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Brazil Earmarks Half a Billion Dollars to Defend the Amazon

Brazilian army in the Amazon According to reports by Brazilian daily O Estado de S. Paulo, Brazil plans to double the number of troops along the borders of its vast Amazon rain forest area in the framework of the Protecting Amazon project.

Brazilian Defense minister Nelson Jobim said the government will increase the number of troops in the Amazon from 17,000 to 30,000 and build 28 new forts on Indian land and conservation areas of the world's largest rain forest.

According to the newspaper, the project is an initiative from President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, which besides increasing presence and patrolling it is geared to change the focus from "live frontiers" to "military vigilance cells," which means military staff will move into the area with their families.

There's no fixed timetable for the project, but defense sources said it's a nine year plan which will demand an investment in the range of half a billion US dollars. Existing barracks will also be improved and another US$ 60 million have been earmarked.

Brazil shares the huge Amazon basin, six million square kilometers, with eight other South American countries: Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Surinam, Venezuela and French Overseas Territory Guyana.

Strategic Affairs Minister Roberto Mangabeira Unger said the Amazon protection project is part of a greater Brazilian effort to modernize and equip the armed forces, create a rapid deployment force and update its weapons industry.

"The plan includes the restructuring of Brazil's weapons industry to guarantee the supply of defense material without depending on foreign suppliers," Lula said at a recent ceremony to unveil the plan.

Mangabeira Unger said Brazil "will develop its capacity to design and manufacture conventional and nuclear submarines" to protect its coastline, as well as recently discovered offshore oil reserves that could hold up to 55 billion barrels of oil.

"We will not simply be buyers or clients, but partners," Mangabeira said earlier this year. "Any arrangement into which we will enter must, in principle, contemplate a significant element of research and development in Brazil

France has promised to provide Brazil with technology to build the Scorpène diesel attack submarine, which officials hope to use to develop into what would be Latin America's first nuclear-propelled sub.

Brazil's defense industry was the largest in the developing world in the mid-1980s, but it declined along with demand after the end of the Cold War.



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  • João da Silva

    Just to cheer up Ch.C. After all he is a Swiss with French blood in him. 😉



  • Forrest Allen Brown

    you liked that one ???????

    dont open your eyes in a swimming pool

    have a good one

  • João da Silva

    Ch.C is in a depressed mood.Perhaps you should ask him a mind boggling question about the difference between the Dolphins and Whales. 😉

    That was a good one though and thanks.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    How about santa navy
    chc if you are not at least an E5 you cant be married in brasil military in theroy .

    build forts on indain land how many indains will be knocked up by brasilian military men
    raped by same , killed defending there familys .

    Brasil needs arms but on boats with personal able to board ships , boats , barges ,looking for
    contraband from all over the amazon any thing natural needs to be looked at . and stoped
    impounded ,
    fine the people and sell off there boats and brages , this way people will check what they are
    hauling as they wont want to loose there equipment .to the injustic courts in brasil .

    another thing would be set up an natural resorce court to cover the resorce laws of ibama
    and only that

  • ch.c.

    Hmmmm !
    WRONG !
    They promised to provide the designs, and Brazil must develop their own technology including for the electronics !

    Quite a difference !

    Is half a billion US$ over 9 years or so really enough for 30000 troops salaries, equipments and materials needed ?
    Including the construction of 28 new forts…of course.
    And also provide some housing for the families of the troops…naturally !

    Hmmmmmm—-in my view…the troops will move on buffalos as they already do in some areas, the forts will be in woods coming from illegally deforested trees, and families will have to build their own palm huts !

    Unless…this is JUST a plan…..as usual…and will remain a plan…as usual ! Just as the many promises and many plans to pave the BR 163 for the last 30 years ! Still not paved….by now…of course !

    Hmmmmm !

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