Brazil Upset Over Blair’s Little Omission

Relations between Britain and Brazil have struck a new low after a careless slip by the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, during a major foreign policy speech in Washington last week.

The timing of the diplomatic spat is unfortunate for Mr Blair, who has been courting Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, in an effort to break the deadlock in international trade talks.

The Brazilian Foreign Ministry confirmed yesterday, June 1st, that its Foreign Minister, Celso Amorim, called the British ambassador in Rio, Peter Collecott, into his office on Tuesday to seek an explanation for Mr Blair’s apparent gaffe.

The row began after Mr Blair spoke in Washington about the need to reform the United Nations by expanding permanent membership of the Security Council – which represents the victorious allies after the Second World War – from five to include leading industrial powers and representatives from the developing world.

The British government has long championed the membership of Brazil, even though Argentina has a strong claim as a representative from Latin America.

Mr Blair reiterated Britain’s support for Brazil’s candidature when Mr Da Silva visited Downing Street earlier this year.

But when Mr Blair made his speech, he said: "A security council which has France as a permanent member but not Germany, Britain but not Japan, China but not India, to say nothing of the absence of proper representation from Latin America or Africa, cannot be legitimate in the modern world."

The Brazilians immediately picked up on the sudden absence of their country.

Mr Blair scribbled down the speech, the third in a series of wide-ranging foreign policy speeches, on the flight from London to Washington. According to a British source, he did not seek to change British policy with regard to Brazil but was simply setting out his overall argument about a need for UN reform.

A Foreign Office spokesman said yesterday: "We remain supportive of Brazil’s candidature, along with Germany, Japan and India, for permanent seats on an enlarged security council. The speech was not intended to set out our policy in detail but was an attempt to inject momentum into the debate. We remain solidly supportive of Brazil’s bid for a permanent seat."

Mr Blair, along with the American President, George Bush, and the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has been trying to secure the support of five leading developing countries, including Brazil, for a special trade conference to be held around the time of next month’s G8 summit in St Petersburg, Russia.

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  • Guest

    VÀ¡ se danar!
    Amigo, voce está 100% correto. Esta porcaria de site tem o costume de contribuir fortemente para a difamaÀ§ão do Brasil e dos brasileiros em virtude da ineficácia notÀ³ria do Itamarati, que devia ser fechado e seus membros parar na sarjeta por sÀ³ ajudarem pessoas ricas no exterior.

    Não vale a pena responder À  um bando de gente complexada, cheia de preconceitos ridÀ­culos e de racismos que dividem as prÀ³prias naÀ§Àµes deles. O que devÀ­amos fazer, em vez de tratá-los bem quando viajam para nosso paÀ­s, é dar um pontapé na bunda daqueles que tentam nos esnobar mas no fundo sentem a maior inveja de nossa felicidade, de nossa alegria, de nossa saúde, de nossa beleza, e de nossa solidariedade. Eles são uns merdas de cabeÀ§a, de corpo e de alma, que vão acabar se destruindo a si mesmos, pois aqueles que pensam que podem destratar um povo maravilhoso sem receber o troco em seu destino, estão muito enganados. Deus é justo!

  • Guest

    “Bring them on” and “smoke them out” to UN COUNCIL

  • Guest

    @Really Funny.
    You are truly cut from Brazilian cloth. Hats off to you son. You really put everyone in their place. For starters, I am a Pom and wrote the above snippet. You see, you Brazilians think that every criticism about your country should automatically be attributed to an American, as if Brazil has anything at all to compare to America. Therein lies the rub of your insecurities. As thousands of you dream of living in a developed world, actually partaking in a FUCNTIONING society, you’re blinded to what a functioning society is. For you, it is what you hate so much, but pine for daily: The Good Ole U.Sof A.

    I raised the subject of the Simpsons as a symptom of your problems. The creators of this little toon take the piss out of just about every country in the world, but you don’t see other nations threatening to sue. DO YOU! Only Brazilians were frothing at the mouth because, low and behold, Matt G (may praise be upon him) decided to throw a few monkeys in Rio (which exist) and had a good laugh about the violence in Rio (which ALSO exists). In the immortal words of Hommer Simpson: “DOH”! You claim exaggeration? IT´S A FUCKING CARTOON, NOT A REPORT.

