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        How do you find a good Brasilian woman?
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How does one find a good Brasilian lady. Any good places to go to meet. Not into bars and clubs so any suggestions. Also not into casual sex.

Total Posts: 211 | Joined Dec. 2002 | Posted on: 3:58 pm on Jan. 3, 2003 | IP
Down to Earth

Well first let’s see if you can check off at least 6 items in the list below:

1)You are a good looking lad/man
2)You are a fit lad/man
3)You have a fair amount of dosh (money)
4)You are well educated
5)You come from a good background
6)You are polite
7)You are romantic
8)You enjoy sex
9)You are looking for a serious relationship
10)You like children
11)You don’t mind the constant presence of your “in-laws”
12)You are a gringo

Believe me if you had all of that I can guarantee you could meet not one but quite a few goof Brazilian lasses.


How long can you stand NOT replying to my post?

Total Posts: 8 | Joined Jan. 2003 | Posted on: 4:25 pm on Jan. 3, 2003 | IP

Try this service, which is free, called Almas Gêmeas.

It has worked pretty well for two friends of mine. One living in the US, another one in Italy.
It generated dozens of messages of interested women in less than one week. Most of the women, however, are going to be in Brazil, and you have to be prepared to go there and maybe bring her here if things go well enough.

To publish your own profile, click on Cadastre-se on the left and then on Cadastre-se again.

Break a leg.

Total Posts: 211 | Joined Dec. 2002 | Posted on: 7:03 pm on Jan. 6, 2003 | IP

If you are truly serious about this, I would seriously learn some Portuguese as well. While there are many ladies (especially in Rio and Sao Paulo) that speak English in Brazil, you will thank yourself for learning some Portuguese once you arrive in Brazil, believe me. And THEY will appreciate you that much more for learning or at least attempting to learn the language. Just be sincere and treat them with respect, and you will most likely meet your soul-mate. Boa sorte.

Total Posts: 211 | Joined Dec. 2002 | Posted on: 4:36 pm on Jan. 9, 2003 | IP

Thanks D2E for all the insight.


Total Posts: 211 | Joined Dec. 2002 | Posted on: 2:48 pm on Jan. 15, 2003 | IP

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