Brazil & Neighbors Welcome Cuba and Brag About Independence from US

Latin American summit in Brazil Leaders from Latin America received in Brazil by Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, welcomed Cuba and touted their independence from the United States during a two-day summit in the Brazilian Northeast, which began on Tuesday.

Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, commenting on Cuba's integration into the Rio Group noted that that country's presence at the encounter send a strong signal that Latin America no longer answers to the United States.

Representatives from 33 Latin American and Caribbean countries are gathered at the Costa do Sauí­pe resort in Bahia state. The summit, which excludes the United States and Canada, is aimed at deepening economic and political ties in the region.

The chiefs of state are also working to bolster integration and development as they look at ways to survive the global economic crisis, which many blamed on the rich nations, in particular the US.

Rafael Correa, the president of Ecuador, whose country recently defaulted on a foreign debt payment, called for a stronger regional development bank to deal with the credit crunch.

The presidents of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay gathered separately Monday, December 15, for the Mercosur regional trade bloc meeting, which Cuban President Raul Castro attended as a special guest.

The trade bloc was not able to agree on a reform to eliminate dual tariffs on imported goods. Meanwhile, Castro discussed his willingness to hold talks with incoming US president-elect Barack Obama over the decades-old trade embargo against Cuba.

Unasur's Secretary

The Union of South American Nations, Unasur, agreed on a new timetable for the ratification of the organization's multilateral treaty and for reaching a consensus on the nomination of a standing secretary general, which has soured relations between Uruguay and Argentina.

The announcement was made Tuesday during the Latinamerican and Caribbean leaders meeting hosted by Brazil in the northeast of the country and which actually has four different motives: Mercosur, the Rio Group, Unasur and an extraordinary meeting of all 33 countries to discuss how to address regionally the global recession.

"There's an only great agreement which expresses the willingness of all presidents and that is that we want a permanent secretary general which is the result of a great accord between all countries", said Chilean president Michelle Bachelet who added the definitive date for such a nomination is next April, when Chile's pro-tempore chair period comes to an end.

Ms. Bachelet said April 30 was proposed by Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.

"Then we will have to decide definitively on the secretary general", said Bachelet, following Uruguay's non acceptance of the majority formula amendment, instead of the consensus as marked by the Unasur charter.

Apparently much time was spent on discussing the issue of the nomination mechanism for which Argentina's former president Nestor Kirchner allegedly has a majority support, but not consensus. Uruguay objects his name because of ongoing diplomatic differences with the Kirchner administrations, including pickets blocking bilateral bridges and Buenos Aires reluctance to dredge River Plate access channels.

Although not much is known of the closed doors deliberations in Brazil, according to the local press, Ecuador urged a "majority solution" for the controversy while a "task force" was named to try to reach an understanding. Argentina and Uruguay virtually did not participate in the debate.


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  • João da Silva

    [quote]joao, who wrote that article you brought in[/quote]

    Reinaldo Azevedo of “Veja”. You can read his comments in the following link:


    Though I don’t agree with his views all the time, he has many interesting points to make. You can get some different opinion from the ones transmitted by our TV networks, by reading his blog.

  • asp

    joao, who wrote that article you brought in
    …well i think you hit it on the head to imply hugo is going to be able to kick back and enjoy bahia culture and beach life , and, we have to endure more of this rain from hell…worst november /decemberi have seen here ( and ive seen some really bad seasons before…i did have 5 marvelous days in porto de galinhas enjoying pernambuco culture and american jazz at the porto jazz fest,shile on business, so, im not so twisted up about it…)

    like i said ,joao,, augustus, like this writer are a little more down to the bone about it than i am, and, i welcome their opinions

    i also listen to the complaints of countries about their implied resentment of what they perceive the united states did ( and, laugh at these cia acuastions almost a week apart by chavez, morales and correa and other bufoonish posturings , and, note the support of farc by some of these people).

    im sure not against south america having a meeting and not including the usa. i just dont like to see political , ideolodgical power plays at the expence of hiding behind anti american rhetoric . and frightened to see any gravitation towards the more radical marxist ideals that allow for total despise of any capatalism (automaticly implicating the usa, whom they all do big business with) , and posible implication of mandates that are sweeping and self serving that roll over peoples sensibilities and lives . im not saying these leaders are going that way (some are), but, there are truths being hit on by augustus and this writer

  • João da Silva

    Your first comments were sarcastic and only a very few understood! I thought you were sounding like a Brit. Didn’t know if you were criticizing the 32 Mini-Emperors or praising them for courageously forming a formidable block to thwart the attempts of those despicable Yankee Imperialists ably assisted by their Northern Neighbors (who have not learn À‚´t yet how to build a centrally heated Igloo). Then it dawned on me that you were merely “Questioning” the whole fucking purpose of their meeting in sunny Bahia (while two mortals like us have to put up with heavy rains, landslides and other nice things ;-)).

