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How Can I Be a Contributor? PDF Print E-mail
Info - Contributor
Written by Brazzil Magazine   
Sunday, 26 September 2004 15:48

Brazzil is always open to new articles. We are interested in all subjects that have any Brazilian connection. The magazine is a very small operation and we cannot pay for your contribution. Brazzil is made exclusively by volunteers. But we will gladly include your byline and you will keep the rights to your article.

Our Writer's Guidelines:

The article should be in journalistic style. You are welcome to write about your own Brazilian experience, if you are, for example, a musician, a business person or simply someone who likes to write.

Sorry, but we don't publish résumés and advertising copy. We also don't just write about events that occurred or are going to happen in the future unless these events are only the background for a more in-depth piece.

No need to send any draft. We will acknowledge when we get your piece and again when it is printed and online.

Take a look at our style (we don't have one).

Your article should be in English and run from around 400 to 6,000 words. (Articles larger than 6,000 words will be published in installments).

Please, do not use tables or footnotes since they cannot be exported correctly to the program in which the magazine is prepared.

With lyrics that are translated, for example, write first the Portuguese version and below (not on the side) the translation. If notes are a must, place all of them at the end of the article (not at the bottom of each page.)

Whenever possible, be precise. Don't say, for example, a senator, a song, a city, a magazine. Instead spell the name of the senator, the song, the city and the publication even if it is the competition.

Avoid to say recently, earlier this year, a couple of months ago, when you can say the precise date: January 22, 2222, at 2.22 pm.

And naturally check your facts and the spelling of proper names and foreign or trickier words. Don't worry too much about Portuguese words, since we will try to write it right.

Remember that Brazzil is read by people who know little or nothing about Brazil, who don't know where the country is and that people speak Portuguese there.

So, we explain everything from Brasília (capital of Brazil) to favela (shantytown) and Pelé (legendary soccer player and athlete of the 20th century).

By the way, it is Carnaval and not carnival that we call that huge four-day party. And writing Brasilian may be cute, but we write Brazil and Brazilian in Brazzil.

We italicize names of books (Dom Casmurro), CDs (The Hips of Tradition), movies (Cidade de Deus - City of God), newspapers (O Estado de S. Paulo) and magazines (Veja) as well as foreign words (cachaça, enfant terrible).

But we include between quotes names of songs ("Bim Bom"), chapters of books and articles ("I'll Miss You, Fernando") from a publication. We don't use underline and italics should not be used for citations.

The magazine is NOT for Brazilians (it would be in Portuguese, if it were) although it is read by Brazilians. It's primarily for people who are interested in Brazil and cannot speak Portuguese.

So, feel free to whenever possible include Portuguese words, lyrics, slang, expressions, and dialogues, but don't forget to immediately translate them into English.

You not only keep the rights to your article but are also free to republish it later in other publications. We might also publish pieces that were published before.

One more thing: don't worry if we have approached the subject in previous issues or very recently. All good themes are begging to be re-visited.

Please include at the end of your piece a little blurb (a couple of lines will do fine) containing a brief bio and an email or another address so our readers can contact you.

It would be very helpful—not a must though— if you had a little picture or any kind of illustration to accompany the story.

There is no deadline. If you want a suggested date, how about one week from now? We will publish the article as soon as possible, maybe in a couple of hours or ealier. And again we will email you as soon as the piece is online and printed.


We have room for fiction written in Portuguese in our sister  publication Fala, Brasil! -

It might be an excerpt of a larger work (a novel for example), a short story or several short stories. (Anywhere from 500 to 5000 words and beyond).

Brazzil is also interested in English fiction as long as the theme deals with Brazil. We do not publish poetry per se, but would be interested in essays in which poetry is cited and its English translation appears side by side with the original Portuguese.

