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By Advertising Reading, Brazil Is Trying to Sell Meat to Vegetarians PDF Print E-mail
2012 - August 2012
Written by Cristovam Buarque   
Monday, 27 August 2012 01:39

Reading promotion Finally, a Brazilian administration has perceived that it must promote reading in Brazil with part of the R$ 5.6 billion (US$ 2.8 billion) it spends annually on publicity. This is a laudable decision and it is gratifying to see these announcements during the breaks in the nighttime TV shows. 

Unfortunately, the advertising will have no effect upon the 14 million illiterate adults in Brazil or upon the 35 million who, while capable of reading the title of a book, cannot capture the message.

Few of the current 55 million elementary/secondary students will dedicate themselves to reading in the future because those who do acquire this aptitude in childhood and adolescence rarely are transformed into readers. Our schools, moreover, are not creating readers.

Minister of Culture Ana Hollanda's campaign should be praised, but, at the same time, the administration should take the actions necessary to transform Brazil into a country of readers.

The first step is the revolution in elementary/secondary education, which is achieved through quality teachers with better salaries, better training, rigid selection and constant evaluation, through schools with attractive, comfortable, well-equipped buildings holding full-day sessions.

It is also achieved through methods that include reading as a substantial part of the educative process. All this demands federal responsibility for elementary/secondary education.

While the Ministry of Culture is using publicity to encourage reading, the Ministry of Education (MEC) takes care of the federal universities and the municipalities have to educate their children with their few resources.

The second step is the eradication of illiteracy, not only among teenagers and children over six years of age but also among adults. Few of these newly literate adults will become voracious readers. And to promote reading among the children it is necessary to have literate parents.

Third, it is necessary to make books less expensive by giving incentives to publishing houses and bookstores - at least equal to those given to the automobile industry - and by setting up libraries, theaters and movie houses since these cultural activities play an important role in the promotion of reading.

Finally, in the field of publicity, it would be more efficient to incorporate reading into the nighttime TV shows than to broadcast messages during the commercial breaks.

There would be an greater incentive to read if Tufão's house had a bookcase, if Nina would appear reading The Art of War to inspire her strategies against Carminha, if Agatha, besides eating, went to school and read something, and if a young hero would successfully impress young women with his reading instead of his musculature.

Scenes like this are not filmed because, for the Brazilian public, they would seem exaggeratedly fantastic: a house with books, a child reading.

When all this is done, Brazil will not need a publicity campaign to promote reading.

I want to reaffirm, nevertheless, that without the combination of actions necessary to change elementary/secondary education, the Ministry of Education's publicity messages will have no effect.

This would be like advertising meat in a country of vegetarians.

Cristovam Buarque ( is a professor at the University of Brasília and a senator (PDT-DF).

Translated by Linda Jerome (

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Roy Tov- The Rachel Corrie Assassination (1)
written by a.norlina, August 28, 2012
When the The Cross of Bethlehem was in the last stages of its publication, someone in the team expressed concern about my statement in the book that the Terror State of Israel knows the identity of Rachel Corrie’s assassin and is protecting him. The issue is simple; you can’t move a vehicle in the IDF service– not even a D-9 bulldozer – without filling a form, having it signed by an officer, and leaving a copy of it at the military base of departure. The form contains also the list of passengers – including the driver – and is sacred because it allows identifying the victims if the vehicle goes missing in action or suffers an accident. I stood firm on the issue. As the owners of a copy of The Cross of Bethlehem can testify, the book includes a chapter on Rachel Corrie in which this claim is included. It was published before the facts about to be mentioned. The book was dedicated to her and to Aisha Adnan al-Bahsh.

Roy Tov- The Rachel Corrie Assassination (2)
written by a.norlina, August 28, 2012
On May 7, 2010, the Independent published an article named “General tried to cover up truth about death of Rachel Corrie.” It claims evidence has emerged which appears to implicate Israel's Gaza commander at the time in an attempt to obstruct the official investigation into her death. The alleged intervention of Major-General Doron Almog, then head of Israel's southern command, is documented in testimony taken by Israeli military police a day after Ms Corrie was killed on March 16, 2003. The hand written affidavit, was submitted as evidence during a civil law suit being pursued by the Corrie family against the State of Israel.