    Nevertheless, it was heartening to note that GWB (who was received in Baghdad with shoes) and Harper who has crowned himself as the Emperor of Canada were not invited to this august (Not to get confused with Augustus) meeting of G-32. I read that his Imperial Highness Evo is trying to give Obama an ultimatum (that was ever funny) and our Emperor asked him to go slow.

    I do not want to be over critical of this G-32 meeting, BUT…..BUT….. Augustus said it all, though the measures proposed by him are rather drastic. If his good old uncle were tobe still alive , he would have recommended more “subtle” actions. 😉

    Augustus is another indignant and pissed off Brazilian who is more logical and less emotional. 😀 .His essay on the “Political Dynasty” in another thread was quite refreshing to read.

    Anyway you take care and enjoy the next 4 days of Sunshine. So glad to know that Raul is not visiting us. 8)

  • asp

    deep shit , joao
    that is a devastating out look

    more cut to the bone than i feel , same as augustus is more cut to the bone than i feel, yet, ringing some hard bells of truth

    i want truth. im not trying to push one side over another, i just want truth out of all this

    i can see the dirt in all sides m and hypocricy

  • João da Silva

    I am reproducing below comments written by a journalist on this issue:


    Em outros tempos, o ingresso de Cuba no tal Grupo do Rio, sob o patrocÀƒ­nio do Brasil, provocaria um certo alarido na imprensa brasileira. O petralha indagaria: À¢€œNos tempos da ditadura?À¢€Â NÀƒ£o. Diria que, hÀƒ¡ coisa de cinco ou seis anos, tal atitude nÀƒ£o passaria sem uma crÀƒ­tica severa feita pelos radares, vÀƒ¡ lÀƒ¡, democrÀƒ¡tico-liberais da nossa imprensa. Agora, se houver um muxoxo, serÀƒ¡ muito. O tal Grupo do Rio reÀƒºne paÀƒ­ses da AmÀƒ©rica Latina e Caribe. Uma das clÀƒ¡usulas de inclusÀƒ£o À¢€” e, pois, de exclusÀƒ£o À¢€” era a À¢€œdemocraciaÀ¢€Â. Sim, exigia-se que o paÀƒ­s cultivasse um regime democrÀƒ¡tico. Cuba Àƒ© uma tirania À¢€” notem: nem escrevo À¢€œditaduraÀ¢€Â, mas tirania mesmo. E Àƒ© agora membro permanente da tal cÀƒºpula.

    A reuniÀƒ£o se realizou na Costa do SauÀƒ­pe. A estrela da festa foi o ditador cubano RaÀƒºl Castro, que aproveitou para deitar falaÀƒ§Àƒ£o contra o embargo americano, afirmando que o paÀƒ­s sofre hÀƒ¡ dÀƒ©cadas com isso etc e tal. Conversa. AtÀƒ© quando existia a URSS, a tirania tinha tudo aquilo de que precisava para ser, em suma, uma tirania. Na prÀƒ¡tica, o embargo hoje jÀƒ¡ nÀƒ£o tem grande importÀƒ¢ncia. O que mantÀƒ©m na misÀƒ©ria a populaÀƒ§Àƒ£o da ilha Àƒ© a ditadura.

    Celso Amorim, o ministro das RelaÀƒ§Àƒµes Exteriores do Brasil, nÀƒ£o cabe em si de contentamento. EstÀƒ¡ feliz porque o Brasil conseguiu fazer a reuniÀƒ£o sem observadores externos À¢€” leia-se assim: ninguÀƒ©m dos Estados Unidos. De fato, trata-se de uma grande honra: a democracia americana nÀƒ£o vem nem para olhar, mas se joga no lixo um princÀƒ­pio do grupo e se acolhe uma ditadura. Dela, nada Àƒ© exigido. Ao contrÀƒ¡rio: RaÀƒºl Castro foi tratado como um grande herÀƒ³i. Entre os presentes, notÀƒ³rios aproveitadores À¢€” gente que vem desafiando e humilhando o Brasil nas relaÀƒ§Àƒµes bilaterais: com destaque, Evo Morales (BolÀƒ­via) e Rafael Correa (Equador); na segunda linha, Fernando Lugo (Paraguai). Todos eles regidos pelo maestro Hugo ChÀƒ¡vez (Venezuela).