    Christ, even Lula (who you would think would have other pressing matters on his hands) decided to get personally involved in the case of Larry Rother, and threatened to take away his Visa and send him packing because why? Larry wrote an article that mentioned Lulinho had a penchant for CachaÀ§a. Quite pathetic don’t you think? Actually, no ”“ QUITE INSECURE.

    You see, Brazilians ARE insecure. “Não fala mal do Brasil” IS a Brazilian axiom. “Não sujam o nome do Brasil” é mais um. Look, you’re not talking with some kiddy on the internet who can’t find this lawless jungle on a map, you’re sparring with someone who, for nefarious reasons, lives in this den of iniquity (FOR NOW). The Mutli that has me doing my “tour of duty” here is niggling to move on. I hope so, that way I can too. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve enjoyed my cheap beer, and harem of easy women ”“ however, I’m longing for intelligent conversion and 3 weeks a year at home doesn’t make up for the 49 weeks of dealing with irresponsible and blatantly ill-informed Brazilians. That was never written into my contract. Had it been, I’d be making even more than a king’s ransom.

    The fact that you think “the Brazilian people has a knack for foreign languages” when they can’t even speak or write their OWN properly, is rather gut-splitting ”“ but I’ll let that one slide.

    Now run along and play, or continue your “leftist-scholastic-typical-Brazilian-text-book-jibes at the U.S. I’ll read for entertainment sake ”“ for I, too, dislike the U.S, but have a general admiration for some of their entertainment exports.

    Just as an added jab, do you not think it, evenly remotely, absurd that Lula got directly involved in the killing of ONE Brazilian in the UK, when, as recently as two weeks ago, A NUMBER of Brazilians had their card´s punch at the hands of police and the Porky Pres from Pernambuco (or from where ever he yields”“ I liked the rhythm of the phrase, so I let it slide) didn’t bat an eyelash? Ah, ya Brazil: The land of opportunity and equity.

    You do know the expression that, “it is better to say nothing and appear the fool, rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt?”

  • Guest

    P.S. … American(s)

  • Guest

    P.S. It would also be appreciated if you could give you explanations on “inferiority complex” in Brazilian Portuguese. You know, the Brazilian people has a knack for foreign languages and this helps monolingual American. However we prefer the beautiful language we have.

  • Guest

    About that “inferiority complex”. I came to know about that from some American readers of this magazine.
    The 180 million Brazilians are not aware of this problem. Could you be more explicit and cast you light on this subject?
    Your wisdom will be recognized and appreciated.

  • Guest

    Ah, the Simpsons.

    I have not seen that show but I heard about it. The Simpsons exagerated. People are gullible, especially when they don´t know anything about the subject .People can make a sstupid war, kill thousads of innocents, kill their own sons and keep thinking
    ” patriotically”.
    In a show the Simpson´s rhetorically asked where America´s Koo-Koo, bananas commander, intended to start the next military quagmire.

    How about South Park?

    On a show elementary school children (in America)were told that their news program – which they broadcast across the school´s closed television system – was in danger of being cancelled due to low ratings.
    To improve these ratings the children simply began focusing the program on salacious gossip.
    One character expressed concern about ” dumbing down his fellow students”.
    His colleague replied:


    No comments…

  • Guest

    “…was simply setting out his overall argument about a need for UN reform” is diplomatic talk. It is slimey talk.
    Mexico and Argentine don´t feel at easy about Brazil representing South America.
    Mr. Blair, possibly did not feel proper citing Brazil openly.
    Anyway, considering his background one is taken to believe that his support to Brazil is one more lie.

