Brazil Will Save the Amazon, But the Rich Should Pay for It, Says Lula

Brazil's Amazon Forest Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said Monday, June 4, that rich nations should pay poorer countries to preserve their forests because the rich are responsible for most of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.

Lula said he would propose a fund to reward developing countries that reduce the rate at which they cut down their forests during this week's Group of Eight (G8) summit in Germany.

Countries "should be financially compensated," Lula said in his weekly radio address, "Breakfast with the President."

The proposal, floated by the environment minister, would reward nations that keep deforestation below projections and would compute the funding based on how much carbon was kept out of the atmosphere.

Lula said that "65% of (greenhouse) gas emissions in the atmosphere are produced by rich countries, so they have the biggest responsibility to clean up the planet". Only a tiny fraction of Europe's original forests remain, while Brazil has preserved more than 60%, insisted the Brazilian president.

Brazil is home to the bulk of the world's largest remaining tropical wilderness, the Amazon, which covers nearly 60% of the country, or about 1.6 million square miles.

However, most of Brazil's greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestation and burning in the Amazon rainforest, releasing about 370 million tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year, about 5% of the world's total, scientists say.

About 20% of the rainforest has already been cut down and while the rate of destruction has slowed in recent years, environmentalists say it remains alarmingly high.



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  • Rogerio

    Jungle boy
    To all of you suckers from de “developed world”
    You should give many thanks to us brazilians for the air you suck into your poluted lungs, because we did not devored our forests like yous did! yes you should not be only thankfull for the oxigen we give you but as wells as pay us for a comodity …what about a 1000 euros a year for the rest of your miserable lives, that’s is very cheap if you consider the alternative..”gasp for air”I do not know where you come from… but if it from the US I advise you to stop eating the crap your food GMO companies sell yous as food, as I visited new york last year, I have never see so many Ugly and fat people together in my life ..americas are transforming thenselves in some sort of overgrown Humanoids…..but them again it is your choise..what is bad about it is that those criminal companies want the rest of the world to buy the crap they sell to americans….World whatc out those criminals..

  • João da Silva

    [quote]As to the Amazon, you said time and time again that it is YOURS ! And you are dead right ! Thus take care of it at your own expenses ![/quote]

    Here you have a valid point. You just put the government on the defensive postion. I wonder how they are going to justify their demand that the Rich countries have to pay to safeguard the Amazon.

  • ch.c.

    …..since your 370 millions tons of greenhouses emissions come from deforestation ONLY, what about the other emissions from your agriculture, industries and citizens ?
    By definition we could not produce as much emissions as you in the deforestation, since most of our forests are already deforested ! Right ! smile
    Knowing that Brazil represents only around 2,5 % of the world population and that the 5 % of your emisssions are from deforestation only,
    you too should be in the payers camp. Of course like for developed countries ALL your greenhouses emissions taken in account, not only
    the deforestation greenhouses emissions.

  • ch.c.

    Not surprising…from Lula !
    He always wants the *others” to pay for…..just about everything !
    Same for your trade of goods ! You are charging a much higher import tax than we do, but you dont understand that we too produce goods and services, This despite you already have a very high trade surplus with the USA, EU and Japan.
    Quite normal for you to charge 100 % import tax on foreign cars and PCs, but not normal that the USA charge a far lower rate on your ethanol. Same for Europe, they charge only 19 cents per gallons, but still too high !
    Sorry but the EU charge a much higher tax on oil than on ethanol. No oil producer complain, but you do on your ethanol !

    In my view, we should simply agree to have a reciprocal tax rate. You charge 100 % on whatever and we charge 100 %…TOOOO !!!!

    As to the Amazon, you said time and time again that it is YOURS ! And you are dead right ! Thus take care of it at your own expenses !
    You cant say half the time it is yours when you deforest it, and that it also belong to the world nations…especially the riches to have them pay the bill for a reduced deforestation. Sorry cheaters, but not deforesting is certainly cheaper than deforesting….by definition !
    furthermore you have said time and again that you have 100 millions hectares of degraded land that you could use for your agriculture.
    Therefore simply uses these 100 millions hectares…if you really have them.
    Obvious and very simpppppple !

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