when they have gushed over every rumor and suppressed every fact that destroyed the rumor..just as the media hung in there with Dan Rather until it was SOOO obvious he was putting forward fake documents. And just as the media SCREAMED about 25,000 dead in New Orleans…and whispers that probably less than 2,000 died. Or maybe as the media breathlessly reported bodies stacked in the Superdome and rampant rapes– so many bodies 4 coroners were called in and a refrigerated truck to carry all SIX of the bodies, 4 of which died of natural causes, 1 suicide, and 1 probable murder. Yes, the media certainly tried to make it seem as if Bush everything correct!!

  • Guest

    Its the reality thats sad
    It doesnt surprise me that Latin Americans would have an unfavorable impression of George Bush, since most of the rest of the world has a similar impression, an he’s earned every bit of it with his assine, irresponsible foreign policies. Since I also work in the field of social services (in the US) Im as surprised as your interpreters that so many of your group voted for Bush, as I cant imagine why anyone working in this field would support a President who’s done so much damage to social services in this country, and continues to do so, pouring Federal dollars into “faith based initiatives” in clear violation of the First Amendment, pursuing huge medicaid cuts, attempting to decimate HUD, etc.
    The real media distortion has been the positive way the American corporate owned media has fawned over Bush and his disastrous policies.

  • Guest

    This is really sad…
    The only way most people have of judging a foreign leader is by what the news organizations tell them. To have Castro and Chavez leading Bush is a sad result of of media distortion of facts surrounding these three leaders.
    Because knowledge is power, I feel very sorry for the people of these countries. I have traveled to Brasil several times over the last 5 years, working to provide free health care to the people of the favelas of the major cities and also of the prisons. It is always the same…at the end of the week, several individuals,especially the well-educated interpreters, will come up and tell me they had no idea an AMERICAN would care AT ALL about the needs of their people. And even they are amazed at how many of the group voted for Bush!!

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