Iran Tells Brazil It Has Close to US$ 4 Trillion and Is Looking for Deals

Iran ambassador to Brazil, Mohsen Shaterzadeh Teheran wants to expand its economic relations with Brazil. This according to Iranian ambassador to Brazilian capital BrasÀ­lia, Mohsen Shaterzadeh, during a visit to the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, in the city of São Paulo.

"The first step in order to achieve this goal consists of expanding economic relations between the two countries up to US$ 10 billion in the short term," the diplomat said.

The figure does not include bilateral trade alone, but also mutual investment and projects implemented through partnerships between governments and private companies.

Taking only the flow of goods into consideration, bilateral trade between Iran and Brazil reached US$ 1.85 billion in 2007, representing growth of 15.6% over 2006, according to figures supplied by the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade.

The ambassador stated that the international financial crisis creates opportunities for boosting South-South cooperation. He said that his country has capital in store and an ambitious investment plan forecasting the injection of US$ 3.6 trillion into different areas, over a 20-year period.

By the same token, Shaterzadeh asserted that Brazil is another economic power. "We believe that the two countries have the potential and the capacity for increasing cooperation in the economic area," he said. According to the diplomat, Iran is interested in developing projects in sectors such as mining, oil and gas, petrochemicals, the auto industry, and auto parts, among others.

He claimed that there is interest, for instance, in the Brazilian ironworks industry. Given the availability of iron ore in Brazil, the Iranians might invest in the manufacturing of raw steel here, and then export it to the Middle Eastern country and other destinations. Ore is the fifth item in the Brazilian export basket to Iran, with shipments of US$ 50 million between January and October this year, according to the Ministry of Development.

The same logic, according to the ambassador, applies to the agricultural area: Iranian businessmen might invest in Brazil in order to ensure the food supply to Iran. Beef, soy oil, sugar, and soy chaff are the four main items in the basket of Brazilian exports to Iran. Maize and soybean rank, respectively, seventh and eighth in the basket.

On the other hand, Shaterzadeh informed that in the processing and mining industries, Iran aims to invest US$ 450 billion over the course of 20 years. The country is also willing to implement different projects in the infrastructure, oil refining, and petrochemical sectors.

In order to encourage trade, investment and partnerships, a business delegation from Iran is coming to Brazil in January 2009. Also next year, the Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva should visit the Middle Eastern country. Prior to that, the Iranian minister of Foreign Relations, Manouchehr Mottaki, is going to pay a visit to Brazil.

The Brazilian chancellor, Celso Amorim, went to Iran early this month accompanied by a business delegation. In the first half this year, the Ministry of Agriculture organized a trade mission to the Middle East and North Africa that included Iran, Algeria and Egypt.

"We already sustain good cooperative relations in Latin America, with Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador and now Paraguay. In Brazil, we have identified general areas for cooperation," said Shaterzadeh, who started his term in office in Brasí­lia four months ago.

Even though Iran is not an Arab country, the ambassador wanted to get to know the Arab Brazilian Chamber and its board of directors, due to the importance that the organization has within the entrepreneurial community in Brazil and especially in São Paulo, which is the leading trade hub in the country.



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  • dnbaiacu

    Good to hear from.. I have been “resting” from all this. You know how it is. 🙂

    The Arab world has infiltrated and invested almost everywhere. NOT just oil. What is going on with oil these days may be dent but not a big one. I just find the ever increasing ties that Brazil is forming with that part of the world to be very intriguing. And I’m no Arab hater. They are no more crimminal than supposedley “Christian” nations around the world. And actually a whole lot less hypocritical.

    I am still mulling over my response to him. IMHO, Lord Augustus read everything about all the religions and cultures and learn’ t nothing.[/quote]
    As far as Augustus anti-arabic rants.?? Can’t stomach them to that extreme. Two things have to be considered.
    1) Know one really knows if the Muslim community is being isolated and targeted DELIBERATELY “TO” inspire a re-action as and excuse to rid the earth of ALL RELIGION. Exactly as the Bilderberger Group would like it.
    2) Not all Muslims or adherents to Islam sponsor , support or participate in “terror”.
    Western governments are experts in going into other countries and stirring up and causing confusion for their own benefit. This is nothing new.
    So in the end despising whole groups of people is quite SILLY. It’s staying on the surface with your train of thought.
    But I am concluding that is more of a result of not understanding the bigger picture. When you know the final outcome of something it is much easier to see its work in progress. But when you are in denial or worse, don’t have a clue , you fail to see the obvious.
    Lately we are watching Congress put on a show or charade as to whether they are going to allow the Federal Reserve Bank to “bail out” the auto industry. This song and dance is getting old already. I am just wondering which industry is will be next with their “hands out” supposedly. 😀 😀
    In the meantime Bush runs around setting the new global economic unity in place.
    As for me, I am just trying to get the most of dollar out of Brazil WHILE THERE IS TIME.

  • dnbaiacu

    This is so funny…
    The Arabs will have the world by its testicles. This is so interesting to watch happen. One big bull ride!
    I am really trying to figure this one out. It is going to be something to watch. Something is really going on and I am trying to catch the spin on it.
    Really on the edge of my seat with this one. 😀 😀 😀
    Joao..??? … Are you there?


