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Subject: Dione Rocha = Tasteless

Posted by Nathan
On Wednesday, October 17, 2001 at 19:39:35

While I am a fervent defender of the right to free expression, I am nevertheless shocked that Brazzil would publish the tasteless and offensive article by Dione Rocha in its first issue after the murderous acts of terror in America. While Ms. Rocha has the right to her morally bankrupt opinions, Brazzil has no obligation to publish them in its magazine. The fact that Brazzil chose to do so betrays a severe lack of editorial discretion. Or should we assume that Brazzil considers Ms. Rocha's views within the bounds of civilized discourse?

It may seem unnecssary to even dignify her rationalization of terrorism with a response, but some of her assertions demand a thorough repudiation.

First, how can she have the audacity to posit that last month's terrorist attacks and America's response are somehow morally equivalent? On 9-11, terrorists murdered thousands of innocent civilians. The World Trade Center was a peaceful center of commerce. The people there were merely working for a living. America, in its response to the Taliban's harboring of the evildoers, is focusing on military targets. America is making every effort to avoid the loss of civilian life in Afghanistan. America is even giving food and humanitarian supplies to Afghans. Ms. Rocha should remember that no one suffers more under Taliban rule than Afghans themselves. This is especially true for Afghan women, who are deprived of even the most fundamental personal or economic freedoms.

Ms. Rocha's second point reveals a total ignorance of the lessons of history. If this she were in pre-war England, I suppose that with Neville Chamberlain she would be declaring "peace for our time." As Hitler taught us, appeasement is no way to deal with a monster on the international scene. Ms. Rocha would have us cowering in fear in the face of any threat. There comes a time, Ms. Rocha, when evil must be stood up to. Evil doesn't respect weakness. It only seeks to exploit weakness for its own purposes. That was the whole point of the 9-11 attacks: to terrorize the American people into paralysis. The terrorists severely miscalculated the spirit and will of the American people. America is more united, and more resolute than it has ever been. As it should be.

Her third point is perhaps the most offensive (and the most untrue). What is so offensive is her implication that America somehow "deserved" these acts of terrorism, as punishment for its sins. The moral refutation of her attitude speaks for itself. Her argument is flawed on factual grounds as well. To say that Americans have no compassion for suffering in underdeveloped nations is ludicrous. What nation donates more to charities whose sole purpose is to relieve suffering and promote development in poor countries? What nation invests more in the economies of developing nations? The cause of poverty in certain parts of the world is not American foreign policy, or a lack of compassion on the part of the American people. The cause of poverty is wrong-headed economic policies. If other nations were to emulate the United States, and adopt democratic capitalism as their political-economic system, they too would prosper.

It is sad and disheartening to see Ms. Rocha proceed with her worn-out leftist tirade, as if the issues she raises have ANYTHING to do with terrorism. I'm sorry, Ms. Rocha, the attacks on America have NOTHING to do with pollution, international conferences on racism, or what have you. I could defend America's environmental record, or point to what a colossal, ill-conceived SHAM the U.N. conference on racism was. But that would miss the point. Even if America was on the wrong side of those issues (which it most definitely was not) that would in no way alter the fact that what happened on 9-11 was pure EVIL.

Finally, Ms. Rocha concludes her article by looking forward to the day when America is no longer the world's superpower. Well, Ms. Rocha, I'm sorry to disappoint you (and the terrorists), but America doesn't intend to roll over and play dead anytime soon.

RE: Dione Rocha = Tasteless
Posted by Me Too
On Thursday, October 18, 2001 at 08:49:09

I absolutely agree with Nathan. I was shocked to read the article he referred to, and some of the other articles in the same issue. I was tempted to remove all links to that exists on the web sites I maintain. I may still do that.

I live in New York, lost one close friend in the attacks, and know a lot of people who survived by the skin of their teeth. I know people who lost 40 to 50 or more of their coworkers and friends. To anyone who thinks America deserved this for any reason, I can only say I hope you never have to live through an experience like the one we are living through here in this city.