Roy Tov- The Rachel Corrie Assassination (3)
written by a.norlina, August 28, 2012
According to a military police investigator's report which has
now emerged, the commander of the D-9 bulldozer was giving testimony when an army colonel dispatched by Major-General Almog interrupted proceedings and cut short his evidence. The military police investigator wrote: "At 18:12 reserve Colonel Baruch Kirhatu entered the room and informed the witness that he should not convey anything and should not write anything and this at the order of the general of southern command." The commander was a reservist named Edward Valermov. He was in the bulldozer with its driver. In his testimony before he was ordered to stop, he told military police investigators that he had not seen Ms Corrie before she was wounded. Alice Coy, a former ISM volunteer activist who was near Ms Corrie during the incident said in an affidavit to the court that "to the best of my knowledge the bulldozer driver could see Rachel while pushing earth over her body.
Mr Valermov said in his testimony that the bulldozers,manned by two people, were ordered to continue their work despite the presence of the ISM protesters. He said that troops in an armoured personnel carrier threw stun grenades, used tear gas and fired shots towards the ground to scare the protesters away. "It didn't help and therefore we decided to continue the work with all possible delicateness on the orders of the company commander" he said. The testimony was interrupted after Mr Valermov said the driver of the bulldozer, named only as Yevgeny, said he did not know if Ms Corrie had been harmed by the shovel of the D-9. "It was only when we moved the D-9 backwards that I saw her. The woman was lying in a place where the instrument had not reached. As soon as we saw the harmed woman we returned to the central corridor, stood and waited for orders." The soldier's last statement before the order to stop speaking was: "My job was to guide. The driver cannot guide himself because his field of vision is not large."
Another army document strongly suggests that Major-General Almog opposed the military police investigation. Dated 18 March 2003, a military police investigator petitioning a judge for permission to conduct an autopsy on Ms Corrie's body said that "we arrived only today because there was an argument between the general of southern command and the military advocate general about whether to open an investigation and under what circumstances." The judge granted the request provided the autopsy would be done in the presence of a US diplomat as the Corrie family requested. But the inquest was carried out by Israel's chief pathologist without any US official being there, in apparent violation of the judge's ruling.

Major-General Almog is a hero in Israel for his role in the 1976 raid to rescue hostages in Entebbe, Uganda. Some of his peers in the operation were Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak. Major-General Almog denied halting Mr Valermov's testimony. "I never gave such an order, I don't know such a document.

Roy Tov- The Rachel Corrie Assassination (4)
written by a.norlina, August 28, 2012
I conducted my own investigation, I don't remember what I found. There were 12,000 terrorist incidents when I was general in charge of southern command. I finished seven years ago, if they want to invite me [to testify] they know the address. I certainly didn't disrupt an investigation, this is nonsense. In all of my service I never told anyone not to testify." Asked if he gave an order to harm foreign activists interfering with the army's work, Major-General Almog responded: "What are you talking about? You don't know what a general in charge of command is. The general in charge of command has 100,000 soldiers. What are you talking about?” This is the moment to remind the readers that if a commander prevents a witness from testifying then according to the Israeli law it is disruption of an investigation, a criminal offence whose penalty is three years imprisonment.

This is also the moment to remind that this Israel hero acted cowardly in the UK. In 2005, the General narrowly escaped arrest in Britain on a war crimes charge for allegedly ordering the destruction in 2002 of 50 civilian homes in Rafah, where Ms Corrie was later killed. Major-General Almog was tipped off about the warrant and did not disembark at Heathrow, returning instead to Israel on the El Al flight. He knew he was guilty and unable to defend himself.

I learned about Rachel Corrie assassination after I left Israel. Shortly after, I was shot at by an Israeli sniper and became a recognized refugee, the attacks against me still continue; as of now my throat has been irreversibly damaged. Hate emails from outraged Israelis claim I’m a traitor. Yet, truth is slowly emerging: the Israeli society and its different organizations are traitors to the rest of the humanity and to God. I’ll continue denouncing them as said in Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

‘Berezovsky killed my son’, Litvinenko’s dad tells Scotland Yard
written by a.norlina, August 31, 2012
The father of Aleksandr Litvinenko, who was killed by Polonium-210 poison in London in 2006, has told British investigators whom he believes was behind the crime. He named Litvinenko’s former boss Boris Berezovsky and one of his associates.

­The allegations are part of a video report sent to the New Scotland yard by Valter Litvinenko, who currently lives in Italy. RT has received a copy of the tape.

“It was Berezovsky and Goldfarb. That’s it. Goldfarb knows all about atomic energy. How do you think Aleksandr was first infected with Polonium-210? Why do you think this case has been dragging for so long? Why has there been no court case? Because they don’t have anything, and if a real court case were to open, it will become apparent who was behind it!” the man said.

Boris Berezovsky is an exiled Russian tycoon, who was found guilty of embezzlement in Russia in an absentia trial. He is currently living in Britain, where he enjoys political asylum.

Berezovsky employed Litvinenko, who took part in numerous campaigns the billionaire waged against the Russian government.

Aleksandr Goldfarb is the head of Berezovsky’s Civil Liberties’ Fund. In the weeks prior and after Litvinenko’s death he took the role of an unofficial spokesman for the man, putting the blame for the crime on the Kremlin.