  • Guest

    It is indisputable that Blair is a liar. The British press and the British people are mad about his lies. Many of them call Blair Bush´s poodle. The reader can consult the WWW where he/she will find a great deal of articles stating, and giving examples, that he is a liar.
    Remember: ” He lied and they died?”. Well, very properly you can change this into “They lied and they died”.
    The Guardian on Friday, May 30th, 2003, covers Blair´s performance as follows:
    “He squandered it on September 24 last year as he spoke to a mesmerised House of Commons, presenting his dossier of intelligence informnation on Saddam´s weapons. It was a bravura performance, spellbinding in its quiet solemnity, reasoning the arguments one by one , blending conviction with eerie threats. Forty-five minutes!Good God! You could see the MPs´hairs standing up on end, calculating how far this holocaust might reach. (Pause for an explanation: Blair LIED .
    He stated the Saddam was able to employ long range nuke missiles that could reach British territory in 45 minutes .) That precise time resonated with a generation thaty grew up discussing what to do in the four-minute nuclear warning – run a mile, boil an egg, have sex… In that speech he over-egged it and he must have known it. Whether Downing Street demanded the fateful “45 munutes” or not, he knew – and it is there in cold print – that the chilling words ran far beyond what anyone knew for sure. “
    “Reading his introduction to the dossier, it is careful in its caveats, filled with “probably”, “appears”, and “almost certainly”, “Intelligence is not always right”, and “gathering intelligence inside Iraq is not easy” pepper the text. But between these come the deadly shockers – one-and-a-half-tonnes of VX nerve agent, 26,000 litres of anthrax spores, 30,000 special munitions of delivery – and then that killer 45 minutes.
    “Our purpose is disarmament, he said. “
    “The whole purpose was a proper process of disarmament”.
    Lies, LIes, Lies, and lies.

    But, now D. Rumsfeld shrugs that off as an irrelevance.!!

  • Guest

    I started reading Brazzil magazine about a month ago. My first impression was good.
    People were focusing on Brazilian themes and discussing them. Exchanging opinions and socializing in a friendly way.
    However, soon I found out that I was mistaken. A number of articles were received by American readers with jeers, a lot of readers were foul-mouthed,and had prejudice-ladden ideas against Brazil.
    After the surprise I felt curiosity about the foundations for these people´s behaviour.
    Notwithstanding, I still read Brazzil magazinefor I want to learn more. It is a good lab. .
    It is good because I have learned many new bad words in English and besides, it is always useful to know who you are dealing with.
    I am not going to declare what I think of those people, but I concede that they may be lacking education in a large sense. Exactly this lack of education lead people to say nonsenses and bloopers and that´s what is rampant in this magazine.
    Besides, truth is not essencially
    necessary among all readers. I have noticed that they just opiniate even when they know nothing about what they´re talking about. It really would not be polite to name what they should be called. Anyway, let´s blame it on personal traits. Thinking badly about the whole American people just because a few citizens deliberately act like this would not be correct.

  • Guest

    Of course it wasn’t an oversight. He did say,

    “to say nothing of the absence of proper representation from Latin America or Africa.”

    Once again, because brazil wasn’t singled out they think they’re being singled out, or as when the U.S. required brazil to adhere to the new ID policy procedures put in place after 9-11, along with 142 other countries…brazil response was as if it was being singled out.

    Talk about an inferiority complex….truly like the attitude of school children.

    Kinda funny.

  • Guest

    Another child-like response from Brazil. Just like when the tourism industry of Rio wanted to sue the makers of the Simpsons. More schoolyard antics from a government with a collective IQ of a 5th grader.

    Brazil is, by far, the most insecure nation on earth. No wonder no one takes you seriously, no matter how you try.

    And another thing: major political speeches are thoroughly and meticulously vetted, do you REALLY think this omission was a simple mistake or oversight? If so, I have some really nice condos in Rocinha to sell.

  • Guest

    Latin America
    If Portuguese is not derived from Latin, where did it come from?

  • Guest

    Who would believe Mr. Blair´s words? He has been lying all his life.
    That was not a slip of the tongue. It was deliberately conceived. Haha , the Brazilian government was naive to believe his promises.
    Brazil is not Latin America. I t differs from Latin American countries in many ways , the language to begin with.

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