    I prefer a pint of ethanol then eating rotten swiss cheese….
    Have I not said with my cynism more than once during the last several months……”funny….the more Petrobras discover…. the more their stock prices go down” ?

    Are swiss people that dumb or acting dumb, must be “global warming in the alps”. what a BS.
    Just read an article from the heritage foundation, on who can you rely more then a low budget swiss clown with a brain full of holes like swiss cheese.

  • SAM


  • ch.c.

    If you cant trust the Iranians who can you trust?
    The Brazilian Break Even Point Proven Profitabilty Maths…on ethanol !


  • AES

    If you cant trust the Iranians who can you trust?

  • ch.c.

    In another 20 years time not many countries will depend on oil or Ethanol to fuel the vehicles. Lets not forget that the alternative sources of energy already exist.
    May be yess…may be nooo !
    – Just look at Brazil ethanol from 1the 1970’s to early 2000s ! It grew with the government subsidizes and went nearly to a HALT UNTIL 2003 !
    – electric cars are feasible today but at at a high prices. But what is not done yet and needs HUGE AND HUGE investments is for
    the batteries re-charging stations !

    Both are subject to the price of oil ! If High both will survive and grow, if low both will stop production.

    NOTHING NEW ! We already have seen it all !

    Even PV solar technology ! Huge BUBBLE prices were during the 1978-1980 years. Then….GOOD BYE, NOT GOOD BUY !

    In my view, for whatever it is worth, Nuclear Power Plants will come back. None were built in the USA for 30 years.
    Nuclear Power Plants electricity is CHEAP…after the investments are made !


    Hundreds of billion $ have been invested in new oil discoveries. New production will come but not all newer discoveries production depending of the oil prices.

    Probably still too early to tell about the Brazilian magical new offshore fields.
    But to be honest…I have my doubts !

    Who remembers, not so long ago, the 8000 kms pipeline from Venezuela to Brazil and Argentina ?

    Few of you remembers Dome Petroleum, a Canadian Company, with HUGE HUGE PROVEN oil discoveries.
    Where was that Company during the last oil boom ?
    But….but…but…..the Company Died years and years ago ! but…but…but….oil is still there !
    Where ? In the Artic sea if I recall correctly !!!!!!

    And also look now at the Canadian oil sands ! they do produce a lot ! In fact so much they are the biggest oil supplier to the USA….if you did not know ! Meaning an WITH AN EXISITING REAL PRODUCTION CAPACITY !
    But many companies have already announced….CUTS OR REDUCTION IN NEW OR ADDITIONAL INVESTMENTS !
    Why so….in your views ?
    And in view of the very recent continuation decline in oil prices , is there NOT more to come ? far more CUTS is to come !
    Why then “bother” with the TUPI fields if A) too difficult technologically B) too expensive ????

    Have I not said with my cynism more than once during the last several months……”funny….the more Petrobras discover…. the more their stock prices go down” ?

    Petrobras stock prices…are telling us something, that few want to hear and analyze in an objective way !

    Oil could be there ! so what ? far more oil is also in the Orinoco fields and easier to produce than the Tupi fields. There it is more only a question of money and politics…..not of technology ! And many newer fields elsewhere are the same !

    Same maths used to PROVE THE WORLD OVER with a blue face, that Brazil sugarcane ethanol is competitive at $ 35.- oil equivalent ?

    Where are, where were the ethanol profits ? Still waiting….oil price remains above the……. Brazilian Break Even Point Proven Profitabilty Maths !
    Maths developed by cheaters, liars and hiders. Proven….once more !
    Or said otherwise…….Proven Maths……developed by CROOKS !
    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • ch.c.

    Iran Tells Brazil It Has Close to US$ 4 Trillion
    MY EYE !
    PURE LIE !
    This amount is TWICE what CHINA has !!!

    And in what brazilian auto industry can Iran invest in Brazil ????? Ford, GM, VW, Fiat, BMW ??????

    No doubt both parties who met were under ethanol influence in an orgy in a SP massage parlor !

    The Arabs will have the world by its testicles ! Yessss the idiots who trust them !

    “Iranian budget deficits have been a chronic problem, in part due to large-scale state subsidies totaling more than $80 billion for the energy sector alone in 2008 (80% of the government’s budget). According to economic experts, Iran will need $70 to $75 a barrel for its crude to balance its budget in 2008-2009.”

    They have a big problem—NOW ! Dont they ?

    And their total foreign currencies reserves stood at us$ 81 BILLION by May 2008″

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Joao..??? … Are you there?[/quote]

    I am here, my lad. I read some shocking statements made by our esteemed friend Lord Augustus in the following thread:


    I am still mulling over my response to him. IMHO, Lord Augustus read everything about all the religions and cultures and learn’ t [i]nothing[/i]. 😀

    A brief response to your statement about the Arabs having the entire world by its balls. I don’t think so. Just look at the falling oil prices. Today, the price went below $50 per barrel. In another 20 years time not many countries will depend on oil or Ethanol to fuel the vehicles. Lets not forget that the alternative sources of energy already exist.

    Anyway, it was great to hear from you.

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