    Amorim foi mais discreto no ataque ÀƒÂ  OEA, mas Castro, que nÀƒ£o estÀƒ¡ muito acostumado a esses ambientes, vÀƒ¡ lÀƒ¡, um pouquinho mais plurais, entregou o jogo: a idÀƒ©ia Àƒ© fazer o tal Grupo do Rio substituir a OEA À¢€” porque, afinal de contas, a OrganizaÀƒ§Àƒ£o dos Estados Americanos conta com a presenÀƒ§a dos Estados Unidos. A cÀƒºpula da Unasul (UniÀƒ£o das NaÀƒ§Àƒµes Sul-Americanas) aproveitou a oportunidade para uma rÀƒ¡pida reuniÀƒ£o, formalizando a criaÀƒ§Àƒ£o do Conselho Sul-Americano de Defesa À¢€” outra tentativa de sabotar a OEA de lado. NÀƒ£o custa lembrar que, no conflito havido entre o filoterrorista Equador e a democrÀƒ¡tica ColÀƒ´mbia, nÀƒ£o fosse a OrganizaÀƒ§Àƒ£o, o paÀƒ­s que estava sendo realmente agredido À¢€” aquele presidido por ÀƒÂlvaro Uribe À¢€” teria ficado sozinho. O Brasil À¢€” sim, o Brasil À¢€” liderou a tentativa de censura ÀƒÂ  ColÀƒ´mbia. Por quÀƒª? Ora, BrasÀƒ­lia nÀƒ£o considera as Farc terroristas. Logo, nÀƒ£o considerava grave que Rafael Correa abrigasse os bandidos em seu territÀƒ³rio. Como sei disso? Procurem algum documento da Àƒ©poca ou declaraÀƒ§Àƒ£o censurando o Equador. Nada! Amorim se mobilizou contra a ColÀƒ´mbia À¢€” sem contar o Marco AurÀƒ©lio Top Top Garcia, que, por estes dias, decidiu submergir um pouco.

    Os que, no Brasil, pedem com tanta energia a revisÀƒ£o da Lei de Anistia para punir, como dizem, os torturadores nÀƒ£o se importam que Cuba seja paparicada pelo Brasil. A ilha tem reservadas suas masmorras para intelectuais, artistas e oposicionistas em geral. A dupla Castro, por 100 mil habitantes, criou e lidera um regime assassino. JÀƒ¡ demonstrei aqui que Fidel Àƒ© 2.700 vezes mais homicida do que o regime militar brasileiro. Mas o que estou dizendo, nÀƒ£o Àƒ©? Os 95 mil mortos da tirania cubana certamente eram reacionÀƒ¡rios nojentos, direitistas safados, contra-revolucionÀƒ¡rios asquerosos, gente que merecia morrer mesmo por nÀƒ£o entender os altos desÀƒ­gnios daqueles bravos guerreiros do povo.

    Para Lula, este Àƒ© um momento de ouro. Amorim comentou nestes termos o ingresso de Cuba no grupo: À¢€œA posiÀƒ§Àƒ£o do Brasil sobre esse tema sempre foi de manter o diÀƒ¡logo aberto. Eu acho que nÀƒ£o foi feito com a intenÀƒ§Àƒ£o de pressionar ninguÀƒ©m, isso Àƒ© uma decisÀƒ£o da AmÀƒ©rica Latina e do Caribe e dos paÀƒ­ses que integram o Grupo do Rio. Agora, se servir para que o futuro presidente dos Estados Unidos veja para que lado estÀƒ£o soprando os ventos, eu acho vÀƒ¡lidoÀ¢€Â. Entenderam? Amorim estÀƒ¡ mandando um recado para Barack Obama: À¢€œOs ventos estÀƒ£o mudandoÀ¢€Â. Ora, se os ventos mudam porque Cuba passa a integrar um clube, eles mudam necessariamente para pior. Trazem o cheio da morte. Em seu discurso, RaÀƒºl Castro teve a coragem de falar dos À¢€œmuitos que tombaramÀ¢€Â para Cuba ser o que Àƒ©. Nem diga. A sua ditadura matou, reitero, 95 mil pessoas.