The British investigation into the murder of Litvinenko is currently stalled, with the only established fact so far that he died from poisoning by radioactive element Polonium-210. Britons suspect businessman Andrey Lugovoy of being the killer and want him extradited to UK for trial. Russia refused to do it, because such a move is forbidden by the Russian constitution, and suggested hosting a trial on its soil instead. Britain would not accept the offer.

Valter Litvinenko believes the long time it takes for the case to be solved is due to Berezovsky putting leverage on the process.

“Berezovsky pays money to some high personas up there. Everyone is covering everyone! My boy Sasha was just a card in the hands of England. I want to return to Russia to seek justice for my son’s death,” he alleged.

Valter Litvinenko initially took an active role in the campaigning, giving interviews and accusing Russian secret services of killing his son. When the case ceased to make world media headlines, he and his family moved to Italy, where they tried to start a business with money they received from Berezovsky as aid.

However in February he gave interviews to several Russian TV channels, including RT, stating that his former allegations were false and motivated by grief and blind hatred.

In late April he pledged to name the killers of his son, saying Aleksandr had managed to write an important message shortly before passing away. The only post-death note said to be authored by Aleksandr Litvinenko, which circulated in the media, accused Vladimir Putin of ordering the poisoning. Valter Litvinenko called it a fabrication.

Britain’s main suspect in Litvinenko case, Andrey Lugovoy, recently passed a lie-detector test, which was part of a documentary film on Litvinenko’s death. The British expert who conducted the interview deemed that Lugovoy was truthful when he said he was not involved in the murder.

This, however, could not be presented to a British court as proof of Lugovoy’s innocence if he were to be put on trial for the murder.

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Ricardo, please delete all information about .....
written by a.norlina, August 31, 2012
Litvinenko by Kommersant. I just realised that when I was in the government at that time, I did not get the first hand information from the Kremlin. Do you know that the Russian President Mr Vladimir Putin and the Venezuelan President Mr Hugo Chavez takes all of your comments via twitter seriously? Mr Chavez for example had just given a free house via his twitter contact group, I did contact The Russian President previously via twitter account informing him that I am confuse because I am not sure which one is his official account in the Kremlin. Suddenly the next day his office replied back with all the related links and details along with his photos with all the Arab leaders when Mr Vladimir Putin was in the Middle-east just a few months ago.

So Ricardo if you have any serious discussion with these two leaders just contact both of them via is fast and the most easiest way to stay connected
written by João da Silva, September 01, 2012

Sub: Mr.Isaac

1)Please let all the distinguished and undistinguished fellow bloggers know your well being after the subject hit your state.

2)Also let us know why the Yanks are giving masculine names to the hurricanes.

With regards


P.S: You may be happy to know that the roof of ASP's cabana has stopped leaking and please do feel free to "occupy" anytime you you decide to invade his beach.smilies/cheesy.gif

1) Sr. Isaac nao chega aqui Joao
written by Simpleton, September 04, 2012
2) Os nomes: Uma vez masculina, nexta vez feminino, etc., etc., etc.. Nome de proximo manobra do oceano Atlântico Sul - Joyce.

P.S.: I'll not consider bringing my decidely "anytime you you"'s (pronounced "anytime ewe ewe"'s) to asp's now non-leaky cabana. He's made clear that I cannot feel "free" to do so except in the case that I do some pest elimination work for him. As a naturalist with a environmentalist bent, I'm not one to be going Pesticidal.

BTW, tanks a.norlina for your posts, not quite wikileaks calibre but, but, but, ...
written by .., September 05, 2012

BTW, tanks a.norlina for your posts, not quite wikileaks calibre but, but, but, ...

Ah protest. Her posts are much better than wikileaks and don't ya dare criticize.smilies/sad.gifsmilies/shocked.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/cry.gif
Com'on now ".."
written by Simpleton, September 06, 2012
I did say "tanks" to a.norlina first. That's not indicative of someone whose intent was criticizem. But of course the top of the line tanks Syria was furnished (by both sides) way back when aren't "all that" now which means in turn, Syria, regardless of BRICs backing and present state of civil war just plain isn't going to be much use to anyone at anytime now or in the future of dealing with Iran.

In fairness and respect to the author of this article, I do appologize for the hijacking. You've hit on a good subject. Most disturbing statement you made was: "Scenes like this are not filmed because, for the Brazilian public, they would seem exaggeratedly fantastic: a house with books, a child reading." I assure you kind sir that they do exist and, to the best of my ability (although not wanting to be filmed) I personally try to encourage, spread, openly praise and actively support such "odd" behaviour everytime I encounter it in Brasil.
Meat to vegetarians?
written by jakob, September 21, 2012
Selling vegan lifestyle to carnivores is more like it. Comparing Brazilians to vegetarians if beyond absurd.

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