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Brazil Gets Top Ranking in Murders, Which Are 5% of All Deaths

Body found in Brazil Brazil holds the first place in violent deaths in the comparative study carried out among 11 countries by the Brazilian organization Ipea (Institute of Economic and Applied Research). The report was released this Wednesday, November 19, and it concluded that violence was the cause of 4.69% of all deaths occurred in Brazil in the years 2002 and 2003.

This rate is practically twice as much as in all the other countries that were investigated: South Africa, Mexico, Argentina, India, China, Russia, Spain, Germany, Finland and United States.

"When we see the deaths caused by intentional harm, we find out that the rate in Brazil is practically double that of any other country. It's not quite twice as much as South Africa, a country that had apartheid. Violence, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO) is something that is producing a true destruction of the Brazilian society," noted the Ipea's director at the International Center of Poverty, researcher Milko Maltijascic.

These data deal exclusively with external violence. They don't include, for example, self-inflicted death, i.e. suicide, which in Brazil, according to WHO's data, represents a much lower rate than that of the other countries. The rate also does not include deaths in traffic.

"It is the external violence, in other words, violence of one against the other. The suicide rate is low, in other words, the Brazilian wants to live. He doesn't want in any way to kill himself", explained Maltijascic.

South Africa, a country that got second place in the violence issue, showed in the same period a rate of 2.84% of violent deaths. In developed countries like Finland, Germany and the United States, the violent death rates were  0.34%, 0.07 % and 0.65% respectively.

The study Development and Compared International Experiences revealed also that Brazil presents deaths rates for typical diseases from both developed and poor countries. "Brazil is an interesting case. While it has a health profile of countries in development it also shows several symptoms of developed countries. This way, Brazil has all the challenges to tackle," warned Maltijascic.

The study also pointed out the dramatic situation of countries like South Africa and India that endure very high indexes of AIDS infection.

"In the case of infectious diseases and those caused by parasites, we have South Africa with a rate of 59% and we have India with 20%. One in every three South Africans have AIDS. This certainly reduces the country's hopes for a healthy life. These are data that are putting a brake in the life quality of these countries," observed Maltijascic.


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  • orlando

    maldita colonizaÀƒ§Àƒ£o portuguesa
    [b]fault of the Portuguese colonization

    Unfortunately Brazil has not been ex colony of England.

    Usa, Canada, New Zealand and Australia are fortunate, thanks to cultural and institutional England[/b]

  • ch.c.

    Lula has about a year or so to tackle this problem or it will be a huge asterisk on his “legacy”
    Noooooo !
    Who cares in Brazil ?
    No one !
    Even less the politicians regardless of their afilliation !

    In fact, such a situation is pleasant for them. The citizens then pay less attention to the politicians corruptions !

    To better reign…they divide !

  • observer

    Lula has about a year or so to tackle this problem or it will be a huge asterisk on his “legacy”…..the gangs has no problem recently invading an empty police station, emptying out all the guns and “stored” drugs there and then for kicks, blowing up the building on the way out!!!

  • ch.c.

    Oooops…I goofed somewhat…sorry !
    The Brazilian crime rate is mentionned ! 4,69 % !

    All my other comments remain VALID, until proven otherwise !
    Life is cheap…in Brazil ! Costs of living unaffordable for the majority !
    Wealth inequality nearly the World Worst !
    And the World Highest poverty rate when measured with the GDP per capita !!!!

    And Robin the Crook is PROUD OF HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS !
    So proud that this became the BRAZILIAN MODEL that other countries, developed and emerging, should also follow !!!!

    And….and….and the stats forgot to mention that in BRAZIL, 50 % of the deaths rate for youths aged 15-24 years is by…..VIOLENT DEATHS !

    Not even the army, or your “famous” BOPPE, and even less the police can stop the violence.
    Sure…they are also responsblble for thousands of violent deaths.

    And your World Reknowned….Deaths Squads too !!!!! Usually policemen doing…OVERTIME WORK AND NOT IN UNIFORMS FOR THEIR…… KILLINGS of innocents children !
    Why dont they show up in uniform ? Something to hide ?????

    Shame to Brazil !

  • ch.c.

    Hey hey !!!!!
    If as stated Brazil has nearly twice the South African rate of 2,84 % then Brazil should be at around 5 % ! Right ?
    Compared against 0,65 in the USA, thus Brazil has a crime rate of around 7 to 8 times the USA crime rate.

    Yeahhhhhhh…..hip hip Lula, hip hip Lula !

    So shameful that the exact brazilian rate was of course NOT stated…..in the article.
    And the article is OBVIOUSLY FULL OF LIES in stating….”This rate is practically TWICE as much AS IN ALL the other countries that were investigated.” ….SINCE YOUR RATE IS ALREADY NEARLY TWICE AS MUCH AS SOUTH AFRICA WITH ALSO A VERY HIGH CRIME RATE….WHEN COMPARED TO OTHER COUNTRIES !
    Once more…cheaters always cheat, liars always lie, hiders always hide. Proven time and again !

    Hip hip Lula, hip hip Lula !

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