Muito obrigado. Thanks for your generosity. Please send material via email to

Any question please e-mail us your message to:

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Comments (10)Add Comment
are they stupid or what?
written by brian living in Rio, January 21, 2008
I am Chinese American living in Rio, I have a child with a Brazilian woman, the local just know me as JAPA ( Japanese), when they see a Asian, they automatically call him JAPA, even they lawyer that I rented the apartment for the woman that has my child to live, he also knows me as JAPA, not just the low lives on the street, the garcons working in the restaurants or the doormen ( portaros ) opening the gate for the tenants living in the apartment building, they are all the same, women only know NOVELAS and men only know
FUTEBOL, men don't care their kids don't have food at home, they only care about FUTEBOL, I wonder what they teach in schools, most people hardly finished high school, even thought the school here is a joke, people s**t and piss everywhere, when you are walking on the street you better watch your steps, otherwise you will step on the human waste, people always stand in the middle of the walkway when they are talking to others, no consideration of others, even the pregnant woman on the bus, they won't give up their seat for pregnant women or women with kids ride the bus, there are countless of stupid things that I can mention about the Brazilian, here just the tip of the iceberg.
YOU are stupid!
written by RenataB, June 07, 2008
How dare you?!!!
First, they call you JAPA because they can't tell where are you from (you all have the same f. eyes)...and JAPA is just a nickname for Asians.
Second, we do like soccer and novelas. Actually, we are the best on these topics! If you, Chinese, just work and work and don't know how to have least respect our choices.
Third and final: we know there are several problems in in China, in the US, in Russia, etc...but you can NOT generalize! There are brilliant people there.
replying to Brian
written by Rafael, August 30, 2008
Brian, you should analyse your words. You are in another country and living with other culture, It's not polite to criticise like you did, It doesn't help and will make the brazilians annoyed towards the presence of any foreigner . It's not good to say, as an example, that you country has a lot of human exploitation, people who work just for a food dish. You see, if you are unhappy here, go away and do not insult our country.
written by S. Ray Ekhoff, September 14, 2008
When desperate try anything? In 1973 a young citzen of Recife came to our home as an exchange student. His name was Carlos DeMello. We have lost contact and would truly appreciate any ideas you could give on home to reconnect. His year with us was a wonderful exprience. Thanks for any help or reply
written by Pumapreto, November 04, 2008
I suggest you cover the subject of Autohemotherapy,(AHT) which is an autologous blood treatment, inexpensive and safe. AHT is growing in popularity in Brazil and it should be given a spotlight in Brazzil Magazine.
About what's worrying us
written by Max Krichana, May 22, 2012
I'll send this in Portuguese; If you think it's interesting, please publish something on it. OR ask me to translate it (I'll gladly do it). Thanks!

We'll be grateful if you'll do...

Gorilas das Montanhas enfrentam fogo cruzado entre rebeldes e forças do governo


Por Fátima Chuecco (da Redação)

Poet, Translator
written by Richard O'Connell, July 14, 2012
I thought this poem might interest you. I believe it was published
in O Globo or the Jornal de Letras along with a Portuguese translation in 1960.

Richard O'Connell

Pão de Açúcar

You had to come to this big barren rock
To breathe the opulence of earth again
In all its near and fierce reality—
As if you were the very first of men
And stood here breathing sunlight, fiery air,
Ferociously alive, amazed, aware,

You had to finally accept your brawn—
Your absolute uniqeness, your scarred face,
Your powerful crude body, mind and blood,
And by your perfect presence crown this place.
All had to be precisely as it is
This moment standing like sheer rock itself
By water, feasting on the dazzling bread
Of deepest life: This is the large sweet loaf.

Pão de Açúcar: Sugar-Loaf

—Richard O'Connell
(from Brazilian Poems, 1960, Rio de Janeiro
The brasilian coast
written by Julio, August 07, 2012
Hello, good afternoon!
I would like to request the inclusion of a link to the tourism portal Brasil Azul
The Brasil Azul is a travel guide specializing in the Brazilian coast, with information on beaches, hotels, inns, tourist attractions and more.
Right now, I appreciate the opportunity and put myself at their disposal.
Julio Lourenço
You should list an email where people can send news releases.
written by Glenn Cheney, March 17, 2014
You;d get more information, and people would be able to communicate with you! Where can I send a news release about a new book, "Ex Cathedra: Stories by Machado de Assis -- Bilingual Edition" ?
help please??
written by Ronald Aitken., June 19, 2014
Hi Team could you help me Please. i`m trying to send my story of my time with my X wife from Araraquara in Brazil with photos etc, could you send me Magazine contacts Thank you From Ronald Aitken

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