Brazilian Design with an Eye for the Ecologically Correct

CWT design Headquartered in Belo Horizonte, capital of the southeastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, CWT Design, in a little over four years of existence, accompanied the growth of demand for tiles furniture and decoration objects made out of ecologically correct material.

"When we started, people did not know much about the use of this kind of sustainable product. Today, with the greater concern with regard to climate change, when they seek architects and designers, many clients make a point of using material that respects the environment," explained Sérgio Viana, commercial director of the company.

Created initially focusing on the foreign market, CWT has already sent samples to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, and Miami, in the United States.

"There is currently much space for our products worldwide," he pointed out. On realizing the growing demand on the domestic market, the owners also decided to invest in the opening of a brand showroom in Belo Horizonte and, recently, another in São Paulo.

Tiles are the company cash cow, with floor tiles for indoor and outdoor decks. "We work with several raw materials from the most varied regions of the country, like coconut, bamboo, coffee, palm, buriti, banana fiber, certified wood, sisal fiber and jute," explained Viana.

The director pointed out that wall tiles, panels, blinds, furniture and lighting fixtures are exclusive products and, first and foremost, are environmentally correct. "They are items that contribute to protecting nature, generating work opportunities in poor regions and helping in the construction of a better future for all of us," he said.

The cost with alternative and ecologically correct tiles is 30% more than the traditional tiles. "But the tendency, as time goes by, and with greater consumption, is to accompany the remaining materials," he bets.

Using technology patented in Brazil, the company also produces biosynthetic wood, produced from industrial plastic residue and pet bottles, plus natural fiber. The product started being traded in late 2006 in the form of pallets and returnable boxes for export, but in 2007 the application in decoration, architecture and landscaping also entered the company portfolio.

Biosynthetic wood is an option for outdoor furniture, decks, and indoor and outdoor flooring. As it is a waterproof product, and its durability is estimated at between 80 and 100 years, when facing the weather (sun and rain), guaranteeing an infinitely larger working life when compared to any product currently available on the market.

"The union of plastic and fibers grants the product resistance up to three times larger than hardwood," said Viana. "While preserving the environment and making available high-quality products, we supply to end users what is most up-to-date nowadays, sustainable consumption," he added.

CWT Design, which generates 15 direct jobs and works in partnership with artisans in several states of the country, is a company in CWT Group, which also includes Central Wireless Telecom and Flor dos Hibiscus.

Central Wireless Telecom has been in the market for 30 years importing equipment for all telecommunications operators in the country and this year was awarded first place in the CNI (National Industry Confederation) Award, in the innovation category, competing with several companies from all over Brazil.


CWT Design
Telephone: (+55 31) 3285-3077



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