    Ah, sim: Obama deve ter tremido nas bases ao saber da declaraÀƒ§Àƒ£o de Amorim e deve ter pensado: “Preciso ouvir o que tem a dizer este sÀƒ¡bio”.[/quote]

  • Augustus

    NOT A JOKE!!!
    After reading this editorial, I’m so very distressed that I only wish my late uncle were alive! For although he was only a Colonel in the Judiciary branch of the Military, I would have BEGGED him to refer my “friendly suggestions” to main HQ’s in Brasilia…
    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Augustus

    APREHENSIVE & APPALLED & OFFENDED À¢€“ À¢€œFood for ThoughtsÀ¢€Â designed for Brazilian Marshals and AdmiralsÀ¢€¦
    [i][b]With the sole exception of the Chilean President, Ms. Bachelet, the picture next to this disgraceful editorial depicts the most possible disagreeable horde of neo-Marxist, corrupt demagogues which the World has ever seenÀ¢€¦ In fact, the latest disastrous addition of a Cuban totalitarian torturer not only enhance my dismay but further amplify a mounting suspicious of an existing multi-faceted Hidden Agenda containing various nefarious components with multiple levels of secrecy behind all of which, surely lies the hideous, abhorrent, stomach-turning Hugo Chavez.

    ASP is 100% correct in stating

    [quote]it doest matter that equador , bolivia and paraguay are sticking it to brazil , by nationalising brazilian investments ,or, not paying debts , they can all come together to show their disdain for the true enemy of all south america. and, those brothers in arms with brazilians, those bastions of respect and admiration for brazilians, the argentinians,my god, what a love fest all the way.. [/quote]

    It is worse than a Love Fest, it is a travesty of international relations, which should unfortunately be seen as a great victory for the vile, repulsive, nauseating Venezuelan (ape-like) À¢€œstrong-manÀ¢€Â, and a humiliating punch at LulaÀ¢€™s face, thus confirming my continuous attack upon this immense naÀƒ¯vetÀƒ©, stupidity and incompetence for permitting being placed in such a position where he (representing Brazil) is being manipulated and diminished without EVEN realizing itÀ¢€¦

    Indeed, I trust the repellent Bolivarian monkey not only is playing on LulaÀ¢€™s IMMENSE arrogance À¢€“ allowing him to feel the center-stage with Brazil hosting so many events, and appearing as the sponsor of such events, while attacking the Brazilian economy using two of his direct stooges (Bolivia & Ecuador), as they keep on travelling to Brazil after one nationalization and/or moratorium and/or insult after another; while at the same time ostracizing the United States, and now, finally, succeeding with the rehabilitation of Cuba and its equally disgusting gangster-like ruler.

    Due to this much distressing state of affairs, I have lost any residual hope for Brazil and South America. In fact, I honestly confess wishing that the Brazilian military would actually depose, torture and execute BrazilÀ¢€™s ignoramus president; while expelling the ambassadors of Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and Ecuador with the status of À¢€œpersonas non grataÀ¢€Â; freeze all Bolivian and Ecuadoran assets; and concentrating troops throughout the Bolivian border À¢€“ since the Venezuelan would be unfeasibleÀ¢€¦ Surely some readers might consider some of my À¢€œsuggestions a tad radicalÀ¢€Â yet, I do believe that are worth at least some À¢€œconsiderationÀ¢€Â by the top brass of the Armed Forces and sincerely hope some one would bring this to their attention!

  • asp

    glad you got my gist, ch c
    …because anyone worried about americans invading the brazilian amazon when farc already has , is wasting a lot of valuable energy

    im just wondering, this south american defence team they are talking about. i mean who are they really thinking they are going to be defending against ?

  • Pedro Bala

    Complte decadence of the United States
    That’s the end, nowadays even Madoff is more reliable than Bush or the US !

  • João da Silva

    [quote]what with the massive cia build up in equador, bolivia and venuzuela , the delta force impending invasion of the amazon, the horible ghastly things the usa has done to south america in the last 20 years , its just fantastic everyone there can gloat at their hated , bitter enemy the usa.[/quote]

    How can you forget to mention the IV Fleet ? 😮 😉 8)

  • chc

    the plunger force impending intrusion of chc butthole.,
    What a riot…what a constipation….I AM !!!!!!!
    More idiot than a FLUNKIE !


  • ch.c.

    the delta force impending invasion of the amazon,
    What an idiot…what an idiot….YOU ARE !!!!!!!
    More idiot than a JUNKIE !


  • asp

    now , isnt that special….

    what with the massive cia build up in equador, bolivia and venuzuela , the delta force impending invasion of the amazon, the horible ghastly things the usa has done to south america in the last 20 years , its just fantastic everyone there can gloat at their hated , bitter enemy the usa.

    it doest matter that equador , bolivia and paraguay are sticking it to brazil , by nationalising brazilian investments ,or, not paying debts , they can all come together to show their disdain for the true enemy of all south america. and, those brothers in arms with brazilians, those bastions of respect and admiration for brazilians, the argentinians,my god, what a love fest all the way..

    just dont let the world know that cuba is there and can trade with any south american country,it might spoil the image that they are massive victoms of the american embargo ( a peice of shit , i agree).

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