What if Brazilian Indians decided to blow up a few buildings in Sao Paulo, and then Americans went around saying, well, gee, they deserved what they got, look at how they treated those poor people? I would think you would be deeply offended by commnets like that, as well you should be.

Shame on you Dione Rocha !

RE: Dione Rocha = Tasteless
Posted by Nathan
On Thursday, October 18, 2001 at 10:52:59

To "Me Too," thank you for your words of solidarity. More importantly, I am sorry for the loss of your friend.

Thankfully, none of my close friends or co-workers were lost, but like everyone I have many friends who did lose several loved ones. In this time of mourning, I found Dione Rocha's words so profoundly insulting.

I work only a couple blocks from the World Trade Center. I was actually across from the Towers on West Street when the second plane hit (normally I would have walked through the WTC on my way to Broad Street). I was running for my life after the second plane suddenly turned and headed straight at me! I thought I would certainly die, as I saw it come closer and closer. Since it exploded on impact, it didn't crash down on me, and I wasn't hit by any falling parts. I kept walking up the West Side Highway after that. Fortunately, I was ten blocks away when I saw the first tower collapse. My co-workers who had already made it into our office were covered with smoke and ash after they evacuated the building.

It was so heartening to see everyone remain calm and help each other that day. And it is so inspiring to now see Americans of all walks of life, races, and creeds rallying around our flag and our great leader, George W. Bush. We are truly one nation, after all.

It has been nice, too, to receive so many words of condolences from all parts of the world. While sadly too many Brazilians have not responded with natural human sympathy, many others have. None of my Brazilian friends have displayed even a hint of the coldness or moral relativism that we have read in Brazzil magazine.

Brazil's hard left, as well as many in Brazil's elite, have a deep-seated resentment of American success and Brazil's relative failure in the world political and economic arenas. Instead of looking inward and asking why Brazil has never lived up to its potential, they instead delude themselves into thinking Brazil would be a powerhouse if only America wasn't holding them down. And so instead of instituting reforms that would actually improve Brazil's standing in the world (like rooting out Brazil's infamous corruption; enforcing law and order in the streets; downsizing the nation's bureaucracy; freeing the economy; etc) they rail against "Tio Sam." You see, it's far easier to blame others for your own shortcomings.

I hope you do remove the links to Brazzil magazine from the web pages you maintain. I know that I will no longer refer friends interested in Brazil to this site. Perhaps as an alternative, you could link your sites to an organization that actually has a sense of human decency: The Instituto Liberal. This is an organization dedicated to advancing freedom under the rule of law in Brazil. Instead of bashing other nations, they offer constructive solutions to Brazil's woes. I have been a member of this organization for several years now. Immediately after the attacks on America, I received a very thoughtful, grieving e-mail from one of their directors, Ligia Filgueiras (she knew I worked in lower Manhattan). Their website is While it is mostly in Portuguese, they do maintain an English section.

Well, to sum up... I can only echo your sentiments: "Shame on you, Dione Rocha. And shame on you, Brazzil magazine!"
RE: Dione Rocha = Tasteless
Posted by Randy Paul
On Thursday, November 08, 2001 at 12:17:28

What is particularly galling about Ms. Rocha's comments is that she is refuses to engage me in a dialogue about her article. I have e-mailed her several times and she has not responded, I can only conclude that she lacks the courage of her convictions or that she is a cowardly terrorist herself, who has no qualms launching salvos againt those she doesn't like, but dares not share her face to defend her flautlent, uninformed commentary.
RE: Dione Rocha = Tasteless
Posted by Diog
On Friday, November 09, 2001 at 20:25:59

It would have been better for had they posted Dione Rochaís uninformed
and misinforming schoolgirl diatribe on this forum rather than publish it under their
imprimatur. The only information associated with her opinion is that its publication
tells us what is all about.

To Randy Paul: Itís not surprising that the authorette would decline your invitation to
exchange e-mails with her. Itís no more surprising than that baloney would reject the

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