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In Brazil Poor Won’t Pay for the World Economic Mess, Says President Lula

Lula, Brazil's president Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, in his last official commitment in 2008, shortly before going on vacation break, inaugurated last December 30, in the city of Recife, capital of the northeastern state of Pernambuco, the first stage of a park named after his mother, Dona Lindu.

In his address at the ceremony, he stated that 2008 had been an "exceptional" year for Brazil and, upon mentioning the world financial crisis, said that the poor will not suffer the consequences.

"The poor are not going to pay the bill for the world crisis in this country, we are not going to harm the economy because of the crisis, we do not want businessmen to quit investing," he claimed.

In the presence of his brothers and relatives from the state of Pernambuco, the president inaugurated the first phase of the Dona Lindu Park, in the neighborhood of Boa Viagem.

The space was designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, the man behind the creation of Brazilian capital Brasí­lia in the late 1950s, and the first phase includes toys for children, a game court, walking paths and premises for gymnastics. The work is scheduled for conclusion in March.

The occasion also marked the inauguration of the Memorial of the Retirantes (migrants from the Northeast to the Southeast, a character with whom Lula, a retirante himself, can identify), a set of sculptures by Pernambuco-based fine artist Abelardo da Hora, that represents Dona Lindu and her children.

The sculptures seek to pay tribute to people who, similar to president Lula's family, left their homes seeking opportunities in other cities. The sculptures are located within the park, facing the ocean.



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  • falupa

    They already have
    Unfortunately you have to pay to play the game. In this case it was every country. Brazil included. Unfortunately most Brazilians have been under immense pressure, recently. It has been a serious problem in the economy. Hopefully Lula won’t have to pay to play the game, But the Brazilian people will need the gov. to step in at some point.

  • ch.c.

    They already have and…..
    …..will continue to do so over the years !

    And your Government/States workers wages are a trick :
    Most of them are paid a MULTIPLE MINIMUM WAGE.
    Let say Falupa is at 5 multiple. Robbing Hook decides to increase the minimum wages by 10 %.
    Then Falupa will automatically get 5 times the NEW minimum wages, while “in theory” your wages have NOT BEEN RAISED !
    And ALL the country Government/States workers have also that same increase…by definition, while the minimum wages increase was supposed to REDUCE the income GAP…WHICH IT DOESNT…OF COURSE !
    Not over : if not enough for Falupa he can be “nominated” and get an increase of the MULTIPLES, let say from 5 to 5,5 but continue to do the same job !
    Then Falupa will automatically get 5,5 times the NEW minimum wages, but still “legally” could say He did not get a raise in wages.
    And that it was just…A INTERNAL NOMINATION !

    A little bit easy.

    Cheaters always cheat, liars always lie, hiders always hide.
    Nothing will ever change in Brazil.
    Brazil DOESNT WANT……to reduce the Income Gap !

  • ch.c.

    said that the poor will not suffer the consequences.
    Of course they will !
    In emerging countries Poverty is defined BASED on a daily revenue basis per capita…IN US DOLLARS !
    Last year your currency went down by around 25 % against the US$, meaning their income must go up by 33 % to be break even !!!!

    And to my knowledge the basic minimum wage of around Brl 485.- for 2008 is now the equivalent of only US$ 206.- at year end.

    Not over yet, the 2008 Bolsa Familia was raised by 6 %….with an inflation for 2008 at around 5 % !
    Were was the added chaff to the meals in 2008 ? there was none…of course…coming from Robbing Hook.
    How much more will your 45 millions poorest citizens earn this year ? Simple : MUCH LESS than last year even if
    Robbing Hook generosity will increase the Bolsa Familia by 10 % !

    In plain English this is called a Voluntary Genocide, coming from a middle income country !
    Because on top of that Robbing Hook and MOST Brazilians Citizens caress their navel of how good they were
    for their 2008 Agricultural….EXPORTS !
    For exports you have tens of millions tons of food….while 45 millions of Brazilians are UNDER NOURRISHED !!!!

    WELLLL….this is the Brazilian Economic & Social Model !

    I challenge anyone to prove wrong…as usual !

    Simple as that !

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