Brazil Meets the World in Abu Dhabi to Discuss Renewable Energy

Sustainable Masdar city A Brazilian delegation of businessmen, scientists and technicians in the area of renewable energy will be attending the second edition of the World Renewable Energy Forum, to be held from January 19 to 21, 2009 in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Moreover, lecturers at the conference should include the Brazilian minister of Strategic Affairs, Roberto Mangabeira Unger; the president of the company Brasil Ecodiesel, José Carlos Aguilera; and the executive director of the São Paulo Sugarcane Agroindustry Union (Unica), Eduardo Leão.

There are still slots open for participation in the mission, which is mainly aimed at establishing new relations and creating new business opportunities linking Brazil to the rest of the world.

"The event will bring together the best suppliers, investors and experts in renewable energies, as well as heads of state and personalities in the sector, to discuss the future of the global energy matrix," says Marcus Peçanha, CEO at Interaction Times, an international relations consultancy firm that is taking the Brazilians to Abu Dhabi.

"The businessmen will have many options in the package. In addition to the three days in Abu Dhabi, they may spend a period in Dubai and put together a schedule of meetings and contacts according to their interests, which may range from seeking suppliers to partnerships with foreign investors," he explains.

The Interaction Times forecasts that 200 Brazilians should participate in the mission. "We arrived at that figure because organizers are expecting 15,000 people at the forum," says Peçanha.

Issues to be discussed during the conference include global warming, climate change and the urgent need for adoption of clean energies in order to manage global energy production and the environment in a sustainable manner.

Brazil is a leading producer of renewable energies among developing countries, with 43% of its energy matrix stemming from sustainable sources, thus it should attract the eyes of the whole world during the event.

"The participation of Brazil in the forum is a great opportunity for companies operating in the market to develop partnerships and do some networking. At the moment of crisis that the world is experiencing, we are heading to a place that has lots of cash available, and is interested in investing in clean energies," says Peçanha.

In the first edition, held in January 2008, the forum was attended by the president of the United States, George W. Bush, by prince Charles, heir to the British throne, and by several heads of state, such as those from Iceland, Djibouti and the Emirates.

Guests for this year include the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, the former vice president of the United States, Al Gore, directors of companies operating in the area, such as British Petroleum, Siemens, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, scholars and civil society representatives  -  the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Greenpeace and the WWF.

Masdar City, a fully-planned, sustainable city under construction in Abu Dhabi, will be among the highlights of the forum. The goal is for it to become an international cooperation program turned to seeking solutions to major problems currently facing humanity, such as energy security, climate change and sustainable development.

The main objectives of Masdar City include becoming carbon neutral. The city is going to house a university, the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and several companies. Its construction involves organisations such as the MIT, General Electric, British Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, Mitsubishi, Rolls Royce, Otal S.A., Mitsui, Fiat, and Conergy, the latter being involved in the construction of a station for solar energy.

According to estimates, approximately US$ 15 billion will be invested over the next five years in projects involving education, research, industry, reduction of emissions and sustainable urban living.


2009 World Renewable Energy Forum
Date: January 19 to 21, 2009
Place: Abu Dhabi  -  United Arab Emirates

Further information and enrolments for the mission or
Telephone: (+55 11) 2137-5731



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